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HandBuff-Deathrattle-Beast Hunter

  • Last updated Mar 18, 2017 (Aggro Downfall)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 5240
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/3/2016 (Gadgetzan)
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Your strategy is easy - Fill board with tons of beasts, buff them, destroy enemy hero!
If you want repalces, mulligan or something like that, write to comments :)
If you like deck, please leave upvote!

Muligan - No coin

Muligan - Coin 

Why that cards, possible replacements:

Sorry, im stupid and forgot one thing : If you have beast in hand, keep Smugglers crate - Everytime :) 

Alleycat - Its something like Living roots, but better... You get 2 tokens with beast synergy :)

Smugglers Crate - This card is really good, i think. Your beasts have many combos with it - Rhyno, Rat pack, Kodo :)

Dispatch Kodo - Really good Midrange card, when buffed, it can destroy big minions or deal huge damage to face!

Eaglehorn Bow - Is it worth, with only 1 secret? Yes, i think. You have 6 damage for 3 mana. Its good in early game, because you can trade smaller minions and get board!

I dont have Kindly Grandmother - Replaces? 
 Is really hard to replace this card .... Its just ... STICKY. Your opponent dont want beast on your side of board, but he dont want to break 1/1 beast and summon 3/2 beast... Usually he must remove it with Hero power + Card or 2 cards.
So replacement .... Maybe Huge Toad.

I dont have Quick Shot - Replaces?
 I dont think there is replace for Quick shot ... Its just GREAT card! I really dont know, how to finish your opponent without it.
So replacement ... Maybe another Unsheash the hounds or Explosive Trap

I dont have Rat Pack - Replace?
 Rat pack is similiar to Infested Wolf, but with better value ... So wolf is replacement.


Jade Druid - You need Tempo and good early game. Druids dont have board good clear, so you can overwhelm board with beasts! Just play really SMORcy. 
Matchup: Good

Mill Druid - Wheres problem? SMORc! Infinite hand! 
Matchup: Very good

Midrange Hunter - Well ... They have similiar deck like you, so try to stay aggresive and make valuable trades :)
Matchup: Neutral

Reno Mage - I really dont know, if someone is playing this deck - My score is ... 0-0
Matchup: Who know?

Freeze Mage - When you have good early game, they cant stop you :¨) There are only 2 minions, you want trade - Acolyte of Pain and Emperor Thaurissan. Just go SMORc, dont get punished by Flamestrike and keep spells for final burst :)
Matchup: Good

Buffadin - If you beat "First buffed wawe", you are OK. Use spell to destroy their buffed minions, make sure they cant get "Infinite value" from Divine Favor
Matchup: Very good

Dragon Priest - Thats hard matchup... They have good board clears and good minion synergies... Try to be agresive and compel them to trade your minions -  And hope you can destroy them
Matchup: Kinda bad

Reno Priest - Theyre playing like Dragon priests, but they have some worst cards, so you can beat them easily.
Matchup: Good

Rogue ( Malygos, Miracle or Jade ) - Pretty easy matchup, they have no heals, no taunts.... Just kill them :)
Matchup: Very good

Midrange Shaman - Make sure you trade Trogg, use Freezing trap to Totem golem... Sometimes trade totems, because Thunderbluff Valiant
Matchup: Kinda good

Jade Shaman - Well, thats harder... They play like Midrange Shamans, but later, you get punished by Jade golems... Your strategy is = Dont let them late game
Matchup: Bad

Zoolock - Easy matchup, they cant beat you... Your Alleycats, Hyenas and Kodos just rekt em :)
Matchup: Very good

Renolock - Dang! This matchup is just bad... They have board clears, healing ... You must SMORc them before they can punish you ( Turn 8 - 10 ) 
Matchup: Very bad

Pirate Warrior - You have good hand = Theyre RIP... They have good hand = Youre RIP
Matchup: Neutral


 Here is deck showcase by Kadakk, check it :)