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S34 RENO MAGE (77%winrate)

  • Last updated Jan 5, 2017 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Reno Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 12200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/4/2017 (Gadgetzan)
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Hi there! I´m Andree59 and this is one of my decks. I'll be glad for all of the comments and FollowMe. This deck help me get from rank 12 to rank 5 in one day. 

First, I would like to invite you to a new group for WILD players, where you can share your decks, consulting a metagame, share your games and discovering with other lovers of this format. The group is here. 

This deck was created primarily as a anti Shaman, anti Reno and anti Edwin (But probably nobody playing rogue). Therefore, there is so many answers for early big minions. Renolock is trying to put T4 Giant and shaman always put T4 Faceless. The deck is also interesting because it has a stable matchup against pirates. The only real problem is the Dragon Priest. It is perhaps the most skill intensive match I've ever played. 

Why is this deck soooo goood? Because Brann+Kazakus+Soulcaster!!!

My stats:


Favorable match up – All Renodecks, Priest control, All versions of shaman, Patron warrior, Freeze mage, Secret paladin, Anyfin paladin, Malygos warlock

50/50 match up – Pirates warrior, Tempo warrior, classic control warrior (+fatigue), Tempo mage, Jade druid

Slightly unfavorable match up (maybe 40/60) – Dragon priest

Description of individual cards:

Mistress of Mixtures – Currently better one drop than zombie chow. Zombie persist more but Mistress is better in mid game against aggro deck and can save your life even if you play Nzoth only for 1-2 deathrattle minions.

Bubbling book - Better one drop than Mana wyrm. Very good interaction with Brann. 

Acidic Swamp Ooze – Key card against two dominant decks on Wild (Shaman and Warrior). Keep it in opening hand against this classes. In mirror match never play Ooze too early, wait for oponents Medivh.

Doomslayer – Good card in many situations keep it always in your starting hand. Only against pirates, it is often only the addition of 7 lives, and not the board clear. Against shaman you always kill Trogg and block second round.

Flamecanon, Frost bolt - early clear (against Brann, Totem golem, Canon, Frothing)

Mad scientist - Early minion and card advantage

Arcane Intellect - Card draw

Brann – One of the best cards in entire deck. In 90% of situations keep it into late game. Classic combo is Brann+Kazakus+Soulcaster. Against aggro decks you can use synergy of Brann + Healbot as „second Reno Jackson“. This card can not be replaced by another card.

Deathlord - Key card against aggro and controls. Maybe this card is the main reason why I play Nzoth. He can throw away the key minions of your oponents deck and safe your ass against aggro. 

Duplicate + Ice block - Two secrets, both important. Ice block is important against OTK decks. I was always very angry when I played OTK Malylock and opponent played ice block. Duplicate is situational card. Of course, it's best to play for duplicating Kazakus and Kabal courier or Deathlord.

Kabal courier - Need second kazakus? Find him! Need Twisting nether? Find it! Another crazy card in combination with Brann.

Manic soulcaster - This card is very important in my strategy against control decks. I'm trying to win in fatigue and this card you can add another Reno Jackson or with Brann even two cards back into the deck. 

Volcanis potion + Twilight flamecaller - early game board clear

Kazakus – It is the best card of new expansion. He can win a lot of games and you can choose what you need in each situation and each match up. In most cases, I prefer 5 cost spell. But there is nothing better than using 10 cost spell than clear board and summon 3 your minions. In another situation this can give you Armor and save your ass . He can also turn the match against warrior pirates. Against Anyfin always pick transform. Against Nzoth always pick global tranform. This card can not be replaced by another card. Don’t play this deck without it. Do not forget the classic combo Brann+Kazakus+Soulcaster!

Polymorph - You can neutralize annoying minions (early big minions+Brann or late game cards Ysera etc.) 

BGH + Flame lance - As i said these cards are against Shaman and Renolock. If changes meta cut BGH and add taunt or Echo of Medivh.

Cabalist´s Tome - Card advantage

Sludge Belcher - The best taunt minion on Wild

Blizzard + Flamestrike - late game board clear

Reno Jackson - everybody know it 

Sylvana - It is great card and there is synergy with Fireball.

Dr. Boom - Sometimes it is advantageous to play this card in synergy with Brann. 

Nzoth - Many of you have asked me why I play Nzoth and no Medivh. First of all, I think that Medivh is a bad card. All deck are playing Ooze or Harrison. Secondly Nzoth bring you back taunt minions. Another deathlord may discard the another card from opponent´s deck. You don't need to have big minions to win the game. What I play in deck is absolutely sufficient for my purpose and it is only one of my win conditions.

Other highlights and insights:

Many of you have also asked me why I don´t play Solia. I think it's a bad card. Solia is tempo card, but which Renodeck has tempo?

Why don't you play Emperor? This isn´t Renolock I don´t  see why I should play it. This card is good only to "freeze" version with Alexstrasza.  I think that  "Alex version" isn´t consistent as mine.

What is a strategy against the controls? These matches i usually win in fatigue thanks soulcaster + deathlord. You have far more destruction than other controls and you have many potentional win conditions. Don't hurry and wait.