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[Legend] Karazhan Mid Hunter

  • Last updated Aug 26, 2016 (Karazhan)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Secrets Hunter
  • Crafting Cost: 3660
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/12/2016 (Karazhan)
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A new Midrange Hunter (featuring Cloaked Huntress). So yes, got legend with this deck in a day (from rank 5 to Legend), I was experementing for quite a while with it and ended up with this version. 

Upd: -1 Houndmaster, +1 Snipe. Houndmaster seemed a little clunky so I tried adding another secret for consistency with Cloaked Huntress and it turned out to be pretty good.

Upd: -1 Unleash the Hounds, +1 Stampeding Kodo. Played a few games today and realized that there are a lot less Zoo players out there, so Kodo seems strong enough to give you some tempo by killing something like a Flamewaker, an Acolyte of Pain or just a totem / a 1/1 token.

 **Upd: So I tried making Kindly Grandmother work in this deck, added a few more beasts and Houndmasters, but it just did not work at all... The problem is that I try to keep the Secret theme going, but unfortunatly it's just impossible to fit these cards with the secrets and Cloaked Huntress. It would have to be like an old midrange Hunter list, but with Kindly Grandmothers. That is not where this deck is directed. Even if you try to do what I did, the deck becomes way too inconsistent. I am very dissapointed but this is just the way it is. Don't want to give up on the Cloaked Huntress version. I'm sure someone will make a great Beast deck using the new card.

Upd: -1 Acidic Swamp Ooze, -1 Stampeding Kodo, -2 Flame Juggler, -2 King's Elekk; +1 Barnes, +1 Infested Wolf, +2 Huge Toad, +2 Kindly Grandmother. The new wing is out, so new replacements for the deck. Inspired by other hunter decks out there. The deck works out better than the version before mainly because of the new cards.

Upd: -1 Snake Trap, -2 Huge Toad; +1 Cat Trick, +2 Loot Hoarder. Trying out the new Cat Trick secret, not sure how to feel about it yet, it's simular to Snakes but it's more situational. And, as a lot of people pointed out, the deck lacks card draw, so I found it a good change to swap Huge Toads for Loot Hoarders and keep a good synergy with Barnes. And, of course:


**How to Mulligan**


Druid: If you go first, keep a Fiery Bat, any 2-drop, Cloaked Huntress (even if you don't see any secrets) and an Animal Companion. If you go second, keep a 1-drop, 2 drops, an Eaglehorn Bow is ok, considering you face Beast Druids from time to time. Maybe a Deadly Shot only if you already have a good opening hand. Always mulligan secrets away (unless you see a secret + a Cloaked Huntress in your hand already).

Hunter: Always try to keep a Fiery Bat (if possible). Try to find 2-drops, secrets are pretty good as well. Cloaked Huntress is really good in the mirror as you might have guessed! If you have it + a Snake Trap on turn 3 or turn 2 with a coin it is super good. The Eaglehorn Bow is extremely powerful, but make sure to not take much dmg in the early game, 'cause you might lose you face in the middle of getting the board. Try not to keep Animal Companion, but if you're afraid that nothing good comes out of your mulligan, keep it. Overall, keep you health high, pressure the opponent as much as possible, at some point you might have to just go face and ignore the board.

Mage: Try to mulligan for an Eaglehorn Bow, 'cause it's the best tool in clearing Mana Wyrms, Sorcerer's Apprentice and Cult Sorcerers. Snipe is good agains every minion, except for Water Elemental. Every other secret is mostly bad to keep. Go for any other 2-drop minion and an Animal Companion. Keep Cloaked Huntress as they might want to kill it. Never let the Mage have anything on board, kill all their minions, slam Savannah later on and win the game.

Paladin: You mostly see control paladins out there, so keep a 1-drop, any 2-drop and an Animal Companion or Cloaked Huntress. Freezing Trap might be good later on, but don't keep it. Just be agressive, try to play around AOE, try to find vallue out of Unleash the Hounds if possible, even 2-3 hounds is enough, otherwise it might be a dead card. Sometimes you have to go all-in and hope they don't have a boardclear AND a heal.

