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Control Warrior feat. Malchezaar [+Guide]

  • Last updated Sep 19, 2016 (Karazhan)
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  • 11 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 8840
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/2/2016 (Karazhan)
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Thank you guys for this awesome feedback that reached me the past days! I never expected this deck to get so much attention when i published it last friday. Thank you all for that kind words and the ideas you brought to me. As i promised, here is my full guide about my deck. Please don't criticzie anything directly for being wrong, since every player has his OWN playstyle. I picked cards that other people would't pick at all, but that doesn't mean it was a bad descision.

Feel free to add me on Battlenet: rexX#2917
if you have any questions or wanna see me playing this deck.

Deck idea: I always enjoyed playing control warrior decks. But there was a lot of trouble since the release of the old gods. After the release of the last wing from Karazhan I got really inspired by Prince Malchezaar. This card had so much potential that I decided to build a deck with it. 

Card choices

Execute: I think everyone should know that Execute is the best removal a warrior is running in his deck. Spend 1 mana to remove a damaged Deathwing. Everyone should understand this.

Shield Slam: Combined with our armor Shield Slam is just awesome. Appart from the normal uses we can also use it to slam our [card]Sylvanas Windrunner[/cards] which causes our opponents to be a bad sitiuation if we can steal important minions.

Fiery War Axe: 2 mana for the best early game weapon in the game. There is nothing more to explain about it.

Revenge: Some people underrate this card. For me Revenge is really important. It can win important rounds VS paladin or zoolock. And is even able to slaughter a whole aggressive board if you are at 12 health. 

Slam/Bash: These are really important in a normal control warrior. Cheap removals for enemy minions, armor gain and card draw.

Ravaging Ghoul: Same as Revenge it can cause you opponent to lose his early board and even set up a 3/3 to deal with.

Shield Block: This card can be used in many situations. It can be a life saver in close matches, it can set up armor for Shield Slam or can draw a card if needed.

Bloodhoof Brave: In my opinion this card is underrated in the current meta. A taunt is important in a really agressive meta. This card will force Hunters and Shamans to trade normally at least 2 minions which brings them into a bad situation which is? Yes which is good for you. Some People like to run the new iron forge portal instead, but i rather keep my save taunt to play in turn 4 than to wait to turn 5 which is the "brawl turn" in many aggro match ups.

Brawl: Best card to deal with a flooded board. Even in the late game this can slaughter a N'zoth deck.

Gorehowl: This is basically my favourite weapon. Combined with [card]Violet Illusionist[/card] it can cause your opponent to loose a game.

Fool's Bane: The new warrior weapon. This can be a life saver against a flooded board. Of course it will cause you to lose health but it can fuck up for example a divine shield paladin.

Acolyte of Pain: Some people like this card in CW some don't. Ima say that it can be good if you need a card draw. If you dont need it, it can simply be turned into a legendary by Elise.

[card]Violet Illusionist[/card]: When i released this deck this card wasn't included, but i figured out that this is doing well which the different weapons we are running. This card can even save your ass in a fatigue match.

Elise Starseeker: This card is one of your last hopes. It will turn dead cards into legendarys which will hopefully help you to win the fatigue endgame. Even tho it is a good turn 4 3/5 body to cause some damage on your opponents minions.

Harrison Jones: This card is the super awesome game winner against a shaman with doomhammer. This is even awesome against paladin or warrior. It will remove your opponents weapon and draw new cards you could use to fight your opponent. 

Prince Malchezaar: Well this card.. I love it. This card was even the reason for this deck to exist. When i played a similar CW before ONiK i always had the same situation VS control match ups. You sit there with a fucking full hand of kind of useless cards. There is not reason you should play any removal at all because none of you is trying to fill up the board. With Malchzaar you have the chance to do pressure to your opponent in those turn which you would normally just armor up and skip. Because of him you even have the chance to play minions against aggro match ups. I had so many sitiuations where i draw into important cards which helped me out even against aggro match ups.

Justicar Trueheart: THE CORE of real CW decks. 4 armor is huge. The 2 extra armor make such a difference that everyone will notice when playing her for the first times. This 2 extra armor can win fatigue or even aggressive match ups by countering the hunter hero power.

Sylvanas Windrunner: The best deathrattle minion Ima say. It can change situations hardly. Imagine a tirion just set up. Yup. In the moment you play her he realized he fucked up. As i mentioned before i even love the combo with Shield Slam which can steal even big treats.

Baron Geddon: Some people dislike this card which is totally okay. I haven't played Baron for a while myself. But the meta changed alot which brought me back to him. I love to see how decks like evolve shaman get destroyed by this. Even having him up for 1 turn will cause so much damage that he was worth it.



 Class mulligan

Druid: Mulligan: Execute, Slam, Bash, Fiery War Axe.
Beast druid and Token shouldn't be a problem at all. As always try to keep thier board empty. C'thun druid is the worst because of his strong minions. You need to save removals for thier 2 big taunts and the upcoming C'thun and Veklor. 

