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There Is No Cow Level

  • Last updated Jan 4, 2017 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Tavern Brawl
  • Deck Archetype: Jade Lotus Rogue
  • Brawl: The Dark Wanderer
  • Crafting Cost: 10800
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/4/2017 (Gadgetzan)
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This decklist was done up in a way if you're going up for the Cow Level!

The purpose of this deck is to ensure that you have sufficient health going into the Cow Level, since the difficulty level goes up a notch when you hit the Cow Level. Comeback mechanics such as N'Zoth, the Corruptor and healing effects such as Antique Healbot helps you gain a fighting chance against the Cow King!

Phase 1: 3 Secrets.

The trigger for the Cow Level comes from triggering the 3 Secrets that the Dark Wanderer uses. Here, I've listed down how each of the cards in this deck work to trigger the secrets:

Visions of the Amazon - Swashburglar, Unearthed Raptor, Jade Spirit, Antique Healbot, Aya Blackpaw.

Visions of the Assassin - Jade Swarmer 

Visions of the Barbarian - Leeroy Jenkins!

Visions of the Crusader - Sludge Belcher

Visions of the Necromancer - Bloodmage Thalnos, Jade Swarmer, Sludge Belcher, Aya Blackpaw, Mistress of Mixtures, Sylvanas.

Visions of the Sorcerer - Bloodmage Thalnos. 

Visions of Fate - The last secret to check if the rest of the deck has been used. This is the toughest one!

Visions of Hate - Ensure that you don't have too much board control so that the Dark Wanderer can just go face.

Visions of Valor - All orange names that you see at the side (sorry to new players if you get this secret. :( )

Visions of Knowledge - Swashburglar and Burgle helps ensure that your card count in hand remains full. You can also hit the Chest of Gold to get 2 cards. :D

If you don't have any of the above cards, just sub it in with another card that can provide you with the same outcome. I tried to use cards that can trigger 2 secrets, such as Leeroy Jenkins so that I can check the secrets quicker.

Phase 1.5 - Before the Twisting Nether?

Once you've triggered all 3 Secrets, it's advised that you play all your heal cards so that you won't be taken down suddenly by the Cow King's OP cards!

Phase 2 - The Cow King Level

At this point, the Cow King will take first initiative and try to hunt you down. Use N'Zoth to bring back your Deathrattle minions, or play all your minions that you've kept in hand so far!

Phase 2b - YOU are the Cow King.

Alternatively, if you are able to use Sylvanas to steal the enemy's portal in Phase 1.5, you can become the Cow King! :D

Have fun! This Brawl is rather mild at first, but triggering the Secret Cow Level is probably worth it all. A+!