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Lifecoach Pirate Warrior [Rank 25 to 5 in 4.5hrs]

  • Last updated Feb 6, 2017 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 4 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Pirate Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 5200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/28/2017 (Gadgetzan)
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The pirate deck Lifecoach1981 used on Jan 28th to go from rank 25 to 5 in 4.5hrs on his twitch stream on the Asian servers. Check out his twitch for the archive of videos & tips.

I've played a few different pirate deck variants and have to say this version performs better without Hobart GrapplehammerGrommash HellscreamLeeroy Jenkins or even Mortal Strike. I guess since it encourages a few extra turns holding minions on the board it's a bit better against control decks or hybrid aggro.


You generally want to go face straight away, so your ideal first turn would comprise of a [card]N'Zoth's First Mate[/card] to give you [card]Patches the Pirate[/card] on the board along with a weapon ready for your weapon synergy cards like [card]Small-Time Buccaneer[/card]. With the coin you just combo that with [card]Small-Time Buccaneer[/card] or Southsea Deckhand.

Don't underestimate the need for a weapon early on with this deck, so don't be greedy with a hand full of minions when it's important to get [card]N'Zoth's First Mate[/card], Fiery War Axe or failing that at least an [card]Upgrade![/card] in your hand.

You'll generally start to win by overwhelming the opposition with a strong board. Don't be afraid to take out a few enemy minions early on to keep control and don't be afraid to use your [card]Upgrade![/card] or Bloodsail Cultist on a 1/3 Rusty Hook, as you can end up with a strong, controlling low mana weapon that way.

Incase you're not familiar dont forget Dread Corsair is only 1 MANA with a Fiery War Axe or 0 MANA with an Arcanite Reaper 

[card]Sir Finley Mrrgglton[/card] is a great value 1 drop, and his hero power switch to Warlock (Draw a card & take 2 damage) or Hunter (Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero) can be really effective.

This deck is NOT super effective late game so you ideally want to win the game by turn 6-8. 


The Mulligan is really important against aggro shaman, you'll need to aim for a Fiery War Axe  to take out their early Tunnel Trogg's and also a [card]Heroic Strike [/card] to take out their [card]Totem Golem[/card]. Avoid spamming minions too early until those threats are clear or you'll get overwhelmed if anything like a Flamewreathed Faceless drops.

Don't be afraid to resist playing a minion if you don't need to, as Shaman's can easily clear board with a Lightning Storm so it's useful to have a backup minion or two.


Be conscious of the Mage's hero power taking out your [card]Southsea Deckhand[/card], so mulligan in favour of [card]Small-Time Buccaneer[/card]. 

Watch out for Flamestrike at turn 7.

Reno mage is generally a really unfavourable matchup if they get their Reno Jackson but with a strong weapon & board it can be won.


There arn't specific replacements but try any of [card]Mortal Strike[/card], [card]Abusive Sergeant[/card] or [card]Argent Horserider[/card] or even [card]Dire Wolf Alpha [/card] or [card]Loot Hoarder[/card]


Here's some highlights from LifeCoach's Youtube: