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theoddone23's Legend (61% WR) In-Depth Reno Priest

  • Last updated Jan 19, 2017 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 25 Minions
  • 5 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Reno Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 13620
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/22/2016 (Gadgetzan)
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Hello! My name is Ivona; I go by theoddone23. I am a multiple Legend Hearthstone player. I started playing Hearthstone in September 2015, and I first hit Legend in September 2016. Since then I have been entering Legend rank consistently, finishing in the top 1000 and reaching top 100 or top 200 throughout the month. My highest reached rank so far is #97, and I did it with Mid-Range Shaman (in the past meta) which I have been playing for a while then). I am also a Hearthstone streamer; I stream 3 times per week with my colleague Zeronnix. You can find our stream on this link: https://www.twitch.tv/hswithtandz if you want to learn more about us and see what decks we play. Also, I invite you to like our Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/HSwithTandZ where you can stay in touch with us and know all about when we will stream and what decks we will play.

Also, this is our YouTube channel, where you can see all our previous broadcasts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPwKrNaz6ZP_ro-8d5JezbQ

Now, a little bit about this deck. I have always been a huge fan of Priest, but I have not been able to play it in the past metas because Priest just wasn't that good. I played some versions of "thief" priest, but I haven't been laddering well with them (maybe because of the lack of my experience with the decks overall at the time). This deck is my version of Reno priest that I had a lot of success with. It started of as the excelent version of

Savjz Rank 1 Legend Reno Priest
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Minion (23) Ability (7)
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- Reno priest that Savjz first created and played on his stream. I was really satisfied with it for a while, but I decided to create something that fits me more, and also that counters Warlocks a bit better. As you can see from the winrate, I managed to have 50% in this highly unfavored matchup (I will explain my tactics furtheralong).

 This is the proof of the Legend rank where you can see the winrate and the whole list, and I am posting winrate proof.

Legend proof

I actually forgot to printscreen entering legend when the screen showed, but for those of you who want to try the deck, this is the same version. :)

Winrate proof

Also, you can find the gameplay of this deck on the following link that leads you to my stream channel: 


In the second half on the stream, I played this exact deck and you can see my climb.

UPDATE: NEW GAMEPLAY VIDEO! https://www.twitch.tv/hswithtandz/v/109402153

Also, in the following video I am playing this deck, but I am running Pint-size potion - if you feel that it is needed and you can't deal with 4-attack minions, you can also check this version (I am playing Reno Priest the whole video):


Also, if you like the deck, please upvote so more people can see it!

General Mulligan and playstyle


It is unnecessary to mention that Reno Jackson is a MUST in each mulligan!

I am writing mulligans for popular classes at the moment - I will add the others if they start being played a lot, but I haven't met any of them mostly.

Warlock: (Reno)

  • Against Warlock, you have a tough matchup. It is REALLY important to play Doomsayer before his turn 4 (if he doesn't have the coin) or even turn 3 (if he has a coin). That blocks his Mountain giant and Twilight drake, and he cannot tap that turn. Also, it is important to get good value out of Brann - don't just play it for tempo because this is a grinding matchup! It works really well with Kazakus, Drakonid Operative, even Kabal Courier. Save the ooze for Jaraxxus! Try to Steal his Brann with Cabal Shadow Priest. Most of them don't run silence, so they will have trouble dealing with Sylvanas. Also, the reason why you have a good chance to win this matchup is Nefarian - try to take advantage of the Warlock spells because they represent burst and board clear. Also, if you get Sacrificial pact out of it, it kills Jaraxxus! (very important to remember since Warlocks try to get into Jaraxxus as early as possible vs. Priest, so be aware of that). Also try to acquire burst from his deck like Leeroy or Power Overwhelming! Always stay ahead on the board, because then he won't easily go into Jaraxxus. If he goes into Jaraxxus, don't be afraid of Twisting Nether - just play as many minions as you can because otherwise you won't beat his tempo.


