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Mining Consortium

  • Last updated Dec 12, 2019 (Descent of Dragons)
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  • 26 Minions
  • 4 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Zoolock
  • Crafting Cost: 3920
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/12/2016 (Karazhan)
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Burn your deck to the ground and have fun with Highlander cards.

Please include Loatheb and Valdris Felgorge ind ecklist. I removed them, just to show Zephrys the Great and Fel Reaver together in my signature banner.

People tends to leave fel reaver alive. Then you play power overhelmingZephrys the Great into Windfury.

Zephrys the Great - is played in majority of my games, due to Sandbinder



Reno Jackson - is played in sth 25% of games, but gives super satisfaction, when give victory, especially if it burns last duplicates in deck,with Keening Banshee on the board.

Chef Nomi - is played in 10% of games, so finally removed

Arch-Villain Rafaam  - is played in 10% of games, so finally removed

Archivist Elysiana  - is played in 10% of games, so finally removed


Keening Banshee Pro tips:

Keening Banshee effect occurs before any battlecries, so:

- Elise map/pack will be added after 3 cards are removed due to playing Elise.

- When you play reno/kazakus and have duplicates in deck, the check for duplicates will have place after 3 cards are removed from deck.