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35 Legendary - bye to Year of the Kraken (funsies)

  • Last updated Apr 6, 2017 (Un'Goro Prepatch)
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  • 30 Minions
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Reno Pally
  • Crafting Cost: 38400
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/31/2017 (Aggro Downfall)
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Walloficecream here!  I've played Magic: The Gathering since the old Revised days and I consider myself a deckbuilding master and brewer. It's the end of the year of the Kraken! Here's my 35 legendary deck before it is placed on a shelf.  Stare and reminisce at 2016. It got me from rank 23 to rank 17, and I can't recommend trying to take the deck any farther than that. How to get 30 legendaries? Play a lot of games, like me!  A lot.

4000 wins

Above: This man has problems.

Why legend pally?

Paladin has what I consider to be the strongest Legend ever printed (Tirion Fordring.) Back in the first expansion of Hearthstone, the game was a lot slower, and 30 Legend decks had an atrocious mana curve. Paladin has the best hero power of the nine heroes, because legendary creatures don't have time hitting little 2/2's on the board, and it maximizes board advantage. It doesn't need to be said but this is a deck for funsies, to play in the lowest ranks or with friends.

Deck manifesto:

1. I'm inspired by Kripparian's 35 legendary deck that he plays at the start of each expansion, with my own version of Kripp's 35 legend deck. Legend decks attract a large audience on Twitch, causing a great amount of smiles and laughter. 

2. Card advantage is a major part of Magic Theory. By Magic Theory, I mean Magic: The Gathering. It has several rules for players: Life gain doesn't do anything, as lifegain spells cause negative card advantage, and topdeck wars will always favor the player playing fewer lifegain spells. Walls, which are creatures with Defender, do nothing for the same reason.  Another rule is card advantage: Larger creatures can destroy several smaller creatures, causing card advantage.  It is to the deck's benefit to be as greedy as possible towards this result, without going over and into the depths beyond Magic Theory, which is Red Deck Wins' strategy. In Hearthstone parlance, this is called "burn."

Deck tech:

If you have 30 legendaries to play with, you should know how to play Hearthstone by now? Oh all right.  Card choices:

1. Sir Finley - A must in every single deck.  The deck is sorely lacking in board control, as it contains zero spells.  This deck is so slow it can get overwhelmed by creatures from the Basic set, so it needs some small spells.

2. Tinkmaster Overspark - A 1/1 turn 2 can turn into a 5/5 Devilsaur with Tinkmaster Overspark.  Can win the game by itself.  Can also transform a wounded Nat Pagle. Nat is sometimes just a Shieldbearer.

3. Bodies with good stats:  The bane sisters, Bolvar, Dr. Boom, Ragnaros, Tirion - without good bodies the legendaries will crumble under aggro.

4. Reno Jackson/Prince Malchezaar - The deck's archetype. Don't mess with these.

Mulligan strategies:

Keep 5 casting costs or less.  Yes, that's quite sad.

Play style: 

Never Brann out Elise, as the deck usually needs Reno to counteract the greedy creature choices in the deck, and 2 Maps to the Monkey turns off Reno.  A good use for Brann is Loetheb.  Try that.

Tinkmaster: Versus hyperaggro, you might feel like scooping turn 3. You might have to Tinkmaster turn even if there's a chance it will make it worse. Giving your opponent a Devilsaur could make you 100% lose, but you might have a 95% chance of losing vs. hyperaggro anyway, so it won't make it much worse.  Tinkmaster and hover your finger over the concede button, and if it makes a 1/1 squirrel, then you've got yourself a game to play.

As a general rule, don't hit the opponent's face. I'll say it again: Minimize your opponent's board. The legendary creatures will always come out on top in the end because this archetype is the greediest archetype of all Hearthstone.