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[v1ci0us] Hunter "Destroy" - s4 / Face Hunter

  • Last updated Nov 19, 2014 (Naxx Launch)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 2640
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/1/2014 (Live Patch 5506)
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Here I am, after playing for long enough is time for me to release the first of my decks!
A Hunter aggro deck, based on Misdirection, stealth / charge minions and true damage that works wonders against populars decks as: Miracle / Freeze Mage / Hunter.

Used in professional play this would be the perfect counter for Miracle Rogue / Freeze Mage / Shaman / Hunter.

I give you: "destroy"


[26/07]: Jungle Panther can be swapt with Arcane Golem.


Arcane Shot x2 [core]

Arcane shot will be critical in given situation but it's most effective use will be to add extra damage during our last and winning turn. Keep this hand in your hand and try avoiding using it to control early aggression, other cards will be used to control aggro deck as Zoo / Aggro Pally ecc...

Flare x2 [core]

A deck cycler. Flare will be very usefull in current meta and of course a game changing card against: Freeze Mage / Hunters / Miracle.
The one mana cycler should be played to spend that one extra mana you will find yourself with from times to time. Don't play your turn fast, not playing Flare / Tracking when possible is one of the most common mistake I find myself doing when playing this deck.

Leper Gnome x2 [core]

Your strongest turn 1 play. Works fine also in late game thanks to the 2 extra damage.
You want this card to deal 4 damage to your opponent.
Playing a Leper Gnome on turn one will greatly increase your chance of winning.

Tracking x2 [core]

Your second deck cycler will be used during turn 1 to find a valuable turn 3 play with priority on the bow when Leper Gnome is missing from your hand.
Even when drawn in mid game Tracking will always find a good use.

Bluegill Warrior x2 [core]

A valid turn 2 drop againt some classes as Shaman, Bluegill will work fine as early aggression or in late game for extra damage.
You want to play Bluegill on turn two instead of hero ability to force your opponent to use mana to remove it. Might it be only with hero power it doesn't really matter. It will keep him busy and slow down his game plan.

Explosive Trap x2 [core]

Very strong card that will help you control aggro decks, deal extra damage and buff your bow.
Mostly a turn 2 play if followed by a bow.
Will be always played as defense vs Force of Nature combo / Leeroy.
Mulligan for this card against Aggro deck, without it your chances of winning decrease greatly!
In case you're playing vs an aggro deck or any kind of Zoo keep it in your hand and don't be too hasty to play it.
Timing is often a key factor when considering playing a trap: play it too early or too late and you'll lose value.

Ironbeak Owl x2 [core]

The latest addiction to this deck concept allow this deck to deal damage during mid / late game. 
The Owl works as a Taunt remover / combo for Kill Commands and is one of the most important card of the deck.
I run the mark with poor results, the goal of this deck to deal damage, the owl will assist your panthers / tigers.
A turn 7 example would be: Tiger down with stealth, bow equipped / (2) owl on taunt / (3) Kill Command / (2) Hero Ability = 5 Damage from Kill Command + 5 Damage from Tiger + 3 Damage from bow + 2 Damage from Hero ability = 15 Damage on turn 7

Misdirection x2 [core]

The MOST important card in the deck is your resource for extra damage.
Probably your best turn 2 play with Bluegill Warrior.
Lot of decks like to play with a single creature down overall during early phase.
Misdirection goal is to deal 3 to 5 damage to opponent Hero when triggered, this extra damage will be the focal point of your game and a key move for victory.
Nb: Almost every player will attack with their single creature to trigger an explosive trap preventing summoned ones to take extra damage.
Misdirection works greatly when used to defend yourself from Leeroy combo, opponent killing blows.
For all this reasons this card works as a beauty!

Animal Companion x2

Mostly a turn 3 drop, might be removed without damaging the meta of this deck.
Said so "Huffer" is still a very valuable source of damage.
This card help you mix things a little, also Misha is something that you opponent will have trouble dealing with.

Deadly Shot x1

I run different card in this slot, mostly finisher as: Gladiator's Longbow / King Crush / Others.
I found this cards to be too slow and overall the deck has enough ways to deal damage.
I decided then to add a Deadly Shot mostly to remove concealed Gadgetzan / Alexstrasza or any nasty creature our opponenet might play.
A good card to keep during mulligans against big creatures deck as Druid.

