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Un'Goro *CHEAT MAGE* (80% Win) + Guide and QA

  • Last updated Apr 23, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 17 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: TTK Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 9400
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/7/2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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(Made a priest deck to fight the shitload of aggro in the ladder and still very good lategame!

Check it out here : http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/818041-aggro-value-priest)

Hi i am Doni, a legend player from Germany.

I refined the TTK-Version of the Deck as it was posted on the front wall.

So far, try it out and comment pls!

 (As always with release meta will change and the deck is under construction, but this list seems to be very consistent).

Twitch-stream : Twitch 


I will stream on a regular base now.(Ranked play, Arena ,Deckbuilding + Refine) 

Follow me on twitch for more information!

Thanks for the upvotes!I got you some guidance!


First, don't underestimate the mechanics in this deck, it has a high skill cap and good knowledge about how to play against every single class is needed to be successful with it!


 Against Hunter, Zoo, Aggro Warrior, Quest Shaman (Mainly AGGRO)

Bubbling Book,Glyph,Tempest,Volcanic potion,Doomsayer


Against Priest,Taunt Warrior,Handlock (Mainly CONTROL)

 Kabal,Arcane Intellect,Glyph,Tempest



It is heavily needed to get the most value out of the Random/Chosen spells from the generators and to try and stall the game until you got the TTK or another possibility to kill your opponent.


It's not always good to play the quest in the first turn.

If you don't have the coin (because it actually counts towards your quest!!!111!), it is considerable to play early minions like Babbling Book BEFORE you play the quest especially against aggro so always ADAPT your game to the class you're playing against and be AWARE.

I also saw a lot of people "rushing" the quest and ending up with an extra turn but no combo pieces, this most likely will lose you a shit ton of games as you dont get value from your spells if you just "waste" them.


You need at least 1 Arcane GiantMolten Reflection and Alexzstrasa + the extra turn!

Play the giant, copy him and get the extra turn.

In the extra turn play Alex and finish him with your two big bros!

THIS IS THE PERFECT CASE, there is a vastly amount of opportunities in this deck and again i can't stretch this enough, this deck is about Adaptation. ;-)


 (The guide is still under construction, if you have special questions about how to play against different archetypes please post in the comment section and i'll do my best to give you some insight.)

To come:

-Tech choices

-Archetype playing



"Save your cards.

Be aware of whats happening.

Finish with TTK!"

Any Q's in th comments will be answered!Give some input!

 If you like the deck/guide i always appreciate an upvote for the work done here.




Decks got faster (or people slowly learn how to play them =D ) i recommend another volcanic - i took the ice barrier out for that.



After playing the deck extensively the last 2 days i have some stats for you:

Druid 1-0

Hunter 5-6

Mage 3-3

No Palas (lol)

Priest 7-1

Rogue 10-5

Shaman 7-3

Warlock 6-3

Warrior 4-7

Overall 43-28 which is about 60-65%

So it couldn't hold the 80% from the first day, but i think its still a reasonable winrate and its just ultra fun to play!

I will keep you updated about the card changes i make and will finish the guide soon!


As we're drifting into aggro meta again (besides taunt-warr) i have put the ice barrier back in again and took a kabal out (as it is the most unstable card in the deck right now)

Other cards that were suggested:

Mukla- Actually i dont think this card is viable in this deck.

Here are the reasons:

1. VS aggro you often want to use blizz in turn 6 and mukla is a 6 drop too so you wont get him out in that case.

2.VS. Aggro as you dont have big bodies besides the giants + alex, mukla most likely wont change anything in board situation.

3.VS. Aggro The 2 spells are basically useless (besides counting towards the quest)

4. Vs. control Body is useless, spells are useless.And they may cause you to get overdraw or eat mana for spells because you need to declock your hand.(as you often have a big hand against control)

5. VS. Aggro and Control: It was mentioned to take tome out for mukla.Tome has a chance of giving you an ideal spell + a lot of usefull spells and can be played in turn 5.

These spells can help towards aggro AND control and you got 3 spells from it (instead of 2)



Now for the argument that you get you quest faster.

This deck's main aim is to stall and live to get the 4(or 3) combo pieces done.

So any combo piece missing has the same "value" of missing.

Mukla just fastens the process of getting the timewarp but not the other pieces.

I havent tested it but i just see a lot of reasons to not play mukla here.

Acutally burgly bully can be really good!I will test it and tell you!




Again, thank you all for your positive feedback and the lot of upvotes, it is a blast to see that people play my variation with such joy!