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[MSoG]Rank 1 Legend Piracle Rogue

  • Last updated Dec 21, 2016 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Miracle Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 8520
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/6/2016 (Gadgetzan)
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Proof: http://imgur.com/a/ZghsY



Video of R1 legend game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KB4iRvfLFUk

Was pretty funny game and ty for my friend Teux for recording, editing and uploading it :)


Stats after 100 games http://imgur.com/a/feDrl

All games are at high legend rank. 2 games forgot to select deck. There is a drop from rank 23 to 265 because I was trying minion heavy miracle list. Didn't work well =)




Updated miracle rogue list. Playing pirate package + coins. Deck is aggressive enough to race face decks and still beat control match ups.

Mulliganing with Rogue is a bit more complex than in usual decks since you don't always want to keep certain cards but rather want certain card combos. Only cards that you always keep in your starting hand are pirate(s) (except patches).  I will first write a general advices how you should approach different archetypes.

Against control decks:

You want to keep 1! pirate in your opening hand usually. More pirates are fine if you have gadge or drake in hand too. Don't make the mistake to mulligan too fast hand and run out of steam. We have double coin so I pretty often (if the hand can support) keep auctioneer in starting hand. You basicly aim for enough tempo tools to not to fall behind against their most agressive openings and rest can be greed. Sometimes though you get really agressive hand that beats your opponent almost 100% by turn 5 or so. Then you should go with that tactic. Those are the strongest rogue opening hands but they are pretty rare and van cleef is almost always included in those. You are almost always the aggressor in these matches and should be hitting face mostly.

How succesful games against control usually goes: You get some dmg in with your pirate opening (sometimes you outright kill them with your 1 drops). Around turn 5-7 you make huge gadgezan turn and 1 or 2 turns after you kill your opponent with burst from hand. After gadgezan turn, your opponent has to remove your board. If he doesn't, you win almost always. If he does remove your board, don't overcommit. Send your minions in, in waves. Don't send all at once. Try to setup lethal every time though, if possible.

Against agressive decks:

Pirates, backstab and if going 2nd si7 and cleef are priority one. Mulligan everything >=4 away (almost always). Going 1st coin+si7 is good. Prep+fok is good combo to have too. Against face warrior it is impossible to play control game as a rogue. The only way to beat them is racing them. Pirates and cold bloods are good at this :) Never keep cold blood in opening hand though.

How succesful games against aggro goes: You use your more efficient removal to kill your opponent's minions (backstab si7 are the best). Put cold bloods to a minion, hit their face hard and they overcommit on killing it or dying if they don't. If you don't get 1 drop or some other cheesy hand (si7 or cleef with coin or preps) you don't have good chances at winning. With 1 drop you have really fair chance.

some general tips:

1. When going 2nd, always keep van cleef. When cleef is combined with prep, you should usually keep those. Against aggro keep it always. Against control keep it, if you know that it can hit at least couple of turns b4 getting removed. Extra strong with counterfeit coin in hand. Especially against aggro, this opening destroys them. Druids and warlocks are helpless against it too. Well actually everyone except priest is helpless against it.

3. As a Rogue you have to know when to be reserved and when to go full agro. If you are playing against control with gadgezan hand, you most likely will win and it is not usually the right play to go too all in. On the other hand, if your hand is only burst and it doesn't seem that you can take the game late, you just have to take your chances and go all in.

4. Advanced tip: Learn to play from your deck, not solely from your hand. You have so much draw potential (especially with counterfeit coins) that you can expect to draw certain cards.


Patches: This guy is probably the most broken card currently in the game. With 4 pirates + this, you get good openings really often and cheat wins. So often I have this guy hitting my opponent still at turn 5 :D Or making trades to 2-1's(or X-2s with dagger + this) for 0 mana and 0 cards spent. There is nothing similar in the game compared to this card. If you don't own this, put shiv in and craft patches asap :)

Leeroy: Swap leeroy with faceless manipulator and one swashburglar with southsea deckhand. I played with that list to top 10 legend too.

Swashburglar: Southsea deckhand or buccaneer.


Patches: I talked about on replacements. Just 2 words: OP! Eventhough this card is clearly OP, I think it is healty for the metagame! We get larger variance of decks when aggro is playable. Now control decks are good also because they counter pirate warrior. Without aggro decks, MR shaman was the king and control decks weren't needed (also cuz MR shaman shit on those mostly). I also don't think that pirate warrior is too oppressive. Although every deck running oozes is pretty weird :D

Small-time buccaneer: This+pulling patches from deck can decide games alone. I believe it is the strongest t1 in the game without coins or innervates included. Blocks shaman openings, contests pirate warrior and does A LOT of dmg vs control decks. I rate this card 5/5. Rogue really lacked solid t1 followed by dagger t2. Swashburglar (alone) was good against control but only decent against aggro usually. Here is my thoughts b4 the expansion launched http://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/class-discussion/rogue/179134-rogue-has-the-strongest-turn-1-drop-after-patch. That is the biggest reason why I made this deck.

Counterfeit coin: I really like this card. You can cheat wins with this and play your too slow hands a bit faster to not fall behind. I am not sure if 2 or 1 is better but I really like it and have had really good success after putting 2 copies to my deck. Also playing t6 Gadge --> killing opponents 8/8 --> playing 24/24 van cleef is pretty fun (and interactive)! :D

Thoughts about Rogue after playing the meta:

Had a lot of time to play today (8.12) and reached rank 1 legend. I will post some statistics of the deck later. I have atleast 50% winrate (all my rogue lists included) against every class in the game. I think Rogue might even be the very best class, atleast it is top tier. You have such an advantage against control decks and on top of that you beat aggro decks constantly too.

Basicly Rogue doesn't have big weaknesses atm. You aren't a punching bag for aggro decks anymore and the new 1 drop does probly most damage of all cards in average games (so you don't lose punch against control with the low cost cards).  And yeah Patches is just patches :D

I like playing Rogue the most but even without that fact, I think it is good for the game if high skill decks are the best. And the fact that Rogue can lose to anyone but also can win anyone is fair for both sides.

Card changes:

Changed 1 shadow strike to sap. Sap is just stronger currently because of risen popularity of Rogues and face shamans (4 mana 7/7).


There are good options on that slot: Conceal, Violet Teacher, Xaril, coin, shiv and barnes from the top of my mind. You should adapt the deck depending on the meta. When you see less aggro, put greedier card in and vice versa.