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[WILD] N'Zoth Reno Mage (top 4 legend)

  • Last updated Apr 5, 2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Reno Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 14820
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/26/2017 (Gadgetzan)
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Hey guys, i'd like to share with you my variant of wild renomage, with that deck i climbed from top 200 to top 4 legend this season. 





Always keep vs anything: Mad Scientist

  1. Vs aggro decks (pirates, token druids, etc.): FrostboltArcane BlastMistress of MixturesDeathlordVolcanic PotionDoomsayer, Reno Jackson, sometimes  Kazakus really helps too
  2. Vs control and midrange decks (reno decks, jade decks, mid shamans): DoomsayerKazakusFrostbolt, Bloodmage Thalnos+Arcane Blast, Piloted Shredder, vs renolock you probably keep Polymorph or Fireball for giant/drake.


  1. Vs aggro decks your only point is to be alive until you stabilize on board/hp. Early game must be active, like low manacost creatures, trade with them and early removals. If you have reno in hand and coin sometimes you must keep them both till 5th turn if you faced hyperaggro, or sometimes worth spent coin on something like coin-volcanic on second turn. When you stabilize your board and have enough hp you probably always win.
  2. Vs control decks you need to have as much value as possible, of course it depends on situation, but more than 50% games vs hard controls like renodecks or control/combo paladins lasts until fatigue, and here will win one who has more value over the game. You probably should play brann+kazakus/courier, arcane blast with drake/thalnos for remove big creatures. Vs renolocks always nice to play doomsayer before his 4th turn to prevent playing drake/giant (and often he can't even tap more because of hand size). Also don't forget about your duplicate, really nice cards to duplicate are kazakus/courier/belcher, sometimes even deathlord to mill opponents deck. And when game lasts long enough you must never play draw cards like AI or even thalnos sometimes. 
  3. Vs midrange decks you must keep tempo as much as you can, on the other side don't lose much value too, it's not important as vs controls, but much more important as vs aggro, cause midrange decks often can comeback. Play doomsayer early to prevent snowballing opponent's tempo, from kazakus you often should pick AoE and resurrect/demon.


  1. Never forget about Firelands Portal because it can summon Naga Sea Witch, so if you want to play portal AND another card, always play portal AFTER.
  2. Also don't forget about Beneath the ground, RENO and KAZAKUS will don't work as long as 2 or more spiders are in you deck.
  3. In rarely situations you must survive just one more turn, but you didn't know how? you can play and kill mas scientist on that turn to bring Ice Block into play (or sometimes Duplicate :))
  4. Kazakus spells' effects always resolves in your favor, like if you create spell with resurrect and AoE, AoE always resolves first and resurrect after.




1. -Dirty Rat +Manic Soulcaster

So i tested Manic Soulcaster instead of Dirty Rat and it works well. Main reason to include soulcaster is her flexibility. Yeah, vs many decks you can just drop her as 3-drop and it's pretty solid 3/4 body for that cost already. If game lasts long enough you can copy some value creatures, or even with brann you can put 2 copies in you deck. But don't forget: neither Reno nor Kazakus will not work if you brann+soulcaster, cause of 2 copies in your deck.

2. -Mistress of Mixtures -Arcane Intellect +Shimmering Tempest +Babbling Book

This change is only my guess about upcoming Un'Goro expansion. I add tempest here because of his value and n'zoth synergy, that's why i also cut mistress, but if meta will be on the same level or even more aggressive i'll make another update.

-intellect +book just because of grinding playstyle of that deck, thanks to Raketenudo!

3. -Shimmering Tempest -Babbling Book +Zombie Chow +Arcane Intellect

After some playtests w/ Un'Goro i should said that nothing special changes are in meta now, may be only some elemental shamans and quest decks (not even sure that they will be on higher ranks). At this point i cut shimmering tempest and babbling book cause of random and they are too slow for pirate warriors and other aggro decks that are in ladder now. And i added AI again just because we need to draw, without it i really felt uncomfortable. Zombie also added instead of mistress cause of better trades, BUT you can put mistress instead of zombie for sure, if you like her more, in my opinion they are the same for mage, but for example mistress is way better for warlocks.

4. Big update to Rise of Shadows