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[Legend S30] 69% Rank 6-->Legend (incl. Tips on...

  • Last updated Nov 1, 2016 (Yogg Nerf)
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  • 10 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 11800
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/17/2016 (Karazhan)
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Hi at all,

I play Hearthstone since 1 year (4times legend) and this season my goal was to get legend with control warrior. 

I would describe me as an average player who fell in love with Control Warrior since one month. I played ca. 400 games with N'Zoth CW and done this very poorly with a win-rate of ca. 50%.

So I nearly was giving up until I watched some games of AKAWonder who was playing this list. Its perfect for this aggressive Meta (wich I hate since ever). It destroys shaman, mage and druid and even against hunter you have a little bit under 50%.

I played this deck very focused from rank 6-Legend within 4 days (2-3 hours a day). I hate deck-lists on hearthpwn without proof, so you can find my stats of track-o-bot attached.



Legend Proof

Tips to hit Legend


1. Play ONLY one deck!

2. Build the knowledge of the Tier1/2 decks and counter them. Copy the decklist from the actual Meta Report and put it on your desktop, to have a look in every game.

3. Rethink every turn, what could your opponent play the next 1-2 turns.

4. Use a tracker (for example track-o-bot) to find leaks in your games. 

5. At rank 5, the game begin. Play ONLY Hearthstone, without distraction from twitch or other sites on the internet. You have to take every game 100% serious.

6. Make a pause of 1-2 Min after every game to stay focused.

7. If you are on a loosing streak of 3 games, stop playing. It will affect your A-Game and you will do bad plays no matter what.

Win Percentage from Rank 6-->Legend


Rank 6 --> Legend



DRUID Fiery War Axe, Ravaging Ghoul, Justicar Trueheart (Malygos), Acolyte of Pain

HUNTER Fiery War Axe, Ravaging Ghoul, Blood to Ichor

MAGE Fiery War Axe, Slam, Bash

PALADIN Fiery War Axe, Ravaging Ghoul, Acolyte of Pain

PRIEST Fiery War Axe, Acolyte of Pain, Justicar Trueheart

ROGUE Fiery War Axe, Execute, Slam, Bash

SHAMAN Fiery War Axe, Blood to Ichor, Ravaging Ghoul, Brawl

WARLOCK Fiery War Axe, Ravaging Ghoul, Brawl, Slam

WARRIOR Fiery War Axe, Ravaging Ghoul, Justicar Trueheart (Control), Blood to Ichor (Dragon)


Malygos / Token Druid (We are favorit)

  1. Keep Justicar and Acolyte because you will have the time to heal/draw
  2. Keep track of your health (you need to stay over the Malygos combo (2x Moonfire, 2x Living Roots, 26dmg)
  3. Use your Yogg after they played their Yogg (or keep Brawl)
  4. Keep Removals for 2x Arcane Giant
  5. Use Revenge with Acolyte and execute an Arcane Giant to draw and kill
  6. Keep Execute/Shild Slam for Malygos because of Swipes the next turn
  7. Outheal him with your Hero Power and Justicar

Tempo Mage (We are favorit)

  1. Its more of an control matchup nowadays because of cabalist tome & Archmage
  2. Its going to fatigue very often
  3. keep Slam/ Fiery War Axe to remove Mana Wyrm & Scorers Apprentice
  4. First remove Scorers Apprentice over Spell Damage Minions because you delay card drawing turns or cabalist tome / They need the spell Damage for board control only and we have no board :)
  5. Kill Flamewaker as fast as possible!
  6. Keep Removal for Thaurissan & Archmage
  7. Removals on small minions are fine
  8. Play your Yogg after they played Yogg (or keep Brawl)
  9. Keep track of their used fireballs/frostbolts so you cant be killed in 1 turn
  10. Outheal them with Justicar and your hero power

Midrange Shaman (We are favorit)

