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Onroks Dragon N Zoth priest

  • Last updated Mar 4, 2017 (Aggro Downfall)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Dragon Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 7320
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/19/2017 (Gadgetzan)
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This deck is a experiment right now, I'm Trying to see what is the right balance of deathrattle and dragon cards for the deck. At the moment I'm having enough Dragon sinergy, and usually play N'Zoth, the Corruptor summoning a Sludge Belcher and a Piloted Shredder at the very lieast.

So, what do you think guys? I dont wish to reach legend, I just wish to have a consistent deck, if the stars align and i play enough and I end up reaching legend, better! But, I just want a consistent deck! Thanks In advance for your comments!

Another Revision! Decks are like living things, always evolving! :D


N'Zoth, the Corruptor Synergies:


Museum Curator: This little guy is self explanatory, it gives you a deathrattle minion, several times I´ve recibed a ChillmawCairne BloodhoofSylvanas Windrunner, and the other sticky minions. Plus, when the time comes and N'Zoth, the Corruptor comes to play you enter Value-Land and see lots of ragequits...

Piloted Shredder: Self explanatory too, this was the most played minion in the hole game, and for a good reason: trades efficiently, got stickiness, and now it returns to pester your opponent one the old N'Zoth, the Corruptor comes to play! YAY! 

Sludge Belcher: Because agro... Super sticky minion, with a sticky taunt and nice main stats to trade against up to 2 3 drops and leave behind a small unpingable taunt... and, if we are not dead for the tenth turn, our Kawaii uncle N'Zoth, the Corruptor brings him back with all the other nice cards! Tentacles, slimes and stickiness! Pure joy! Now, speaking seriously... he is the best taunt in the game, and can resurrect thanks to N'Zoth, the Corruptor. Nuff said.

Chillmaw: Another Effective taunt, with a board cleaning deathrattle, and quite efective as a response to those pesky agro decks! And, this is the first card with Dragon sinergy on the deck description! I gotta love this Boney Lady! (She is a lady!)

N'Zoth, the Corruptor: Our Kawaii Uncle! The whole reason of this section of the guide... Though the body is awfully weak for a 10 drop, the company it brings can be devastating if you have played some deathrattle minions beforehand, with just playing a Sludge Belcher or a Piloted Shredder it's worth playing, so, imagine playing him a little later having played other hard deathrattles... Much deathrattle, so resurrection, very minion, Wow!

DRAGON Synergies

Twilight Whelp: The early game punisher that Priest deserved, a 1 drop 2 3 is quite awesome. And it can be saved for later to use as a Dragon Activator when playing a 2/3 is not worth it. Really one of the cards that make Dragon Priest possible next with Wyrmrest Agent.  This flying cutie is a main target for your Kabal Talonpriest, having a 2/6 and a 3/4 on turn 3 can be a real problem for decks that need to control the board early on.

Netherspite Historian: The Newest addition! Extremely usefull to grab another Twilight Guardian or a big bad Dragon (Ysera and Chillmaw im looking at you both!). Pure extra value! I love this deck!

Wyrmrest Agent: Talking about Wyrmrest Agent, here he is, in all his glory! A 2 drop 2/4 taunt. He will trade efficiently with allmost all 2 drops and live to protect you for the next turn or bait a removal spell, If this guy isn't dealt in the right moment, giving him +3 Health with Kabal Talonpriest can be a real pain in the posterior for your opponent!

Twilight Drake: Welcome Twilight Drake, we haven't been the best of friends, but, I understand all the punch and versatility that you can give us! 4 Attack makes it immune to priest removal (YAY!), and being usually a 4/6 or 4/7 makes him a trading beast! And, as he is a Dragon our Twilight Guardians, Wyrmrest Agents, Twilight Whelps, Drakonid Operatives, Chillmaw and Dragonfire Potion loves him. Yeah! I've said Dragonfire Potion because this flask of bourbon with a lighter is now on the deck!