Priest: Just keep on-curve cards (1, 2, 3 drops), keep an Eaglehorn Bow to take control of the board. Keeping a Cloaked Huntress along with a secret (if it's not explosive trap) is a good opener. Try to play around boardclears if possible, try slaming Savannah Highmane on turn 6 already having some board, because the Priest will try to Entomb it, waste a turn, but you will still have something on board to pressure him. Don't go all in unless it's your last resort and you can't win in any other way. Keep Barnes if you have a 2 and a 3 drop.

Rogue: I find this to be one of the hardest match-ups. Sure, you might just have a Fiery Bat, a 2 drop, a Huffer from Animal Companion, but if they have a Backstab or two, an SI:7 Agent and a Sap for your Savanna, the only way you're gonna win is just attacking the face as much as possible. Rogues don't usually run any healing (an Earthen Ring Farseer at most), so just hit his face with early game minions in the early game, continue with the spells and you hero power. Kill the minions only not to give favorable trades to your opponent.

Shaman: Most likely an Aggro Shaman, so keep a Fiery Bat, if you don't see a two drop in your opening hand, but there is a Quick Shot - keep it, it will help you deal with a Trogg. Huge Toad is really good as well. A Bow to kill of his Trogg or a Flametongue Totem. Cloaked Huntress + a Freezing Trap (or Snakes) is also a keep if you can coin out your Huntress.

Warlock: Assuming this is a Zoo deck, try to find a Fiery Bat. You can't giveaway your board early on beacuse you will most likely not come back on it (or you'll be too low). Explosive Trap might even be the card to win you the early game. An Eaglehorn Bow is MVP in keeping the board clear. Just kill everything the Zoo can put on the board and you are winning! If it's Reno or Handlock, than just put as much pressure as possible to either kill him before Reno or have something on board, so that when Warlock uses Reno, he can't clear the board AND heal at the same time.

Warrior: If you think it's a Dragon Warrior, keep a Fiery Bat if you see one. Also keep a Quick Shot to kill an Alexstraza's Champion. An Eaglehorn Bow also does a simular job, so keep it. And this is the match-up where playing a Cloaked Huntress + a Snipe on turn 3 into his Frothing Berserker (or even a Ravaging Ghoul) might be game-winning. Also keep an Animal Companion if you already have a 2-drop (or a Quick Shot). If it's Control, try playing on-curve. Keep Barnes to most likely get a deathrattle minion, hard for a CW to deal with. Play a Savannah Highmane on turn 6 and break his face before he can get 20 armor in one turn...


**Why play this card?**


+ Obviously, this deck revolves around Cloaked Huntress, so this is a must have.

+ Explosive Trap is mostly good against aggro. It might just help you deal with their early aggression, like killing totems or a bunch of 1/1s. Good in mirror matches in earlier stages.

+ Kidndly Grandmother is a new card, it's a good 2-drop and it's a beast. The good part is that it has a good synergy with Barnes.

+ A lot of people ask if Snake Trap is important. I'm gonna say it's good, but not necessary. If you don't have it / don't want to use it, just replace it with a Bear Trap.

+ The only secret that surprised me was Snipe, it turned out to be better than I expected. If you play it just at the right time, it most likely kill of an Azure Drake , a Frothing Berserker, a Totem Golem, a Flamewaker or even a Raging Worgen! (Even killing a 3/2 and giving a bow charge is really good)

+ Deadly Shot might help you get through a taunt, or kill an annoying minion. The only downside of this card is that the target is random. Really juicy against Druids (if they put a big threat early on) and Dragon Warriors. Deadly Shot is a strong card, but only as a 1-of, two copies of it might be overkill. 

+ I'm not so sure about Infested Wolf. The only thing that makes this card good is being sticky to the board AND it's a four drop. Now that Barnes is an option, that made me put a second copy of this card into the deck.

+ Barnes is a card from the second wing, I personaly didn't even think about putting him into the deck, but it turns out he takes a really good 4-mana spot in the deck with all of those Deathrattle minions to summon that would give you vallue when they die. The way this deck is build is that you won't see a bad 1/1 minion from Barnes. Worst case scenario you get a 1/1 Fiery Bat or a Huge Toad, which is not even that bad.



Here is an actual gameplay of this deck for everyone who wants to see how the deck presents intelf in-game. Check out and maybe mark something useful for yourself.