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[Rank 12-6,62%] Cheap Jade Shaman

  • Last updated Jan 14, 2017 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Jade Lotus Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 4780
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/4/2017 (Gadgetzan)
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Hi i'm uri3l,reached rank 5 for the first time last month,i climbed from rank 10 to 6 with this deck then i used aggro warrior to reach rank 5.Now in 4 days im already rank 10,last month it took me 2 weeks with jade druid and similar jade shaman deck.

62% win rate,mostly played at 12-6 ranks

Is a cheaper version of the usual jade shaman,no white eyes.

At 20 likes i will write mulligan+strategy.


Control Warrior:

Easiest matchup,i always win on fatigue because he runs out of removal and he's not expecting Bloodlust,sometimes you can finish him earlier,you just have to play around brawl and don't put too many minions,usually no more than 2/3 minions so you can get space for all 4 totems,try to keep Brann Bronzebeard and a card with battlecry that generates jade golems like Jade Claws or Jade Spirit etc,keep hex for Sylvanas Windrunner or Grommash Hellscream or what good legendaries could come from Elise Starseeker

Mulligan: Tunnel Trogg,Totem Golem and Jade Claws


If you are the first player and he has the coin,try to harass him and make him lose his removal,if you are playing from the back you need to be careful how you spend your removals as well and wait for him to get out of cards.Try not to play Flamewreathed Faceless cause he can Sap and you lose all the tempo,if you play well he may sap only Thing from Below or a jade golem which is awesome.


If you are going first try to get  Tunnel Trogg and Jade Claws is the best openening since you can clear his Small-Time Buccaneer by taking only 1 damage to face,Totem Golem and Maelstrom Portal are also very good ,portal for pirates and golem to take the board.If you have trogg and another good 2 cost card you have to keep Hex or Jade Lightning,hex for Questing Adventurer and Edwin Van Cleef and lightning for Azure Drake,Tomb Pillager or even Gadgetzan Auctioneer,using this on those 3 cards will get you insane tempo.

If you have the coin try to get Tunnel Trogg and Jade Claws,if you can't go for Totem Golem,Maelstrom Portal,Hex and Jade Lightning.


Hard match,you need to harass him really hard from the start and get a fast win,


Flametongue Totem it's really important,it helps you deal a lot of damage,try to keep Tunnel Trogg,Jade Claws and Totem Golem as well to build pressure,try to finish him with bloodlust,be careful in turns 7 and 8 for Abyssal Enforcer and Twisting Nether.Sometimes you can keep 7/7 as well cause if he plays aoe that won't die,be carefult to mind control,don' let 4 big minions on the board,try to have a lot of totems so he won't steal value.

Aggro Warrior:

Hard matchup,you need play your removals smartly and wait untill he remains out of cards then carefully try to finish him,be careful if you are under 7 hp, don't get him under 13 cause you may lose to Mortal Strike and be really careful as well to Frothing Berserker it can get bad if he gets a lot of damage.


Tunnel Trogg and Jade Claws are really good togheter,even Totem Golem can work since he has a strong body,always keep Lightning Bolt for Bloodsail Raider and [card]Kor'kron Elite[/card] and of course Maelstrom Portal for the small pirates.If you have at least 2 of those you can keep Jinyu Waterspeaker or Thing from Below.



Not an easy matchup at all,mulligan usually decide who will win,be careful at aoe and try to trade always to have the board.If they play big aoe,try to flood the board again with Brann Bronzebeard and some jade battlecry.


Best mulligan is Tunnel Trogg and Jade Claws cause they kill any 1 or 2 drop they may put and they will lose all the tempo,they may play Kabal Talonpriest without buffing anything and that's very good.You can keep Hex for Twilight Guardian.

Hunter and Paladin:

Not many on ladder,but try to trade smartly so they won't snowball and pressure them by going face cause they don't have hard removals.


Usually easy matchup,you have to pressure him hard so he runs out of removals,be careful to Azure DrakeSwipes,after he runs out of removal he can't do anything to win the match.


Tunnel Trogg,Totem Golem and Jade Claws,you can keep Jade Lightning for drake,if you have at least 2 good cards you can keep Flametongue Totem as well to build pressure.


The match difficulty it's between warlock and control warrior,usually it gets to fatigue and you have to finish him with bloodlust,try to play to bait his aoes and pressure the board again.Be carefull in the start for Doomsayer.

Mulligan: usual mulligan,but sometimes if my hand is good i keep Lighning Bolt and Jade Lightning for Mana Wyrm,Flamewaker and Azure Drake,you will never know if it's a tempo mage so you can keep those.

And of course,Mirror match: usually it's pirate shamy,it's always a though matchup,you need to wait for him to run out of cards and pray he's not having more burst .

Mulligan:Same as aggro warrior,but you will have to keep Hex for Flamewreathed Faceless,use Lightning Bolt for Small-Time Buccaneer,Tunnel Trogg and Lightning Storm is really important when he will play Flametongue Totem with his pirates and even Feral Spirit,this can be a game changer if played well.

This is the mulligan+strategy,if you have questions,other opinions feel free to post them there.Hope i didn't forgot something and sorry about my engish cause it's not the best.

You can add me to ask questions or you can ask there,ty.

Replacements for Aya BlackpawRagnaros,another Jade Chieftain,Thunder Bluff Valiant or another 7/7.

Thalnos can go in for Azure Drake