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Fast legend dragon warr

  • Last updated Aug 21, 2016 (Karazhan)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Dragon Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 5040
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/28/2016 (Old Gods)
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It's a really popular and consistent deck right now , easily climbing through the ladder.

It helped me grind very fast and harmless.

That's my variation , hope you like it !!




So to start off that's an agressive deck which relies on maintaining board control through value trades and highly efficent spells . You keep the face pressure with ease and end the game in it's mid session.

I'll take a look at every card itself and explain why I decided it should take part in the deck!

Blood To Ichor - Really efficent 1 mana spell which can apply early pressure while tagging a creature and forcing your opponent to just trade in it . Really good execute activator and has a great synergy with Azure Drake.

Execute - No need to explain how powerfull the card is . Use it to gain tempo spikes and think whether it's necessary to use it.

Sir Finley Mrrgglton - Sir Finley is a great tool to change your style from the early stage of the game . The 3 best spells to pick are Mage/Hunter/Warlock but it also depend on the current state of the game . Every other hero power may be helpfull too but you'll decide throughout the game . 

Alexstrasza's Champion - Great early game card.Trades easily many 1 or even 2 drops without dying and the charge makes it also a great tool for going agressive behind a taunt . 

Faerie Dragon - Decent 2 drop . Can't be targeted with spells so the opponent is forced to trade it with brute force . 

Fiery ar Axe - A must card for every warrior deck . Controlls the early stages of the game and helps you come up with the board advantage.

Slam - Great draw and removal tool. Synergy with Azure Drake and also works as a good Execute activator. 

Fierce Monkey - Good card to stop early pressure from the agressive decks.Most of the times the opponent can't clear it efficently cuz of the 4 point of health .

Frothing Berserker - An enormous threat which must be cleared immediately by your opponent . If you can help it stick on the board for a few turns It can unleash a great power.

Ravaging Ghoul - Grate tool for board control against zoo and aggro decks . Unleashes massive Frothing Berserker turns and it's a fair Execute activator. 

Kor'kron Elite - Really agressive card. Ypu can use it for face pressure or efficent trading. Combined with Blood To Ichor it can bring down 5 health minions . 

Twilight Guardian - Your primary defence tool . Great stats which can protect your minions if you decide to be agressive. 

Azure Drake - Card draw , Spell power , Dragon activator .

Blackwing Corruptor -  Outrageous card . Great battlecry to make efficient trades combined with good stats for it's cost.

Drakonid Crusher - Late game titan . If you draw it early it will work as a sure dragon activator . If you manage to be agressive enough and bring your opponent to 15 health dropping a 9/9 on turn 6 will surely apply a large amount of pressure.

Grommash Hellscream - Great game finisher . You can use it for efficent trades or activate it with Mage hero power / Slam or Ichor to unleash the 10 dmg face and win the game . 

Ragnaros the Firelord - Huge creature which should get traded immediately by your opponent . If he doesn't you will surely get a big advantage from it's value trades.


In every matchup you will want to find an axe in your starting hand. Keeping finley and ichor is also good . Alexstrasza's is great if you have an activator . If you find the axe you can also keep some 3 drops like Ghoul Frothing and Monkey depending on the matchup. Faerie is great against Shamans and Mages so you can threaten their Tunnel Trogg and Mana Wyrm while trading them efficiently . Later on you can trade his Totem Golem with Ichor+Faerie or a Tuskarr Totemic and for the mage a possible Acolyte / Cult Sorcerer or Apprentice.

Mage - Play agressive / make value trades and try to play around his massive Flamewaker turns and Flamestrike.

Shaman - Maintain board control .  Save execute for 7/7  and basically outrush them.

 Druid - Play fast and dont let him flood the board with his Teacher turns . Save executes for the best time possible . Try to Ghoul his Onyxia and execute his Ancient's .

Paladin - There aren't much Nzoth Pala's but all you should do is rush him while playing around huge clear turns.

Warlock - If zoo -  maintain board control as much as possible . Save Ghouls for the best time , make value trades , execute his Councilman's , Sea Giant's and Doomguard's . If he rans out of resources you win . Renolock - Be agressive . Try to prevent huge Shadowflame and Nether turns and just hope he doesn't have all the answers. 

Hunter -  Hard matchup . Fight for board control . Aplly face pressure as much as possible . Try to set up a good defence against Call of the wild and try to control his Savannah's.

Warrior -  No need to comment the mirror matchup . Vs control play around Brawl's try to prevent him from huge Shield slam's and try to finish the game before it goes too deep in the late stage. Cthun is basically the same and OTK you should finish him before he draws all his combo pieces . 

Rogue - Be extreamely agressive and finsih him before he takes the pace with his miracle turns.

Priest - ...... 

 My newly designed deck -

Fast legend ANYFIN
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