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[Legend]Midrange 'Charge' Druid

  • Last updated Jul 2, 2014 (Live Patch 5506)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 4640
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/24/2014 (Live Patch 5506)
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Hi my name is itsjake.

This is Midrange druid known as Fast or Charge druid.

+from rank 9 to rank 4 i did 12 winstreak)

has really great curve.

Rag can be changed for Cenarius but i prefer Rag.

Mulligans in short:

You want: Wild Growth,Innervate,Harvest golem,Sanfury(In matchup where you want battlecry dont keep)and Wrath.

You have big chance of getting your combo (Force/Savage) bcs you have 2 of them.

Dont be scared of using combo for board clean.


Miracle Rogue: In this matchup you want to be aggresive..Try to mulligan for wildgrowht(this is really big swing for you in game),harvest,innervate(if you have innervate then druid of claw is a keep)If you are going first and you have wildgrownt keep yetti,If you going second keep yetti. Try to play you druidsoftheclaw in charge and finnish him with combo. Try to use Lores for heal(ofc if you are on 24-30 hp then cards) Argent comms can kill azures + non-concealed auctioneer or 3/3s and you can use him to the face ofc. Rag is my favorite here he can kill concealed auctioneers or just hit something for 8dmg. Dont be scared to plat Keeper to face for 2 dmg.But I always like to keep one keeper for silence on Edwin.Try to keep your Sanfury for battlecry(if you have 2 of them you can play one).

Control Warrior: This matchup is really interesting. Try to keep tempo(Wild growts and Innervates) Try to mulligan for Harvests,sanfury,yetti,innervate(if u have inner you can keep Druidofclaw) You will be using keeper mostly for silence(Acolytofpain,Silvanas,Armorsmith,Cairne just this creatures :D)
Try to remove armor as much as you can(Shield slam can really lose you game) Druidsofclaw can be use as removal(On armorsmith,acolyte) Try to beat them in midgame(You have no chance in lategame) And combo is nice finisher(Also dont forget to clean board if you are in trouble) You want his board clean.
Save BGH for Rag or Alexzs.If u can play Argent comm on board just use him for 4 dmg(Or kill creature ofc :) ) Wrath can kill acolyte but thats like only target(So i dont like keeping it)Innervate to lore is really great tempo play+2 cards)


Combos/Finish him!

Force of nature+Savage Roar=14dmg

Force of nature+Savage Roar+Innervate+Savage Roar=22dmg

Argent Commander + Savage roar= 8 dmg + divine shield

And a lot of combinations which you will find )

Kolento hit rank 1 Legend(eu) with this deck

He sometimes plays this deck so be sure to check him(You can also watch vods)- twitch.tv/kolento - he's really great streamer and you will learn a lot watching him.