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[S31 Legend#2EU #3Asia] SMOrc Hunter

  • Last updated Oct 19, 2016 (Yogg Nerf)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Face Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 3200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/5/2016 (Yogg Nerf)
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Hey Guys,

this is the newest version of facehunter (post nerf Yogg), my teammate Xzirez and I came up with.


Video about decklist, gameplay and for those who need legend proof :)


 Another video (in German) of me playing the deck vs Tempo Mage. I have had big problems vs tempo mage, but if you play it right, you will be around 60% winrate. Keep Removal and kill every minion.

2,5h video of me playing the deck (most of the comment is in German) on legend ladder EU. Staying top5 all the time, peaking at #2: twitch permalink




without coin:

You want to have a one drop creature T1. This is the reason I prefer playing 5 one drop creatures over 4 in facehunter. Fiery Bat is sometimes better than Argent Squire (vs Druid e.g.) most of the time it is the other way round (vs. shaman e.g.). Always keep Cat Trick because your opponent will trigger it unless he coins T1 (Totem Golem e.g.). Try to find a good three drop like Cloaked Huntress on top ;)

Kindly grandmother + eaglehorn bow is also very good  vs Shamans, cause u can get a perfect trade vs. Totem Golem.

with coin:

The slower your opponent's deck, the greedier your keep. Try to get Cloaked Huntress and a one drop. Keep traps that are good against your opponent on top of Eaglehorn Bow, cloacked huntress and Secretkeeper.



You want to find the play that deals the most damage over the duration of the game. In most cases the problem is that you dont really exactly know the duration of the game, cause it depends on the upcomming draws and your opponents hand/answers. Try to figure out if your cards/total mana in hand will be enough till the end of the game. If not: start using steady shot! Use your hero power wisely. often it is fine to hero power T3/4 if you play sth. along with it.

Try to calculate everything! Most matchups will be very close, especially vs warrior. Every point of damage matters. The difference between a noob "I go only SMOrc" Facehunter and a really good one is perhaps 1-5 damage per game. but these points of damage will decide over winning or losing in so many cases. The hardest decissions are the ones, that are almost equal in dmg/value. Try to min max them! You need to topdeck lethal often in the end, which is fine cause you will have a ton of outs. Try to figure out your Win% for every line of play.



Winning and losing with this deck will most of the time being decided by how many value/damage you got out of your traps. This is the hardest part to play but also the most rewarding and fun part about it. I have a very good winrate against control warrior e.g. cause I managed to lure them into the traps almost everytime. Do mindgames on rank3 or better! Bluff a trap by instantly playing it and play a very obvious trap while waiting 30secs, huffering over your cards and hero power. This will ofc only work vs better players who think about your actions.

Cat Trick is very strong vs Rogue, Druid, Warrior, soimetimes Shaman.

Snake Trap is good T2 (most of the time)

Explosive Trap lets you sometimes stall the game and unleash the hounds and steady shot will benefit from it.

Freezing Trap is very good against a Totem Golem and to protect your Cloaked Huntress. Try to isolate a enemy high cost minion (without taunt) and win.



Leeroy Jenkins: you can play either Reckless Rocketeer (same slot, just weaker) or Animal Companion (better card than rocketeer, but crowded 3mana slot). I've been testing Barnes as well and it might be the best replacement.

Snake Trap: Snipe fits into the deck as well :)

Cat Trick: You ll lose a lot of win% by replacing this one, would play one Snipe instead any maybe one Dire Wolf Alpha or Barnes.

Quick Shot: This card isn't really replaceable, because it is direct damage and card draw, which you both need. If you don't have it, you need to higher your mana curve, making the deck slower. Barnes, Animal Companion, Reckless Rocketeer, Wolfrider will work, but weaken the deck.



Why don't you run Animal Companion? It is a strong card and definitly playable in the deck. If you roll Huffer your winrate is much higher for sure. Misha and especially Leokk most of the time aren't great and will perhaps lower your winrate (although Leokk has many synergies with your minions and unleash). The main problem is, that you already run so many 3 drops. If you want you can give it a try, replacing Fiery Bat or Argent Horserider.

Why do you play Argent Squire over Fiery Bat? Personally I like Fiery Bat more in face hunter cause it can deal one dmg more and is also activatesKill Command. There are 2 reasons why Argent Squire is still better at the moment: You need boardcontrol in the first few turns to win the game. Fiery Bat is way worse in terms of that. The 2nd aspects is that Squire is better against most other meta decks atm, especially shamans and warriors (e.g. Tunnel Trogg, Maelstrom Portal, Unstable Ghoul, Fiery War Axe). Fiery Bat is better against druids because it punishes a T2 wildgrowth. So, if more ppl will start playing druid again, switching makes sense.


I will keep this guide up to date. If you liked it, please leave me an upvote and a comment. If you didnt like it leave me a comment with critic ;)

Playing deck on stream: twitch.tv/c4mlann

and also check out: twitch.tv/vbsof

Also check out our teampage: https://flowesports.com/


videos from other ppl testing the deck: