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The Hunter Rises: Rexxar's Return

  • Last updated Mar 16, 2017 (Aggro Downfall)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 7500
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/17/2017 (Aggro Downfall)
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The world of Azeroth was in peril. With the world unprepared, the Pirate Invasion continued forward. Southsea Captains leading their battalions of Small-Time Buccaneers to lay waste. While the early defense weakened the Buccaneers, it didn't stop them. With the Alliance's and the Horde's armies distracted, the Southsea Deckhands and Bloodsail Raiders lay waste to the cities. Anyone who tried to fight back were stopped by the might of the Dread Corsairs, taunting them in their futile effort. Millions scream in terror "NERF THAT SHIT BLIZZARD" and "Fuck this I'm going to Shadowverse" as they ran away in fear, looking back and seeing the Pirate Lord himself: Garrosh Hellscream and his first mate Patches the Pirate. In a mission of desparation, the heroes of Azeroth searched for anything that could stop the Pirate Lord, trying everything they could, but nothing seemed to work.

What they needed, was a hero...

In a small cabin in the Blade's Edge Mountains, two such heroes Jaina Proudmoore and Anduin Wrynn found not a man, but an orc. A half orc/ogre hybrid, chopping firewood. The orc sensed their presence, and just said to them back turned: "Go away."

"C'mon..." said Jaina. "Is that anyway to greet an old friend?" "You're not my friend," said the orc. "But in any case...greetings traveler." "You know why we're here," said Anduin. "I do, and the answer is no." "Please," pleaded Jaina. "You're the only one who can stop the Pirates. You know their tactics better then any of them." "Of course I do. I invented the art of the face," said the orc. "And that art was taken from me. Taken by you." The two heroes look at each other, then looked at the orc. "You know you hate the meta too...Rexxar," said the mage.

The orc dropped his axe, and turned to the two, revealing the once great Hunter Rexxar, beaten down, bloodshot with a long beard. "Why should I help you? Everyone hates me anyway. First they took away my Starving Buzzard, then they removed all the Leper Gnomes. Then they took away the Knife Jugglers. When I tried to play smart, they took away my Ironbeak Owl. When they said I would gain new tools, all I got was a Piranha Launcher as well as Grimestreet Smuggler. And you expect me to help you all after all that you've done to me?

The two heroes sighed, and begged to the hunter. "Rexxar, I know how you feel," said Anduin. "Being given horrible equipment and unable to do your job is frustrating, but we still do it. Why? Because we do it for the love of the game. We do it because we know we can prevail, and right now millions of innocents are going to perish at the hands of the Pirates if we don't give them what they need. We don't need a nerf. What we need...is a hero. We need...you." Rexxar turned his back on the two heroes. "Even if I helped, I can't fight them. Those pirates are faster, stronger then anything I've seen. I can't fight them," said Rexxar. "Then don't," said Jaina. Rexxar looked at the mage. "Maybe it's time...you stopped hunting alone. We have word of a new source of power, an answer to the pirates in the Un'goro Crater. You can rise again like the Hunter you used to be. Please...we need you..." Rexxar turned away, and went back to chopping wood. "Let's go Jaina. We're not gonna change his mind..." Then the two heroes left Rexxar.

That night, Rexxar retired to his den. He looked at his trophies of all his hunts and companions. The mighty King Krush, bringer of salt. The Savannah Highmane, one of his most reliable allies. The Cloaked Huntress, a brilliant trapper. "What am I doing?" asked Rexxar talking to himself. "They need me...and I need them!" Running, Rexxar pulled out his Hidden Cache, revealing his old weapons and equipment. His Eaglehorn Bow, his most priced weapon. His diverse assortment of traps, as well as several flares. And lastly, his tools for Tracking his prey. Everything he needed for a hunt, but it wasn't enough.

Turning on an Alliance radio, he made a call to Karazhan Tower. "Hello? Who is this?" "Barnes, it's me Rexxar. Call the Houndmasters and tell them to Unleash the Hounds. If the Hounds find any pirates, give the word for Kill Command." "Uh-yes! I will! What is this about?" asked Barnes. "I'm going to Un'goro. I'm going to set things right," said Rexxar. "Well, best of luck on your hunt, and Rexxar?" "Yes Barnes?" "Welcome back old friend."

(To be continued in Journey to Un'goro...)