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Midrange Control (Incl. Guide)

  • Last updated Nov 26, 2016 (Yogg Nerf)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 8660
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/26/2016 (Yogg Nerf)
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Hey Guys!

I wanna share with you my new Midrange Hunter Decklist - which is - atleast from what I see and face on the ladder quite different from usual Lists at the Moment.

So here we go:

I. Why this Deck

First of all, I explain how I came to made the list like this:

Before using this list, i played a lot of the standard Hunter decklists(Rattle, and Secret etc.) and got quite some problems ranking up, but always had the feeling, that there is only a slight thing missing to winning.

So i sat back and tried out a lot of "Meta adapting stuff"  - putting in Acidic Swamp Ooze and other fancy things - but they didnt get the things done - than the Problem Midrange Hunter is having is the lack of boardclear options to control or shake off the early midgame.

II. Adapting to the Meta

So thats why I decided to put in the following stuff:

1x Powershot, 1x Deadly Shot, 1x Explosive Shot, 1x Bloodmage Thalnos, 1x Gladiator's Longbow

And furthermore - to have consistent cycling through the deck: 2x Loot Hoarder, 1x Azure Drake - which are far more consistent as for example King's Elekk

Especially the Powershot and Explosive Shot have proven to be extremely potent in terms of unexpected Boardclear and Swingturn Situations. This is because they target the very problematic things at the exact or nearly right time like for example a popped up Cat Trick Secret from an Animal Companion or the massive totem heavy boards - or together with Bloodmage Thalnos even Feral Spirit

III. How to play the Deck

1.Role: Most important thing first on how to play the Deck: As a Midrange Hunter you always have to make sure, that you know, in which role you are during the game - that means:

 Know when you are the Aggressor, and know when you are the Controller of the Game

(To remember, you have decent removals and a shitton of sticky minions - that is especially important if you play other midrange or slower decks

2. Finding the Gap: That means - there are Turns where you have to decide "Well, do i trade and clear the board for ever or do i finally try to push through

3. Gameplans:

There are like 3 different Gameplans you can have depending on what you face

1. Always Pressure the Enemy --> This is exactly what you have to do when facing Rogues and mostly against Warriors

Rogue is usually trading speed for life - so if you pressure the board with minions and try to force him to trade with his life into minions thats usually very good for you , because they have less to no heal - and thats good for you. Also against Rogue its usually all about Tempo - most of them want to kill you with malygos shenanigans at the moment - so force them to use their ressources consistently so they cannot cycle through a lot

Against Warriors - always try to setup a board - but dont overextend to hard unless you got all the brawls - you will win the long term game usually by just putting deathrattle minions on the board over and over again - Keycards in this matchup are Savannah Highmane, Call of the Wild and N'Zoth, the Corruptor

Same is against Paladins - you have to be aggressive but dont overextend into Pyromancer Equality Combos or Consecrations  - Care about that

At the Same time for all those matchups: Use your Cycling Minions as good as you can - dont be shy on playing a Loat Hordeer into a 1-1 Minion or at round 2 vs a Mage for example - if they ping it they dont play a Creaure on turn 2

2. Trade Trade Trade - and then push : Thats the general Gameplan against Zoo - they also play for boardcontrol to push - so here its mostly depending who is drawing better and who is using ressources more favorably. Try to make good usage of your "Shots" and always think about what they can do to push through( Soulfire, Doomguard, Power Overwhelming)

If you are facing more of a controllish Warlock then Look at Section 1. Pressure but dont overextend onto boardclear - your Heropower is very potent vs. Warlock, making this a good matchup at the moment usually.

3. Coinflip Games:

These are the difficult games from what I've seen: Mages, Shaman, and other Hunter

Against Normal midrange Hunter you should be favored due to your boardclear, but try to never loose the tempo and be one step ahead.

Against Secret Hunter you have to control the early - play around secrets as good as you can or trigger them the right way so you can easily clear the rest off (e.g. if you think that he has a snipe put kindly grandmother on the board etc.). If they dont manage to do enough damage early, then you should be able to win by clearing their board over and over again while also trying to pressure them - and here it depends a lot on this coinflip situations where you have to decide when try to push through and when to clear.

For Mages there is like exactly the same things to consider - they have very good early in Mana Wyrm. Sorcereres Apprentice and Flamewaker - but starting to lack real threads in midgame - thats when they try to just finish you off with burst - so defend the start as good as you can and then go into the offensive to be faster then them - use your taunts the right way - and care about flamestrike - thats all what you have to know. THe rest is luck.

Against Shaman... Well what to say - we adopted the list as good as we can with boardclear - I guess most of you know what to do right now - you know their AoE(Lightning Storm, Maelstrom Portal) so care about that and try to not overextend to much into them. They have good early but thats ok you can fight it.

What matters most here is, that you have to force them to make mistakes or make bad usage of their ressources - you have decent removal for their threads and you can combo out stuff. These are Games where it matters most who is using the ressources best.

IV. Mulligan

So in general try to find early game minions(ALWAYS Hold): Fiery Bat, Loat Hoarder, Kindly Grandmother, Animal Companion (Bloodmage Thalnos can be ok, if you dont need him for combo, to just cycle through or if you get a Powershot on the hand), Quickshot can be hold also since hes a cheap removal for early game

What you wanna do is Curve out possibly good: so depending on your hand consider holding a single Infested Wolf or Barnes if the Early is already decent. I would not be to positive about holding onto the Taunters - unless you  can make sure to mage usage of them.

So in matchups where you have to fight early board you can hold to powershot, Unleash the hounds(only if the rest is decent), and even a deadly shot if its not to minion heavy enemy.

Never hold: N'zoth, the Corruptor, Call of the Wild, Ragnaros, the Firelord, Gladiator's Longbow

You can consider holding a Savannah Highmane if you are playing against Control Warrior and get the Coin - but only if you have decent early game

If your early game is decent consider an Infested Wolf or Barnes as i Said


5. Final Words

My Personal Winrate with this list is about 70% at the Moment  - so im ranking up very decent by facing a lot of Rogues and Hunters which i manage to win.

Against Control Decks you are usually favored especially Warriors should be an easy matchup. Only C'thun can pick you off if they get really lucky.

I wish you best of luck trying and using the list! As always im very happy about anykind of Comments, considerations and General discussion about it.

Feel Free to give me an upvote and leave a comment right down there!

Greetings and happy Laddering