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S36 | Jade Rogue Comeback | R14 > R4 in 3 hours...

  • Last updated Mar 15, 2017 (Aggro Downfall)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Jade Lotus Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 12400
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/12/2017 (Aggro Downfall)
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FIRST OF ALL, sorry for delayed guide, i havent noticed the upvotes. Here it is!
SECOND, I made this deck with my friend two (?) months ago, it's possible, that Kripparian uses the same deck, as someone had written in the comments. I'd be glad, if you link the video somewhere (eg text me), so I can embed it here, so everyone can more understand the deck.

SO. I'm no pro, I use no deck/game trackers, I just play HS for fun. I made rank 4 with this deck (now I'm back to 5), believe it or not. So, now the guide.


Point of this deck is to constantly destroy small aggro shitty swarm minions while creating your board with tempo cards as Jade Shuriken, Swarmer and Si7. Then, in slower matchups, Nzoth will bring back your mighty legion (shoutout to someone in comments for this poethic orgasm).

Pirate Warrior
Biggest pirate problem are weapons, cuz you have no way to deal with them. So, be aware of taking damage, but dagger hits in first three turns for tempo are very usefull. But don't hit for exapmle damaged 4/1, if you can use another way of dealing damage. Usually you are in a small lead thanks to incredible tempo cards such as Backstab, Eviscerate, SI7, but this can easily be turned by a weapon, so dump all the shit in your hand.
Mulligan: Backstab, Swashburglar, Jade Shuriken, Huckster. If second, also SI7 and Eviscerate. You can keep Si7 when going 1st if you have Backstab already.

Jade Shaman
Ok this is a bit tough and this is mostly because of Jade Lightning. You must be ahead with your Jades, or he is going to overwhelm you easily. Use Sap only if followed by a huge tempo pusher, not to avoid a few damage points. Use your dagger, keep tempo. You can play your deathrattles into Storm/Maelstrom/???, if your Jades are somewhat big (3/3, 4/4).
Mulligan: Jade Shuriken, Swarmer, SI7, Fan, Barnes, Aya, Thalnos. When going second, you can consider keeping Huckster and NZoth, but Jades can win here more often, then Nzoth.

Dragon Priest
You need really good hand to win against dragon priest, but also, Eviscerating a Wyrmrest Agent is not the best idea. Just try to keep up and Brann those Jades. They don't play Entomb anymore, Aya is np. Cleric is da real MVP for him.
Mulligan: Jade Shuriken, Swarmer Barnes, Backstab. If second, also SI7.

Jade Druid
This is easy. Druid is usually a low tempo unless he has godly draws, just push for tempo, play against Swipe with Swarmers, ignore Aya and go face. Turn 7-8 should be it.
Mulligan: All early game is good.

This is a bit slower. Branning Jades is good. Keep Swarmers stealthed in later turns with bigger board so he can't trade or Coil and then Twisting Nether... You're probably going to run out of cards soon, so try to estabilish a board by valuable trades, but still play around Hellfire/Abyssal. Once you draw Nzoth, you are back in business.
Keep: Undercity, Barnes, Jade Swarmer, Shuriken, Spirit, Si7. Maybe consider Nzoth, if you have tempo hand.

Other Rogues
I don't know, i just lost everytime. Sap can help against VanCleef or Adventurers, but they come back, although smaller.

- in slower matchups, if you have a lot deathrattles in your hand and also Nzoth, try to play DRs first, unless big tempo loss.
- NEVER no-combo Shuriken
- Brann Jades is good.
- Raptoring Swarmers and Aya is good, but against Druid, just play it fot tempo, even with no deathrattles.

- No, you can't replace Aya or Nzoth.
- Raptors are good against slower decks, but you cant put there Taunts or Heal. Consider Argus.
- Ragnaros can be replaced, but it's a nice followup in a few turns, after they Hex Aya. Replacable for maybe Shadow Strike? No idea what to use, Ragnaros is nice.
- Sylvanas can ALSO be replaced, but i don't recommend that. If you are facing slow decks, try that Wait, What?-Twilight-summon a 5/5 i-dont-know-his-name-purple-guy
- I don't think Brann is necessary, but it is preeety good.

Video: Some kiwiinbacon fella made a video, thanks! He swapped second Fan for Shaku. Shaku is a good idea, but personally, i would swap hip for second Raptor.

Thank you for all the upvotes and good luck to all of you. Once again, sorry for delayed guide. Will try to answer your questions. And sorry for my English, i know it's a disaster, but I'm fucking tired and I'm preeeeeety sure it's understandable. Thank you all! <3