Eaglehorn Bow x2 [core]

This 3 mana card is something you want to preserve and buff with secrets.
Run Tracking on turn 1 and look for this great card.
If you find it and are lucky enough, play Misdirection on turn 2 for an early, but be careful not to burn the misdirection.
With Bow equipped and Misdirection active you'll find yourself in a very strong position.
Is naturally a great defensive card, almost as a poor Ice Block.
Bow can be played on turn 3, but I'm seeing it works better played on turn 5 togheter with a trap.
On turn 3 use: Wolfrider / Animal Companion / Jungle Panther.

Jungle Panther /  Arcane Golem x2

Your pick for true damage on turn three.
I would prefer to play Arcane Golem on turn four after drawing Leokk on the turn 3 Animal Companion.
This card can be a substitue for Jungle Panther - 26/07
Jungle Panther is still a solid pick thanks to the synergy with Kill Command and will often be able to deal its damage.
Is close race between the two cards.

Kill Command x2 [core]

Pure damage card, often used in a finisher combo.
The only target you would aim with this is a non concealed Gadgetzan.
Other than that it will always be used on face.

Wolfrider x2

Good ol' Wolfrider always does his job.
As a finisher or as a turn 3 direct damage it doesn't matter.
Works just fine with the meta of this deck and is pratically a substitue fo the 3 Damage from bow.
Only possible sostitution would be an Arcane Golem, still you don't want to give your opponent an extra crystal for only one extra damage.

Leeroy Jenkins [core]

Is an aggro deck, you run Leeroy.
You will use Leeroy ONLY as a finisher.

Stranglethorn Tiger x2 [core]

Your turn 5 drop on almost any give day followed by an Owl in case of taunts + Kill Command.
This card is very strong and core to the concept of this deck.
Value what target your Tiger should aim for and remeber, in case remove Taunt with a Kill Command and attack with Tiger. You want to keep the body on the board!


Turn 1: first pick will always be Leper Gnome followed by Tracking
If you play against Mage or Hunter be sure to keep that Flare in your hand.

Turn 2: first pick will be Bluegill Warrior followed by Hero ability.
Do not play anything else. This allow you to build a small card advantage.
In case you have the Coin and two 3 mana drop  then you might consider the play.
In case opponent doesn't have any minion on the board you are free to play a Misdirection or a different trap but be carefull he might have some way to activate that Explosive Trap.
You don't want Misdirection to be activated by small minions and the card works very well also for controlling in case opponent has two minion down. It will remove them / damage them, working as an assist for your Explosive Trap.

Turn 3: a very important turn indeed. First pick will be Wolfrider / Animal CompanionArcane Golem, naturally if you played a Misdirection or Explosive Trap the previous turn the best card would be Eaglehorn Bow.
You want to attack with the bow almost every turn if possible!

Turn 4: delicate turn depending if you a Coin. In case of coin you might decide to play Eaglehorn Bow plus trap / Hero ability. I will often find myself playing a Bluegill Warrior plus Hero ability or a three mana drop plus TrackingFlare.
You can also mix it togheter and play that Arcane Shot to cap the mana usage

Turn 5: Same as before Eaglehorn Bow plus trap / Hero ability, any three mana drop plus hero ability with the best being the Stranglethorn Tiger.

Turn 6: Usually it will be the turn where you play that Ironbeak Owl to remove that taunt plus Kill Command. You can also play x2 three mana drop, or Hero ability plus Leeroy Jenkins in case of lethal.

Turn 7Stranglethorn Tiger plus trap / Hero ability. Anything that will allow you to finish the game.

This are basic guidelines to play this deck.
Games should be over around turn 7 to turn 9.


Good: Rogue / Shaman / Mage / Hunter = I have 100% win rate vs Rogue and Shaman
Bad: Priest / Warrior / Druid / Warlock = Holy nova & Holy fire will mess up your game plan / Taunts can give you a hard time if more than one are on the board + Defender counter explosive trap.
Unknown: Paladin 

I hope you'll try the deck out and give feedbacks in comment.
I will add mulligan strategy soon.

Thank you for reading! ;)

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