Priest: (Tempo Dragon)

  • You usually have a really good matchup versus Priest (especially tempo Dragon priest that is played these days). Just outvalue him with your big minions and more ways to deal with the board. But, be aware that he can get good value out of his Drakonid Operatives - whatever you don't want him to have, keep it in your hand (especially your own Drakonid Operative if you have a good start, and Kazakus, which he CAN use against you when he spends all his duplicates - and playing against you, he will, because you usually have fatigue fights). Also, remember that Dragonfire potion doesn't work on his dragons, so use it when you are clearing his non-dragon minions and have mostly or only dragons on your side of the board. This is why trading and out-valuing him turn by turn is important. Also, Raza gives crazy tempo - play it as early as possible.Play and buff the health of your 4-attack minions, especially dragons!


Rogue: ("Piracle")

  • This is a hard matchup. You will have to Reno really early, and even after that, there is still a chance that Rogue will just burst you down. But if you manage to exhaust him and stabilize with HP, you are still able to win this. Don't hesitate to use Dragonfire potion on a poor board like Gadgetzan auctioneer, because he is basically the way to win the game for Rogue. if you do not remove it when you have a chance, you practically lost the game. If you have Doomsayer, play it before his turn 4 (or 3 with coin) if you can, to block his Tomb pillager. Also, if you have a choice between playing one big minion and two smaller ones, play the smaller ones, because Rogue has mostly spot removals, except for Fan of Knives, so he has to kill your minions separately and spend more of his removals. 


Warrior: (Aggro Pirate)

  • This is a good matchup for Priest (if you are able to get to Reno before turn 6, or even control his board until he gets into hand). Doomsayer is core on turn 2, or as early as possible! Beware of the Frothing Berserker - even though the removal for it is SWP, it is sometimes a good idea to have SWD because Warriors like to buff it the turn they play it by trading, so you might want to keep that card when you get it.  It is okay to choose a 1-cost spell from Kazakus - it gives you armor and usually clears a Warrior pirate board. Try to save ooze for Arcanite Reaper or upgraded weapons if you can. Do not look for value in each card - play for board. Against control Warrior, it is an easy game - just outvalue him!


Mage: (Reno)

  • This is a good matchup. Mage is really good at removing stuff from the board, up to the point where it can't do it anymore - so make an awkward board for him to deal with! Also, if he spends his burst on your minions, it will have nothing to kill you with (but beware of Antonidas and always have a way to clear it in late turns). 

    Against Freeze mage, keep something to remove Doomsayer. Play Reno after Alex, and save Blackwing corruptors in hand so you can pop the block when your board is frozen. Ger armor/burst from Kazakus. Try to get burst or Ice block from his deck from Drakonid (depending on the situation). Spellbender is a great card to get from Kabal Courier! Popping the ice block is your priority; if he clears the board, make sure you at least pop it before the full clear. (if it is Reno, he will play Reno after block popped!)


Shaman: (Jade + Pirate + Aggro)

  • Against Shaman, it is really important not to allow him full board control and to be able to make him trade minions into your taunts (it can be hard if he damages your minions with burst spells and leaves minions to hit face and you have no way of removing them). Holy nova and Dragonfire potion are really good removals and basically your win condition! Against mid-range Shaman, it is a bit easier (unless Jade golems prevail and he gets a large, unbeatable amount of them). Also, Bloodlust that some still run is really hard to avoid. But overall, Priest can exhaust Shaman and once you leave him cardless and boardless, you win (just watch for burn spells - heal as much as you can and stay out of bolts, lightnings etc.)


Druid: (Jade)

  • This is a good matchup if you manage to be the one who asks questions. Try not to allow him to develop Jade golems - let him spend his time trying to deal with your board! Druids can't deal with a lot of minions, so that's your main win condition. Kill Fandral at all costs and do not leave it when Gadgetzan is on the board because of Jade Idols! Try to steal Aya Blackpaw with Sylvanas.


Specific card explanations, tips and tricks!