Twilight Guardian: The Dragon, the legend, the taunting beast for just 4 drops! Twilight Guardian is a staple on dragon decks, 9 points of stats and taunt , he can resist allmost all removal spells due to his 6 points of life, and having 3 attackis the bane of all 1, 2 and 3 drops. You will love him. I love him, my Gf loves him, we would like to adopt him! played on curve is devastating! (Twilight WhelpWyrmrest AgentKabal TalonpriestTwilight Guardian, and Sludge Belcher, the mana curve of death!). This guy is your main Taunt on the Dragon side of the deck. He will feast on those small agro minions, and its durable enough to survive almost 3 trades. This guy deserves your heals! Take care of him and he will be your best buddy!

Drakonid Operative: You needed a 5 drop? You felt that the next to be on the hall of fame Azure Drake wasn't good enough? Yeah, Azure Drake has a weak body for its cost, and it makes you cycle through your deck and have some spell power, but he traded awfully... so, blizz showed us some priestly love and gave us Drakonid Operative! This guy is awesome! He is a 5/6 for 5, so he is a solid body, and, he discovers a card from your opponents deck! He can play wonders! usually your opponent won't have bad cards on their decks, so, this guy will let you choose a card, give you a little insight on witch sort of deck is it and give you a awesome 5/6 body behind! Instant love! As soon as MsoG came out, I crafted 2 golden copies of this bad boy! Azure Drake you are so WEAK!

Chillmaw: Aaaaaand, we are back to this bad Girl, she is a solid Taunt, with a board clearing effect, and a Dragon, and a close friend of our uncle N'Zoth, the Corruptor. Should we say something more? Yeah! Why not? This Lady was the radical solution against Patron Warrior, and  for a 6/6 Taunt with a 70% chance of making a hellfire on death the hefty price of 7 drops isn't that high!

Support/Cycle/Removal Cards:

Northshire Cleric: This lady... Staple card on Priest, she can win you games if not dealt early on, she can bait removal and silences, and if buffed with Kabal Talonpriest she becomes a pain in your opponents cushion. Plain and simple, you use your hero power to control the board, you draw a card, if given +3 health they will have to commit a fireball, or a 3 attack minion and a frostbolt, or, some removal, or 1 turn of not been hit right on the face just to kill this shy lady.

Power Word: Shield; 1 Mana, +2 Health, Cycle... This card is awesome! It adds to the concept "overcommit to kill crappy low minions", it gives you an edge on trading with your Taunts, and makes you go faster on your deck. Sudenly your Twilight Guardian survives a fireball, or your Museum Curator requires 2 attacks to bite the dust! Lovely, just lovely!

Brann Bronzebeard: Well... Lots of battlecries, cheap battlecries synergies... Brann Bronzebeard seems like a obvious choice, but, at first I left it out because I don't like the artwork! I like my cards as I like my Skyrim... Aesthetic AF!

Shadow Word: Death: A cheap solution to big punchy minions since BGH got nerfed to oblivion (poor BGH, I've reinstaled TES:Oblivion just to see if I can find him on the Oblivion gates, but hadn't had any luck yet!). This card is a must, its a quick solution to minions that had gone out of had, or to really punchy guys...if you cant afford sacrificing lots of table presence to kill a big minion Shadow Word: Death is your friend!

Excavated Evil: One hell of a board clearer, denies your opponent a card draw, usually people you use it against won't be using it due to the caos it can make on their board! Solid AOE option! Use it! you will love it!

Lightbomb: sooo, those pesky Jade Golem are a pain in the butt? or Giants? or lots of tokens? Now you can laugh frantically while they are wiped out and most your high health minions survive the lumious apocalipse!

Dragonfire Potion: It is a nice board clear, and having lots of dragons it can be relatively safe to use! This is the best "Oh Shit!" button, it will kill almost all minions, except your winged companions! :D! Dragon POWER!