Hunter: Mulligan: Slam, Bash, Fiery War Axe,Acolyte of Pain, Harrison Jones
The new Secret hunter is no problem unless you draw like shit which should be the normal case. The midrange hunter is a bigger problem. You should concentrate on the important turns. Think ahead: Turn 3: Animal Companion, Turn 4: Houndmaster or Infested Wolf, Turn 6: Savanna Highmane: Turn 8: Call of the Wild. Of course you can be prepared for this. But seriously, if he is drawing the perfect curve NOTHING will stop him. Just try to clear as had as possible and try to get some extra card draw to counter new plays.

Mage: Mulligan: Slam, Bash, Fiery War Axe,Acolyte of Pain, Shield Slam
The tempo mage can beat us for sure, since it feels like every tempo mage has the perfect curve but never give up too early, i won many games with a comeback from 5 or less health. A like Justicar can turn around a game easily if the mage is running out of cards. You can easily win if he is just top decking. 
Freeze mage should be a win aswell. Just remember one thing: ARMOR UP EVERY TURN! This is the most important thing. The armor will cause his Alex to do nothing against you. Try to avoid playing too many minions at once since a frost nova/ doomsayer combo will cause you to lose the board or lose a shield slam or execute.

Paladin: Mulligan:  Slam, Bash, Fiery War Axe,Acolyte of Pain, Revenge, Ravaging Ghoul.
There are mostly aggro/divine shield paladins out there, i haven't seen many anyfin ones for a while. So what do you need to do. If you realize he is a divine shield paladin do smart plays with Ravaging Ghoul and Revenge. His minions are on low health so removing a whole board is not a problem at all. Some of them are running Sea giants, keep that in mind.

Priest: Mulligan: Elise Starseeker, Fiery War Axe,
There is not real mulligan but those 2 cards basically. Of course all cheap removals are good but mostly not nessecary. This will often just end in a Monkey fatigue war.

Rogue: Slam, Bash, Fiery War Axe,Acolyte of Pain,
Rogue is by far the class i have the less experience against. There are some N'Zoth rogues and mostly miracle rogues. For the last ones its important to armor up since they will do the leeroy combo which can lose us the game but thats all you need to remember to be honest.

Shaman: ExecuteSlam, Bash, Fiery War Axe,Revenge, Ravaging Ghoul, if you already have a good hand keep Brawl aswell
There are 2 types of shamans the burst/face ones and the totem/midrange ones. Sometimes there are evolve shamans aswell but mostly the ones i mentioned before. KEEP THIER BOARD EMPTY! Thats the key. If they have too much board control you are fucked. A good brawl can slow everything down and save some important rounds for you. Remember that they could play thier faceless 7/7 on turn 4, since you will not have enough armor for shield slam keep a slam/bash combo with execute to remove this minion. A late faceless can be denied by your Gorehowl.

Warlock:  ExecuteSlam, Bash, Fiery War Axe,Revenge, Ravaging Ghoul, if you already have a good hand keep Brawl aswell
You will mostly run into zoolocks. Same as shaman fight for the board. Don't let them have too much control or you will lose the game. Keep in mind that today nearly every zoo runs leeroy with a double POW. A turn 4 bloodhoof can force them to use one POW or to trade 2-3 minions which is pretty good.

Warrior: ExecuteSlam, Bash, Fiery War Axe
If you are running into alot of control warriors keep elise aswell. It's important not to waste too many resources since we need alot of value for elise. In this matchup Malchezaar is one of the keys. The extra legendarys can do pressure which will cost our opponent to use thier removals. Try to avoid playing the monkey too early.
Dragon warrior can be hard some times. Clear thier board but take care of thier big minions like Ragnaros or even Deathwing. A late Justicar can turn around a game.


Lets start. The removals can't be replaced to be honest since this deck is build to survive.

Baron Geddon: Deathwing, Malkorok, Arch-Thief Rafaam, Grommash Hellscream

Sylvanas WindrunnerMalkorokGrommash Hellscream, Ragnaros the Firelord


 No Grommash?
I have played Grommash in many decks before but i figued out that he is not that nessecary in my deck. In most cases you will use him to trade a minion and get remove afterwards anyway. I rather run other cards that have more impact than him. I even got him from Malchezaar some times.

No Fool's Bane?
I just added Fool's Bane with my last deck change. I took out one Acolyte.

No Yogg?
Not to include yogg is just player based I think. I just don't like playing yogg myself. When you are in a control match you would never play yogg because you already have a lot of cards in hand and yogg draws even more which could fuck you up and there is no board that you couldn't clear by your removal cards anyway. In a aggressive match up which you tend to lose yogg can't save you either. If you are going to lose against shaman or hunter because of their perfekt curve you will not hit round 10 anyway. that's basically the reason why I don't play yogg in my warrior decks.



If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I am always happy to help you out. I hope that this guide was helpful aswell. And again thank you for all this feedback so far. You guys are awesome!