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Savjz #1 Legend Reno Mage

  • Last updated Dec 7, 2016 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Reno Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 11520
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/5/2016 (Gadgetzan)
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Well this deck has certainly gotten popular!  I made it as I couldn't find this exact deck from one of Savjz's clips.  All credit for the deck goes to Savjz, I shall just attempt to do a quick write-up!

Reno decks as a standard are played with the late game in mind, spend the early game fighting for the board and trying to stop those pesky aggro decks (ahem Pirate Warrior) from overwhelming you too much early.

Try and get the most value out of your mana, try and plan a few steps ahead so you don't waste removal on a turn before a Flamestrike for example.


Aggro: You should be trying to pick up your cheap removal spells like Arcane BlastFrostboltForgotten TorchForbidden Flame and Volcanic Potion.  Make sure to keep a hold of Doomsayer and for weapon classes don't forget to hold onto Acidic Swamp Ooze.

Control: Against control keeping onto some early removal isn't too bad an idea, but you can be a bit greedier and hold onto cards like Arcane IntellectPolymorph and Kabal Courier.

Mage Cards

Forbidden Flame - Removal at any point of the game, scales over time.

Arcane Blast - Combos with Bloodmage Thalnos and Azure Drake very nicely.

Babbling Book - I really like this card in control mages, and Pavel put it to good use at this year's Blizzcon! Can be combo'd with Brann.

Frostbolt - 2 mana, 3 damage and a freeze, need I say more?

Arcane Intellect - Great card to keep early vs control matchups, helps you get to your Reno faster and provides decent card draw.

Forgotten Torch - Decent early removal and shuffles a second cheaper Fireball into your deck.

Frost Nova - Good for holding a board of Jade Golems at bay and can be combo'd with doomsayer.

Ice Barrier - Gives you sufficient stall to extend those games vs aggro.

Ice Block - Works very well with Reno Jackson as it gives you a safety net to rely on, so you don't have to worry about if they can kill before you can Reno.

Manic Soulcaster - Great card to shuffle a second Reno Jackson or Kazakus into your deck, can be combo'd with Brann if you get a tick over Emperor on Brann, Reno or Manic Soulcaster.

Volcanic Potion - Great early boardclear to get rid of totems or to ruin zoo's day.

Fireball - Best card in the game.

Polymorph - Great for getting rid of Raganros, Sylvanas or Ysera.

Water Elemental - Fantastic card vs aggro and weapon classes.

Cabalist's Tome - Take a spin at the casino and roll for some new cards!

Blizzard - Great for halting a board of Jade Golems or clearing those pesky totems!

Firelands Portal - Nice tempo swing removal.

Flamestrike - Speaks for itself.

Neutral Cards

Acidic Swamp Ooze - Great card for stopping Pirate Warrior and Secret Hunter, though can be used to remove Ashbringer and Blood Fury

Bloodmage Thalnos - Don't get put off by the stats, +1 spell power and deathrattle card draw are some insane bonuses for a 2 mana card.

Dirty Rat - Quite possibly my favorite card from Mean Streets, I've plucked Reno Jackson, Jaraxxus and Alexstrasza from so many people.  Combo with Mind Control Tech or Flamestrike to get some people salty.  Ideally you want to use this as part of a combo, so don't mulligan for it.

Doomsayer - Great at soaking up damage or if you get lucky, removing their board.  Can be combo'd with Blizzard or Frost Nova.

Brann Bronzebeard - Used to combo with the several battlecry minions spread over the deck, use your imagination!

Kabal Courier - Find that extra removal, or a second Ice Block.

Mind Control Tech - Very good vs aggro and can be used with Dirty Rat if they are trying to play around Mind Control Tech.

Kazakus - New card from Mean Streets, design yourself a spell which has crazy effects, can be quite powerful and swing the game in your favor.  Versus control matchups I don't tend to choose card draw as it means you will fatigue first.

Azure Drake - This is like the bigger better brother of Bloodmage Thalnos, staple in any deck that uses a lot of removal.

Emperor Thuarissan - As you generally have a large hand, Emperor enables 10+ mana combos previously impossible.  If left on board can snowball out of control and outright win you a game.

Reno Jackson - Staple of the deck, combo with Manic Soulcaster for another full heal.

Alexstrasza - Can be used defensively and offensively if you are ahead on board and have some removal left in hand you can turn into face damage.

 Alternative Cards

Arcane Missiles - Can replace Arcane Blast

Cult Sorcerer - Can replace Bloodmage Thalnos

Flame Lance - Can replace Forbidden Flame

Ethereal Conjurer - Can replace anything really it's just a good card

Inkmaster Solia - This is nice card that fits into control mage well