Entomb: Nice minion/Nice Battlecry... I'll Take it! This card needs no explanation, its expensive, but slows Fatigue for one extra turn, Effectively remove a enemy minion, and allows you to avoid a deathrattle/use for yourself a deathrattle/Play with a card you dont have on your collection! So powerful! I would have killed people to find a MTG card that did what this card does!

Now we are walking on moving sands, I haven't been able to find a good balance here, so, I would love to hear your advice...

 I had considered some cards:

Dark Cultist: Instead of Kabal Talonpriest to resummon them with N'Zoth, the Corruptor. But the raw power of Kabal Talonpriest is so FKN HUGE, that it´s really hard not to use it, and with those 3 extra health I can make my opponent do really weird plays, or overcommit resources to kill minions that are plain crap, but got a huge amount of health thanks to this battlecry.

Lightbomb: Though versatile, I believe that Dragonfire Potion is more consistent, low attack hight health minions are quite frecuent nowadays...

Cabal Shadow Priest and Pint-Size Potion: Awesome board control, and it allows to steal stuff like Emperor Thaurissan! But, it's a 2 card combo!

Changed Cards

Potion of Madness: - It's funny how much versatility and weird plays this card allows, Thats quite fantastic of playing Priest, you have lots of options to do weird stuff! I love it! This card is a reminicent of Shadow Madness but way cheaper and versatile! I'm remembering the old times of Control Priest! (insert cancerous hearth emoji here :P). -

These two are out, and a Excavated Evil and a Lightbomb are in! FU uncontrolable boards!

Bloodmage Thalnos: - Simple cycling card, quite usefull with holy nova, but its a prime candidate to be changed and give some more consistency on some other aspects. -

This guy is out, it's quite a pity due to his deathrattle and Holy Nova push, but, changes should be made! He is out and Brann Bronzebeard is In! FK YEAH!

Shadow Word: Pain: - "awww, so you have played a  Flamewaker? Byebye!!!! Seriously, this card is powerful, it can be a real tempo swing, and with the amount of agro these days can be a life saver! USE IT! -

This card was hard to change, but, having so much early game I swaped it for Potion of Madness, more a less the same use, but, cheaper!

Shifting Shade: - I had always a soft spot for this card, usually your enemy will have good cards on their decks, I find it more consistent than just discovering a card, and, though the body is fragile, the deathrattle is quite powerful. Right now I'm testing this guy and Piloted Shredder to see wich one gets the 2 spots. Card advantage or Stickiness... quite hard to choose... -

I love you Shifting Shade, but, I needed both Piloted Shredder, Some day I will make you work my loved one! :'(

Holy Nova: - Because its holy, and because its like a nice push to regain a board. Do the proper attacks, and then use this cleansing light to heal up your Dragons and Old Gods lovers and finish the dirty job with its damage! FOR THE LIGHT! -

Sorry Holy Nova but you were the weakest link in the chain of awesomeness this deck is. You have been changed by your elder brother: Dragonfire Potion.

Sylvanas Windrunner: - The definition of odd trades and weird plays by your opponent, this hot lady can make atrocities on the other side of the table. The odd plays generated by her and by Kabal Talonpriest can give you a easy win lot of times! And, as we are playing with our uncle N'Zoth, the Corruptor we can make them be a dream couple! -

Sorry mylady, you gotta go out, I needed to keep on having consistency while adding Netherspithe Historian. Sorry! :(! But, hopefully you will apear often in my Museum Curator.

This is still a test, not sure about it! 


19/02/2017 1.001 - Original Publication and Typo correction.

20/02/2017 1.010 - Some changes on some cards, more consistency, better stickyness! Shifting Shade you will be missed!

20/02/2017 1.011 - Changed some cards and added a Dragon! 

22/02/2017 1.020 - Corrected the amount of cards! Thanks for your support!

24/02/2017 1.021 - Made some changes suggested by TheGnegno and a correction on the wording on Museum Curator spotted by mayatola! Thanks!

05/03/2017 1.1 - Changed Sylvanas and a Piloted Shreder for two Netherspite Historian!