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[LEGEND]Murloc Aggro Rogue [71%WR]

  • Last updated Mar 27, 2017 (Aggro Downfall)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Pirate Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 11540
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/15/2017 (Aggro Downfall)
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/UPD/ -Argent Horserider + Edwin VanCleef > -Jungle Panther +Shaku, the Collector.

proof: http://imgur.com/aTCiYI6
stats: http://imgur.com/CKQZVY3
video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/129847077

Good statistics against Pirat Warrior

Aggro Rogue Mulligan Strategy & Guide

I’ll divide the mulligan section into two – against fast decks and against slow decks. Fast decks are generally the Aggro decks (e.g. Aggro Shaman) or high tempo Midrange decks (e.g. Dragon Warrior). Slow decks are slower Midrange and Control decks.


Higher Priority (keep every time):

  • Backstab – 2 damage for 0 mana? One of the best tempo cards in the game and tempo is exactly what you need against fast decks. You can also kill 3 health minions on turn 1 (like[card] Tunnel Trogg[/card]) if you draw a Pirate and get Patches.
  • Swashburglar & Southsea Deckhand – Turn 1 Pirates are good, because you want to get Patches out of your deck as soon as possible so you won’t draw it.
  • Bluegill Warrior – Even though you don’t mind using your Hero Power on turn 2, having Bluegill is also good – this way you can often trade into something your opponent has played.
  • Finja, the Flying Star – I know that keeping it looks weird, but you want to keep Finja every time. It’s a little bit slow, but it provides an insane tempo swing. After all, you play your other Murlocs to “activate” Finja and drawing her increases your odds to win heavily.

Lower Priority (keep only if certain conditions are met):

  • SI:7 Agent & [card]Edwin VanCleef [/card]– With an activator – Coin or Backstab (or even better both when it comes to VanCleef). Great when you activate combo, bad if you don’t.
  • Other 3-drops: Shaku, the Collector, Argent Horserider – If you already have a 1-drop. Having a 1-drop or at least a Backstab. Since you often skip t2, you can’t really afford to skip t1 against fast decks. Having a 3-drop is good, but getting a 1-drop has a higher priority.


Higher Priority (keep every time):

  • 1-drops – Similarly to Mulligan vs Aggro, you want to open up with a 1-drop. I’d say that the priority goes like this: Swashburglar >[card] Southsea Deckhand[/card].
  • Edwin VanCleef – Unlike the matchup against Aggro, you should always keep Edwin vs Control. You don’t necessarily aim to drop him right away on turn 2/3 – you can quite consistently make him a 6/6 in the mid game even without Coin and that’s a great tempo push.
  • [card]Shaku, the Collector [/card]– Early Shaku is great against slow decks, because it gives you a very needed 3-drop + extra value once you attack + it might disrupt whatever your opponent wants to do, because he will just need to answer the Shaku.
  • Finja, the Flying Star – Absolutely the highest mulligan priority. Finja swing is often the way you win games vs Control, the card can win the game by itself.

Gamplay for Furo!

twitch.tv/dybov1k | i play this deck