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Heroic Malchezaar Anyfin

  • Last updated Sep 1, 2016 (Karazhan)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: PvE Adventure
  • Deck Archetype: Murloc Paladin
  • Boss: Prince Malchezaar
  • Crafting Cost: 9400
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/1/2016 (Karazhan)
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Heroic Prince Malchezaar Anyfin Paladin

IMPORTANT: Do NOT kill Nazra Wildaxe before you are able to play powered up Anyfin Can Happens! Defeating her will summon Prince Malchezaar who clears your board and ruins your party!


Use very defensive tools to ward off Nazra Wildaxe in the beginning. Control the board as best as you can until you have at least four of your murlocs played. Take advantage of the poor AI to stop her from attacking your big taunts, make her use removal inefficiently, or use Blessing of Wisdom on her minions for a massive card advantage. Use Anyfin Can Happen after defeating Nazra Wildaxe to build an overwhelming board against Prince Malchezaar!

Early Game:

Mulligan for anything you can throw at her early Orc Warriors and other minions. Doomsayer, Bluegill Warrior, Wild Pyromancer, Aldor Peacekeeper, and Murloc Warleader are sufficient for clearing out her early game. Blessing of Wisdom can also give you a tremendous amount of cards if you cast it on her minions. If her board is empty, she'll often attack or use removal on lone Silver Hand Recruits (sometimes the best play on turns 2 and 3 is to use your hero power). If she spams her hero power, you will probably want to restart. Try to play on curve, particularly with Sludge Belcher or Psych-o-Tron on turn 5 and Ivory Knight on turn 6. When you have the opportunity, play Sludge Belcher or Psych-o-Tron against a board of healthy minions. Read the notes below about how to make the most of the taunt minions. Do face damage where you can if you want to bring her health down to stop her from attacking taunts. Keep in mind that it will activate Mortal Strike's +2 damage if you do. Do your best to stay alive and try to make efficient trades.

Late Game (Nazra):

Continue to exploit your taunt minions as best as you can. Since they can get killed at any time from spells like Execute or from weapons like Arcanite Reaper, don't depend on them for too long. Also, keep count of which spells she has used. Her deck seems to have 2 of every card you see played, so be sure to keep yourself out of lethal from the likes of Bash and Mortal Strike. After you have had at least four murlocs on board at some point in the game and 2 Anyfin Can Happens in hand, take her down to begin the Malchezaar phase. You can start this phase as soon you've met the win condition, but it's okay to be greedy and heal up or draw cards before then. If you still haven't drawn the win condition and are low in cards in deck, it's okay to transition to phase 2.

Late Game (Malchezaar):

When you defeat Nazra Wildaxe, Prince Malchezaar will end your turn and cast Twisting Nether into his hero power for 2 6/6 Abyssals. If you had Tirion Fordring on your board, it will replace Atiesh with Ashbringer (I recommend sacrificing Tirion Fordring before you start this phase). Use Anyfin Can Happen to retake the board or go straight for his face if you have health to spare. Atiesh will also give you another 10 mana minion, which is massively helpful. If you do have Ashbringer, it's better to just hit face with it. Control the board to keep yourself and your board healthy, and play the other Anyfin Can Happen when you have space. If you're unfamiliar with Anyfin Can Happen decks, you can also suicide your murlocs and just resummon them with the other Anyfin Can Happen. He can dump his hand pretty quickly with a lot of cheap warlock cards, so choose wisely if you need board control or if you can SMOrc it. In fact, is his deck almost entirely demon-discard-zoo with Shadow Bolt Volley and Gorehowl in there for fun and themes? Those two cards are also the extent of his burst damage, if that becomes a factor when making trades. Otherwise, just keep trucking at him with your massive murlocs until you win! Good luck!

Other Considerations:

  • Doomsayer is a solid board clear and often goes ignored by your SMOrc opponent. It's good at most points in the fight, and is still very useful against Malchezaar after you use a board clear combo. Consider a 2nd copy of this if you need it.
  • Redemption can extend the value of your taunt minions such as Psych-o-Tron and Sludge Belcher. It'll help you soak up some damage, but sometimes it gets triggered on other minions that Nazra throws a Bash or Cruel Taskmaster at.
  • Holy Light or a 2nd Forbidden Healing can also probably be very helpful.
  • Mind Control Tech can probably be a good 3-for-1 card, stealing an Orc Warrior to trade into another Orc Warrior before itself taking down a third Orc Warrior.
  • Refreshment Vendor is a strong choice here. He will heal you some, get a 2-for-1 on Nazra's minions, and heal Nazra back above 12 health to reduce the impact of Mortal Strike. Consider 2 of these, since any additional healing is very welcome.
  • Acidic Swamp Ooze (or its more expensive counterpart Harrison Jones) is a great damage control card, if a little unreliable. It can kill her Death's Bite or dreaded Arcanite Reaper and take down another minion. Usually she'll just play a new weapon on top of the one you destroyed, though.
Some notes on the weird taunt behavor, since there's a lot of conditions that have to be met for it to work*.
  • You will get the best results from the deathrattle minions: Sludge Belcher and Tirion Fordring.
  • Nazra cannot be able to kill it with her own weapon and survive.
  • You can only have 1 taunt minion at a time.
  • Your taunt minion cannot be damaged (it's okay if you heal it full, though).
  • Nazra will randomly use her spells on your minions. Typically she'll choose ones that result in a 1-to-1 trade first, though (Bash on Antique Healbot). Be aware that she can use Slam into Execute or your taunt minion.
  • She's more likely to attack the divine shield and taunt minions like Psych-o-Tron or Sunwalker, but you still end up getting really high value from them anyway.
  • The Curator or other taunts in that line of minions (Bog Creeper) will often just take spells right off the bat, usually including an Execute.
  • If you leave her with damaged minions or put debuffs on them like Aldor Peacekeeper's battlecry, sometimes she'll decide to attack again.
  • The same should hold true for Tirion Fordring against Prince Malchezaar's Abyssals, provided he doesn't cast Siphon Soul or Corruption on him.
Work*: It's not guaranteed to work 100% of the time, but seems more reliable if you follow these rules.

The Heroic Karazhan experience has been pretty underwhelming up to this point. However, Prince Malchezaar easily delivers that final boss difficulty present in the other adventures. He is the final boss here, so I hope you weren't expecting yet another pushover. It's a lot of text to read and will probably take several tries, so good luck and see you at the party!