  1. Keep fiery war axe and ghoul to kill totem golem on turn 3 (hit turn 2 / ghoul turn 3)
  2. Blood to Ichor on Tunnel Trog & Argent Squire is golden
  3. Keep removals for Thunder Bluff Variant (this card is deciding games)
  4. Don't be afraid to fall under 12hp to use revenge as board clear because most midrange shamans don't run bloodlust/Doomhammer/etc. to burst you down
  5. Use Shield Block/Portals after falling under 12hp sometimes (not turn 3) to heal you up
  6. Use Brawl when you have the most value on board (Attack of opponents minions bigger than 9)
  7. Yogg is 3 brawl and carddraw and very powerful in this matchup (Keycard)
  8. Use Yogg when you see the most value for him (like brawl)
  9. Yogg is good for Boardclear when he has at least 7-8 spells (Percentage wise)
  10. Sometimes think of Al'Akir + 2xRockbiter for 18dmg combo
  11. If you have coin, sometimes hold it to use Sylvanas/Coin/Brawl to have the board, because Sylvanas will get hexed like 100% of the times

Control Matchups (50% / 50%)

  1. Keep Justicar
  2. Never draw cards / never use Acolyte or Shield Block
  3. Never use Slam as Card Draw only as removal
  4. If you have the chance, kill opponents Sylvanas before you played Acolyte, so he gets Acolyte and you can draw him cards with Blood to Ichor etc.
  5. It always goes to fatigue so Drawn Cards & Armor are the Key to success
  6. RNG is a big thing in these matchups, because early Justicar and early/good Monkey are Key
  7. Never play golden monkey before N'zoth of your opponent only if you have Monkey very early
  8. Try to bait out opponents N'zoth than clear with brawl --> than play your monkey
  9. Use removals for big minions with the most value
  10. Play Sylvanas and Shield Slam your own Sylvanas to steal Big Deathrattle Minions to make opponents N'zoth weaker

Midrange Hunter (We have to fight)

  1. Hard mulligan for fiery war axe!
  2. Remove every minion the best you can beginning turn 2
  3. Don't hesitate to use Shield Slam, Execute on low minions
  4. Sometimes you have to fall unter 13hp to use revenge for board clear and armor up with shield block, Portal, hero power
  5. Try to play around savanna Highmane (Sylvanas--> Shield Slam Sylvanas)
  6. Try to play around Call of the wild (for example by having minions on board or revenge-->shield block, armor up)
  7. Sometimes hope that Yogg clears the board and give you some heal or traps.
  8. Accept the fact, that Face Hunter is a bad matchup for you :)
  9. I have a positive win percentage (over 60%) against Secret Hunters (Just don't activate the secrets and armor up)

Zoo Warlock (We are favorit)

  1. Keep Fiery Win Axe, Ravaging Ghoul, Brawl
  2. If you have Brawl you don't have to spent all of you removal on the first 1-4 turns
  3. Sometimes fall under 13hp, then revenge, then heal up with Shield Block, Portal, Hero Power
  4. Use Ravaging Ghouls for Board Clears (Forbidden Ritual is less popular right now)
  5. Don't be afraid on using removals on small minions but keep removals for Doomguard
  6. Kill Malchezaar's Imp to reduce card draw
  7. We have so many boardclears, that its very difficult for Zoolock to win


KIUARTHUR (FIRST TIME LEGEND & his view on getting legend with this deck)

First of all i think the mulligan suggestions are just magically accurate. I strictly followed it and mulligan anything else away. It can be pretty self explanatory when u think about it as well. This deck has no real threats, but because of that it deals with every other decks exceptionally well, you can view this deck as the ultimate solution, the best thing is that you don't have to care wt deck is most popular or wt deck appears more currently (as that is always a gamble), instead you know that you always have a chance to win, and you can always find ur mistake (it is easy to find out that you should have saved the brawl, for example.) 

The second best thing i got from this deck, is definitely the general tips, as a new player to ranked (i never tried hard before), I lack the motivation to stick on one deck, n those general tips really motivated me to do so, especially with a lot of detailed analysis on different matchups. 

There are a few things that I would like to add, despite only being a first time legend. I think that in control matchups other than N'Zoth, it is important to monkey first, as we are running on low threats. By the time you get monkey u should almost always do it. And keep in mind that you do not want to place too much on board after monkey as your opponent should always have some kind of AOE clear, namely brawl. Instead, say you have 10 legends on hand (which is usually the case in control matchups), you want to think about the order to put them one by one, if your opponent don't have monkey yet they will just lose in a few rounds, as they can only have 2 shield slams and 2 executes at most. For example if you have ragnaros light lord u may want to keep it, as it can heal your other minions after your opponent's monkey.