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[LEGEND] Elemental Jade Shaman (73% WR)

  • Last updated May 14, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Elemental Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 5360
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/9/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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EDIT: -1 Hot Spring Guardian , +1 Mana Tide Totem


Hi, I am ExTraWELT37 and i wanted to show you my decklist i was able to hit legend the first time with! It's an elemental jade shaman you play in the classical tempo playstyle, means you remove your enemies threats while developing your own board.

First of all, i want to answer the question: Why elemental AND jade in one deck? The answer is easy: Whereas there are enough elemental synergies in the deck, the jade cards i play are consistent cards even without the jade synergies. You play Jade Claws to control the early game and Jade Lightning to remove some bigger threats or even to finish off your opponent with some burst damage. Those cards fit perfectly in the playstyle, where you are able to remove while developing! But let's have a closer look at all the cards i play:

Card information:

Fire Fly: This card is literally your key to success! Whereas you always try to play it on turn 1, the token you get must be played wisely. Means, you don't play it out just on curve, but have to consider wether you will need to trigger an elemental battlecry with it or not. You sometimes have to play it without such a card on hand, if you think you could topdeck one. This is in my opinion the most difficult about this deck, but if you play some games you will get used to it pretty fastly.

Devolve: Just a good counter for some matchups. It won me a lot of games versus taunt warrior where i got lethal by removing away those taunt minions.

Flametongue Totem: A good cards to get value trades. Can also help to create a board that needs to be removed without a lot of other cards vs CTRL.

Jade Claws: This card is extremely strong. It helps you to control the early game and with creating a big jade minion it still has a lot of value in the lategame. No more words needed.

Maelstrom Portal: Another card to help you in the early game. It's extremely strong versus AGGRO and can help you to get better trades with your minions.

Tar Creeper: A good tool versus aggro. It can also help to safe your other minions because your enemies often don't want to trade into it.

Hot Spring Guardian: Another good card versus AGGRO. It's also hepful to heal your bigger minions up after trades.

Mana Tide Totem: I put in one for some card draw. Playing this along with the taunt minions, it can make you draw 2 minimum or waste some removal for it!

Hex: A flexible and strong card. You can remove big threats of the enemy, a Frothing Berserker or Mana Wyrm in the early game and don't forget that you can safe yourself from getting killed by a weapon or charge by hexing your own minion!

Fire Plume Phoenix: Another good tempo card and also helpful to trigger your servant of kalimos on turn 5.

Jade Lightning; As said before, you can remove enemies minions while developing your own board. It can also give you some burst damge for lethal.

Jade Spirit: This card helped me a lot vs all those taunt warriors out there. It can create a big threat and gives you another body that can be a target for the 8 random damage by the quest-heropower of the warrior. It also helps to fill your board again after an AOE to finish your opponent off with a Bloodlust.

Tol'vir Stoneshaper: This card has just an awesome body for the 5 mana. Versus aggro it can insta-win you games whereas its a good tool to protect your minions vs. midrange or CTRL decks. Please keep in mind that it's no elemental itself, so sometimes it's better to play another elemental instead to keep the "elemental-chain" (as i like to call it) going on if you need to.

Servant of Kalimos: One of the most powerful cards in the deck! The stats are okay for the mana and you get card advantage. But what i like most of it, is that the flexibility of this card is extremely high. There are nearly no bad elementals at all in the game and you often get exactly what you need. I won so many games with it by discovering Kalimos, Primal Lord, or Al'Akir the Windlord to have some more big threats. Anyways, sometimes the right choice is just to discover a Glacial Shard to survive another turn vs AGGRO.

Bloodlust: I put that one in as i found myself so often in situations with big boards without any potential to kill my opponent. One copy of it should be enough, because it can be a dead card, but it helped me so often to win games, vs. faster decks that stop trading to early and vs. CTRL decks where you just need to get some extra damage.

Aya Blackpaw: Aya is such a powerful card. It helps to have something on the board after an AOE, it can create some board for you with its battlecry and it can bait out a Hex or Polymorph after it already created some value.

Fire Elemental: Good tempo card. You can use it to remove your opponent's minion and with 6/5 it has a decent body. If you can follow-up with a Blazecaller, there is hardly something your opponent can do!

Blazecaller: A big removal and a big minion for just 7 Mana. This card is awesome! It won the race for the 7-mana spot vs. Jade Chieftain and Stone Sentinel because i like the effect so much and it turned out it works pretty fine.

Kalimos, Primal Lord: I can hardly find words for this minion. There were so many games where this won me the game instantly. You can finish your opponent with 6 dmg burst, you can fill your board with 1/1 after a removal to bloodlust the turn afterwards, you can heal yourself vs. AGGRO or burstheavy decks and you can remove the whole board of the enemy with a 3-dmg AOE. This flexibility makes this card in my opinion the MVP of this expansion.

General Tips:

This deck is not hard to play, if you know how to play tempo decks in general. Just keep playing out stuff while removing your opponents minions. Just keep in mind what AOE-spells your opponent plays and play around it. Keep in mind that you need to trigger most elementals battlecries by playing another elemental before so sometimes you need to keep cheaper elementals on hand instead of playing them all out if you played one in your turn already. Sometimes you just play Fire Elemental into Blazecaller into Kalimos, Primal Lord and win with this extremely valuable elemental-chain, sometimes its a bit more complicated.

Sideboard (card's you can consider playing):

Lightning Bolt: Some burst damage to go more aggro and a cheap removal. I personally prefer more minion-heavy decks, so i didn't play it.

Bloodsail Corsair + Patches the Pirate: No discussion about how valuable this combo is, but i really don't like to play the pirates in a deck that doesn't synergies well with it just because they are so strong.

Lightning Storm: I had this in my list, but the meta doesn't need it. I think you can play it when there will be more hunters or other shaman, but i didn't need it at all.

Jade Chieftain / Stone Sentinel: Both are playable, but 2x 7drops are definitely enough, so i personally like Blazecaller more, as it was especially helpful vs the taunts of the new quest warrior.

Bloodmage Thalnos: Good with maelstrom portal as you don't have any spellpower-minion at all, but i didn't need it versus my enemies. Still worth a consideration, if the meta gets faster.

I also think you can play another Fire Plume Phoenix instead of the Jade Spirit or the other way round, i was not sure at all about this so i felt pretty good by playing one copy of both in my deck. Play double Fire Plume Phoenix in a faster meta and double Jade Spirit in a slower meta and you'll be fine.

Mulligan Tips:

Always keep:

Fire Fly, Jade Claws

vs. AGGRO:

Maelstrom Portal, Tar Creeper, Hot Spring Guardian

vs. CTRL:

Flametongue Totem if you need an aggressive start and have Fire Fly and/or Jade Claws (for example vs. Quest Rogue).

Servant of Kalimos if you feel like it's going to be a long game and you need to win by outvalueing the opponent.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I am not that used in creating guides yet, but if you like it, you can show me by upvoting and maybe i will do this more often. :)

Enjoy the deck and GL HF,