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Malygos Curvestone

  • Last updated Dec 21, 2016 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 2 Minions
  • 26 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
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Deck Idea:

Find a guaranteed Barnes on turn 4, that draws a guaranteed Maly 1/1, unless you accidently did draw him. If thats the case, concede and retry.

We have all 0 Mana Spells in this deck, so that we higher the chance to draw specific cards on our other turns 1 2 and 3. Preperation is of course always a keep and Counterfeit Coin can be considered as well, to combo and have more mana to use on our turn 4 when Maly comes down.

On our first turn we draw either of those 2 cards:

Sinister Strike or Deadly Poison. Deadly Poison can be used on our guaranteed turn 5 weopon, or to get in earlie face damage

On turn 2 we get our guaranteed Evis or Shiv.

On turn 3 we get either Headcrack or Shadowstrike

On Turn 4 we get guaranteed Barnes+Maly (Maly should not have been drawn at this point)

We now can deal following combo:

Sinister Strike (1 Mana)+ Evis (2 Mana)+ Saved Prep and Shadowstrike or Headcrack (0) = 27 Damage with Shadowstrike or 24 Damage with Headcrack. Either way we draw a guaranteed Assassins Blade next turn for the needed lethal, or for continoues damage to finsih off our opponent.

If you used and have drawn Deadly Poison, you cannot use Shadowstrike on your opponent anymore, unless they are Warrior or Druid with enough Armor.Thats why you might save those spells for your later weopon or try to control the board.

This is an experimental idea, i did not test this deck yet.

The 6 and 7 Mana Spells are filler cards, which should never be needed, but they had to be spells in order to get a guaranteed Malygos from Barnes.