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Reynad DH Summer Midrange Hunter

  • Last updated Jul 13, 2014 (Live Patch 5506)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 840
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/14/2014 (Live Patch 5506)
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Picture by Ramomar from PlayDota

This is reynad27's Dreamhack Summer Midrange Hunter Deck. It got him to the Ro4

Reynad claims that this deck has a 80% win rate against any deck aside from rogue but this deck did beat Savjz's miracle rogue and danielctin14's miracle rogue.

Reynad says that this deck is 40% vs rogue



+ 1 Freezing Trap, Stranglethorn Tiger,

- 2 Scavenging Hyena


For ladder I suggest adding one or two explosive traps depending on how much zoo you are facing.


Card Explanations: (WORK IN PROGRESS)


  • Hunter's Mark: Best hunter removal spell, works well with Stonetusk Boar and Unleash the Hounds. Always run 2
  • Flare: Good card draw but really good in the current meta where Miracle Rogue, and Freeze Mage are popular. Also good against the occasional mirror match. How much of this card you add to the deck should be based on the meta.
  • Tracking: Really good for finding the card you need for the op beast synergies. One thing to keep in mind is whether or not to turn 1 Tracking or turn 1 Flare against a deck with no secrets/major stealth (miracle rogue). Usually you want to use the flare instead of tracking. Flare is used for just card draw. Tracking is used when you know for sure what you are looking for for the beast synergies. If you blindly use tracking without knowing exactly what you need you may discard cards you really need for something you don't need. Always run 2
  • Starving Buzzard: Core component of the Starving Buzzard / Unleash the Hounds combo that lets hunters cycle through their deck. Also has some synergy with the other beasts in the deck, especially with Savannah Highmane's Hyena tokens. Always run 2.
  • Animal Companion: Summons an extremely efficient beast with nice stats for just 3 mana. This is important because most of the time beast minions have less stats than other minions of the same mana cost. For this deck always run 2.
  • Eaglehorn Bow: Many aggro/face hunters use this card as direct damage to the face. However for this deck most of the time you want to use your bows for removal instead. I recommend 2 because this deck does not have many traps to give you more charges.
  • Kill Command: Tons of damage for removal or as a finisher. Will almost always get the 5 damage instead of 3 because of all the beasts this deck runs. Always run 2.
  • Unleash the Hounds: Despite many people trying to play around this card by now and it's somewhat recent nerf, (Also decks like zoolock and aggro pally cannot afford to play around this card even though they know it will result in a board clear) UTH is still a great removal spell (especially with Hunter's Mark) and has a lot of synergy with Starving Buzzard and Scavenging Hyena should you choose to run it. Always run 2.
  • Houndmaster: The buff for this card is insane. It's basically 4 mana for 11 stats and taunt when any of your beasts are in play. That's sometimes better than a high value minion such as Chillwind Yeti! This minion has especially great synergy with Stonetusk BoarUnleash the Hounds tokens, and Oasis Snapjaw. Always run 2.
  • Savannah Highmane: For 6 mana this card altogether puts 19 stats on your side of the board. reynad has said on his stream that he believes that this card is far better than even Cairne Bloodhoof. The synergy with hyena tokens have with Starving Buzzard and its sheer power always makes it worth to run 2.
  • Stonetusk Boar: This minion is extremely cheap removal when paired with Hunter's Mark, a cheap way to proc Starving Buzzard, can act as fodder to buff Scavenging Hyena if you run it, and is devastating when buffed by Houndmaster. Always run two.
  • River Crocolisk: Decent 2 drop. has the stats of any regular 2/3 2 drop without the effects. It's a beast though and it's better than Bloodfen Raptor because it doesn't simply die to cheap removal like Holy Smite and 1 drops like Murloc Raider. So we generally run 2 to keep board presence as this is a midrange deck, but 1 croc also works. 
  • Oasis Snapjaw: A decent 4 drop beast with the same amount of drops as a Chillwind Yeti. While it doesn't do all that much damage, it still does some damage and can be extremely hard to remove mid game with its 7 health. Dreamhack Summer had a lot of miracle rogue. This card somewhat indirectly counters miracle rogue in that the miracle rogue can't allow Oasis Snapjaw to deal 2 damage every turn in conjunction with the hunter hero power.  Miracle rogues also doesn't want to spend an Eviscerate on this because they would rather eviscerate your face when your hero power puts up so much pressure. They don't want to use Sap because Savannah Highmane is much more threatening. Also if Oasis Snapjaw gets buffed by Houndmaster, your opponent will be very sad to see a 4/9 :). Recommended to run two.
  • Stranglethorn Tiger: At first people thought that this card was just mediocre in constructed and only meant for arena. However it turns out that a 5/5 stealth is actually somewhat troublesome for the opponent. It can make extremely valuable trades such as killing a Chillwind Yeti for free. The stealth almost guarantees that this card will at least get to trade or deal 5 damage, which can sometimes be massive. I recommend 1 for when you meet lots of faster decks like zoo and 2 when you face a lot of control decks.


  • Freezing Trap: This trap is really good vs decks that either rely on large creatures because making expensive minions even more expensive to replay gives you a huge tempo lead and an increase in board control. (druid, handlock, control warrior etc.) or massive burst damage from 1 minion (Leeroy Jenkins Cold BloodLeeroy Jenkins Power Overwhelming, etc.) However it is bad against fast decks with smaller minions because if a 2 mana minion has to be replayed for 4, the guy with the fast deck won't care and will just flood the board with his or her other cheap minions. (zoolock, shockadin aggro pally, face hunter, etc.)
  • Explosive Trap: This is a must have if you are facing decks like zoo where the enemy's board gets filled extremely quickly. The 2 damage from explosive trap has the possibility to act as a board clear against decks like zoo. However, against druids the 2 damage really doesn't accomplishes anything. Sometimes explosive trap even helps a control warrior because it procs cards like Acolyte of Pain and Armorsmith. So only run explosive traps when you are facing faster decks.
  • Scavenging Hyena: Scavenging Hyena has the potential become massive with synergy with Unleash the Hounds and Stonetusk Boar. However against decks like druid which generally don't have more than 2-3 minions on the board at once and have lots of silence make this card really mediocre. So same advice for Scavenging Hyena as Explosive Trap.