Northshire Cleric: In some matchups it is kind of useless, but try to get value out of it and try not to let your opponents burn your cards. Important tip: if your opponent plays Doomsayer when you have Cleric on the board, rather than hitting face, hit & heal Doomsayer for card draw value!

Doomsayer: Really good against aggro as previously explained. Avoid playing it against Druid if you don't have to, because he will use that turn to Nourish! If your opponent can kill it easily and you need to clear board or heal, buff it with Power word: Shield, or Kabal Talonpriest. If your opponent Sylvanas on the board and full board, play Doomsayer and kill his Sylvanas - it's a board clear on his turn!

Netherspite Historian: It really depends on the matchup. Try not to play it early because you don't know what you'll need. If you are up against aggro, Whelps etc. are good too - don't go greedy, go for tempo! Otherwise just get the good dragons - Drakonid Operative is usually a must, also good dragons with value to them. It really depends on the matchup, try to wait and see what you will need. It's really good with Brann!

Shadow Word: Pain: Brann, Fandral, Small-time Buccaneer, Frothing Berserker, Twilight Guardian, Totem Golem, Twilight Elder, Kabal Talonpriest, Flamewaker...

Shadow Word: Death: Great variety of minions, try to get a good value depending on the matchup

Kazakus: He has a long story to him :) You usually get 1-cost spells when you have to do it against aggro, or don't have a lot of mana. You can get 4 armor + 2 damage to all minions which saves you from Pirate decks and it's more than the 2-mana heal. But in most matchups you will get a 5-cost spell depending on the matchup. DO NOT revive your minions if Doomsayer was played, unless you want the board clear! Also, if you get a resurrect spell and an AOE spell, your minions are summoned AFTER the clear. Same goes with buffing your minions - if they have less health than the chosen AOE and you chose to buff them, they will survive if their final health score is above 0. Do not get double defensive or economy spell for card draw when you are behind on board - try to make it so you have an immediate good effect on the board, which is really important in this meta. Don't get too greedy too often with the 10-cost spells, unless you're really in trouble and you can afford this (which is rarely the case). They are strong but they are really extreme and usually swipe board completely. This is good versus control matchups because of huge immediate effect (like, summon and 8/8 demon, resurrect 3 minions etc.)

Blackwing Corruptor: 6 damage with Brann! Great for popping ice block.

Darkshire Alchemist: My addition to other Reno Priest decks. I love it against aggro, it's a 4/5 so it's hard to remove (especially by other Priests if they don't have Dragonfire potion)! Heals for 10 with Brann!

Drakonid Operative: One of the best cards in the whole game. Superstrong body, and if you discover Drakonid from your opponent, you can just spam a 5/6 endlessly if you keep discovering it. It gets pretty sick :) But in most cases it's just great value.

Raza the Chained: It gives such great tempo; try to play it as early as possible because Priest cards are really clunky at times and you need all your mana to play something. (really good when you already have a free Hero Power and you want to play, let's say, a 9-mana dragon).

Second-Rate Bruiser: Aggro decks commit a lot to remove it. Also, it's good vs. Priest (it's a 4-attack minion so it's hard to remove).

Book Wyrm: Same targets as SWP, great anti-aggro body.

Nefarian: Another one of my additions to other Priest decks. It is really good against Warlock (described in the Warlock mulligan section), you can get extra armor when playing against warrior, burst against Mage or Rogue, mana cheats vs. Druid... Just a great card overall. Make sure you don't burn cards when you play it (you need to have 8 in hand including Nefarian in order not to burn cards!)

Ysera: A core late-game card; try to keep it alive as much as you can; it mostly wins games in this meta. No further description needed :)

Card replacements/additions

Sylvanas WindrunnerEntomb

Raza the ChainedJusticar Trueheart (but Raza is really needed in this deck)

NefarianYsera - any other strong dragon except  Deathwing, or Deathwing, Dragonlord (because of too many dragons with battlecries)

 Kabal CourierDirty Rat he is really good but I don't play it because I am just unlucky and always draw out big threats :)