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Shadow priest works man!

  • Last updated Sep 21, 2016 (Karazhan)
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  • 11 Minions
  • 19 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Shadow Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 3860
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/12/2016 (Karazhan)
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 Hey guys as I had mentioned before, I only play priest as class, and always try to find a way to make priest somehow playable in this meta as I like the challenge.

 This deck is working very well for me and have unexpectedly high winning rate and also much fun compared to boring dragon and resurrect priest decks.

 If the deck gets certain amount of likes, I am going to give full guide for how to play it.

 One important tip is that you must use your 1-mana cost cards efficiently in order to benefit from board clear or heal - it is very important.

 Shadowform is amazing since you already have lots of heal and it provides you a win condition: either by doing constantly 3 damage to your opponent's face or cleaning the board - believe me you no longer hate 4 attack minions!

 Hope you enjoy it; waiting for the feedbacks.

 Cheers :)

More tips  (UPDATE):

 First of all guys, you should keep in mind that there are much easier ways to get to Legend rank. Priest is just hardest class to climb in this meta, yet I strongly have to emphasize that the Karazhan expansion made priest somehow more playable - just ignore Purify. Priest of the Feast is what we needed against non-stop aggro decks such as zoo and hunter - also so great against other classes.

 ONE THING TO REMEMBER: Do not forget the use Yogg-Saron, Hope's End against OTK decks such as worgen warrior. 30 HP will not save you so try to get some armor or secrets with yogg. Once they fail with charge and face combo - you win.

 Jeweled Scarab is a very good card. ALWAYS keep it for mulligan. If you are facing aggro, just drop a 3 mana minion to win time. Against control, Shadow Word: Death or Thoughsteal is amazing and have so much value. If you have more than 1 Shadow Word: Death in your hand, use the golden one so that your opponent will not know that you have more than two. Also you can get Shadowform which is a bit more situational - I sometimes need it for fast upgrade, early three damage is just tremendous.


 I have a high winning ratio against Hunters. Just try to survive and use your Priest of the Feast in a way to maximize the efficiency of your heal. If you survive after two Call of the Wild, you win. Thoughsteal might also provide you a good board clear with Quick Shot etc. You can Mind Vision to steal Call of the Wild at turn 7 or later on.

 Zoo locks:

 Versatile match. Survival is also essential here and Pyromancer is a great card since you will also kill Possessed Villager and Argent Squire. Remember that full board clear is very important in terms of preventing your opponent to play Power Overwhelming for annoying burst. They usually don't risk discarding it with Doomguard and that gives you enough time to control the game.

Control Warrior:

 I rarely loose against control warriors. Anyway, here are some important tips. If it is going armor and armor for monkey, do not use Acolyte of Pain it is all about going to be fatigue. One other important thing is that you can save one of your Entomb for the monkey and with 3 damage hero power, you will have the advantage when it is all about the minions. I also sometimes burn their cards with pyro if he uses Acolyte of Pain.

 Aggro shaman:

 Extra Shadow Word: Death helps a lot. If you manage to survive early game, try to keep your HP as high as possible and watch out for doomhammer burst damage. Remember whether your opponent used any Rockbiter Weapon!

Malygos Druid:

 Beware of burst from Malygos damage. If they use Emperor Thaurissan, I usually go for Yogg to get some secret or armor etc. Otherwise they might OTK you.

 Overall, f you think you are going to die next turn, go for Yogg instead of heal. Try to calculate how much damage your opponent can do next turn.

  I am not having any problem against Mages and also can deal with Rogues easily. I will be writing more about the type of classes that I find challenging.

 ** (UPDATE): I thought I had updated the page, yet it apparently didn't work, so here are some tips that I think that might be helpful.

 When to use Shadowform?

  This is very important. Against control decks, I immediately go shadowform for the maximum value. Against aggro decks it is better to drop 3 mana minions such as Acolyte of Pain or another one from Scarab to slow down your opponent.  Also if you are going for the 2nd shadowform, ALWAYS use it in a way that you use your hero power twice. It has a good value and also might ruin their plan.



Generally speaking, I always try to have 1 mana spells as much as I can do and always keep Jeweled Scarab. It is a very good card against aggro decks. Even 1/1 minion on board at turn 2 is useful, e.g. it kills Firebat. Also if you have 2 of Priest of the Feast, you can drop it at turn 4 for 3/6 body since your opponent MUST deal with it. It gives you a huge amount of time.

 Zoo lock:

 Pyromancer is a must. You need a board clear as soon as possible. Also Excavated Evil is a good choice to keep. Darkshire Alchemist is a good choice as well. It is not only healing but also it is minion that you opponent usually trades with and it gives you an additional time to survive.


 Again Pyro has a good value here, however, Feast is also a sort of a must to have one. Hunters are doing damage every turn no matter what.

 Control decks:

 Keep Shadowform for sure. The faster you go damage, the more you have a chance to control the board.

 If you go second, try to use your COIN for Pyro or Feast. Free AoE or heal.


 Many of the shamans are face and aggro so keep pyro and Excavated Evil.

 Resurrect Priests:

 Well, I do not suggest you to kill the Blademaster immediately. Because those resurrects  might give you a headache. Your priority is to kill the useless minions. Keep Thoughtsteal and Entomb against priests. I sometimes even Entomb the Blademaster so that my opponent will not get a resurrect value from it.

 Possible Replacements:

 You can try -1 Holy Smite and -1 SWD for +2 SWP.

 I think Yogg is a sort of a must for nowadays because of the annoying OTK decks. I mean 30 HP will most of the time not be enough to save you.

 *** UPDATE (2 replacements):

 Hey guys. I appreciate the feedback. I just changed two cards in the deck - you can modify this deck in anyway you want but it also really depends on the ladder and the meta that you are in - whether you face more aggro or control etc.

 My replacements are -1 Holy Smite -1 Shadow Word: Death for +2 Forbidden Shaping, I mean it worked well for me for two reasons: first of all it combined pretty good with Pyro and Feast since it is a free spell against aggro decks - and sometimes we need it for the full board clear and the other reason is against control I always drop 8 drops at late game - DO NOT do it at turn 10 without using hero power or 2 mana card, 8 mana minions are much better. You can also use it at desperate situations for a body. Lack of SWD might be a problem but you can get it from Scarab and also Tinkmaster Overspark is very good at late game against single drop big minions.