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Legend-DivineWrath(FInal UPDATE)

  • Last updated Aug 23, 2016 (Karazhan)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Aggro Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 4880
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/25/2016 (Old Gods)
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Hi guys, this is an Avenging Wrath divine shield paladin I made. (no Karazhan cards)


1.Blood knight was changed back into argent horse rider.

2. One argent protector was changed to one flamethrower to fight for board against other aggros, but totally optional. 

3. Even after the new expansion, I am keeping the decklist as is. Moroes, or silvermoon portal is less efficient than what they would replace. 

4. Despite the new expansion, it is still very capable of reaching Legend. I am too lazy to do it, but reached rank 4 in 8 days without much difficulty, which proves it.


Using this deck, I was able to get to legend rank in 7 days(North American Server). It took me a day from rank 17to 5, and then 6 days from then. I just got to legend yesterday, and am at 517th place right now.(7/18/2016)

 PROOF: Some of you have asked for proof. I haven't figured out how to post photos here since the insert button does not work. However, if you goto 


this is a review i wrote on a Korean hearthstone deck page just like this site. On the photos, you can see my name GodofArena1. If you still cant trust I am Godofarena1, please add me #1726. I had the honor to get spectated from 40+ people, and give advice to them seeing them play. Many have already spectated and gotten great results. (Some attained legend, and many top players got 1~2 ranks up in a day.


What kind of deck is this?

Divine shield pally deck starts off aggressively using low-cost minions, and builds up using divine shield. The build up of this divine shield prevent the enemy from using clean spells to clear off your board, while allowing you to take favorable trades. 

I think this deck is good in this meta because I saw a lot of shaman, warlock, warrior and some druids. You can avoid thrall and druid's lightening storm or swipe using the divine shields. As for zoolock, you are able to compete the notoriously aggressive zoolock low-cost minions, while potentially clearing off its board using consecrate and even avenging wrath. As for dragon warrior(or any other type), your tempo does not fall behind that of his, and with the caution of ravaging ghoul, you can develop a stronger board. Avenging wrath and tirion supports your late game. Avenging wrath is the key card,and differentiates this deck from other paladin divine decks. It is able to deal 8 from 6 cost, even more than leeroy, and goes well with equality.

I guarantee this is one of the strongest paladin deck, if not the strongest, at the moment (8/19)


Mulligan Tips:

Always bring the 1 costs. Don't be afraid to put down abusive sergeant on turn 1. Also bring argent protector, flamejuggler and loot hoarder. Against warrior, bring uldaman or rallying blade to prevent the ravaging ghoul(buff your own minion. Bring uldaman against druid or even thrall for the 7/7 or to fight for the board. Bring ooze if your opponent is warrior or thrall even rogue. I dont recommend bringing divine favor or steward in mulligan.

If you have the coin, and you have 1 cost, take rallying blade. Very strong.

So basically if you have one 2 cost, and no 1 cost, keep the 2 cost and change all. 

Before you play rank, I recommend you play at least 20 games on normal play mode to understand what decisions and plays to make in different situations. This is very important!

I played about 250 games til legend, and after 200 games I was able to fully understand this deck, and make optimal decisions. :) For example, you may need to save the divine shield minion and trade the unshielded one, or break the shield and save the minion for additional damage, when to trade or hit face, when to save cards etc.  This part is where many players overlook. Also keep in mind, this is not a hit face only deck. 


Tips against Heros:

Against druid, thrall, rogue, and warrior, try to save your divine shields. Against all other, save the minion. What i mean by this is, if the enemy has a 4/2 drake(already damaged) and you have a 2/1 abusive and 2/1 divine shielded minion, kill it with abusive to prevent board clear from swipe, for instance.

Druid: Against druid, it is crucial to develop board control from turn 1. Try to avoid his swipe by potentially developing minions with divine shields, or buffing your minion with uldaman. Dont be afraid to use uldaman for board control in early game. One druid starts using violet teacher, innervate, coin, then nourish, it will be too late. Make sure to kill it.    If druids starts off with summoning 2 1/1 with living roots on turn 1, and you have only abusive sergeant, save it, unless you have argent squire. This is an exception in which you save cards to prevent obvious, unfavorable kills. Kill Fandral for sure.(win rate against it 60%)

Rogue: Against Rogue, board control is crucial. One you lost the board, you cant take it back easily. However, because rogues rarely use taunt minions, hit face while keeping the divine shields on your minions if possible.  Once rogue puts gadgetzan and gets infinite draws, and conceal, you are likely to be dead the next turn or the turn after. So accumulate face damage.  equality consecrate it if you have some board.(win rate 75%)
Warrior: I met awful lot of dragon warriors on rank 5 which prevented me from moving on for 5 days. However, I realized that if you have the tempo, save the divine shields, and be careful of ravaging ghoul, it is not that hard. Important to use uldaman to buff your 1 health minion to prevent ghoul. If you lose tempo against warrior, you will lose. Even if you feel like you are going to lose, and both have only 10 cards left, dont give up because tirion and avenging wrath are really strong late games, not to mention leeroy. If warrior uses finley and changes to mage hero power, try to save your cards. You can even start off with killing the finley using rallying blade. For cthun warrior, becareful of 7 mana twins. Other than that, it isnt too bad. Also keep in mind deathwing. Whoever has the tempo simply wins. (70% dragon warrior, OTK 60%)
Priests: Met twice. Easy win on both. Hit face face face.Dont give up even after you lose all minions, and tirion gets entombed etc. until you get divine favor, which will deliver the win. (99.999%)
Hunter: This deck is naturally very strong against the hunters commonly seen on high ranks. Save the minions instead of the divine shield. Whoever has tempo wins. 
Tip: try to put few more minions rather than buffing one because of deadly shot and freezing trap. Also, when you see a savanna highmane, dont kill it, just uldaman it and ignore. Keep in mind deadly shot when tirioning. (95%)
Mage: Naturally, its a difficult match up. buff you minions! be sure to kill flamewaker. bring rallying blade if you have 1 cost.  Its very difficult to beat freeze mage or reno mage, but the spell mage is not too bad.(50~60%)
Warlock: Against Renolock, develop aggressive board, saving the divine shields. Keep in mind hellfire, 3cost 2 damage thing that doesnt damage the demons(forgot the name). Just hit face. If it has reno on turn 6, its ok. With good board, you can still win. Keep in mind when he uses thaurrisan. If he uses on turn6, that mean next turn will be twisting nether. used on turn 9? Maybe silva, flame or silva siphon soul. 
Against zoolock, developing the board and CONSECRATION is crucial. Take favorable trades while hitting face. Buff minions. Actually, the match up right before I went to legend was zoolock. On my mulligan, I had 2 consecration, and later drew avenging wrath, which led to a win.(55%)
Paladin: Sometimes you'll meet mirror decks. Don't worry, the cavarly is here just develop the board. Plus we have avenging wrath so likely to win.
Against controls, just hit face. Just hit face. Even 1 damage can be game changing. Keep in mind chillmaw, tirion and light rag. (80%)
Thrall: board control, saving the divine shield is crucial.Even aggros run 2 lightening storms. Control thrall is tough though. just hit face and hopefully he doesnt have the big taunt minions+ancestral reviving thing. Fight for the board and use consecrates to wipe them out. (70%)


General Tips:

Ooze: is so good against thrall, warrior and rogue. Break the war axe, doomhammer. Against rigue, try to use it early. Even breaking 1/1 is good.

Avenging Wrath(Important): Without it, my late game was hard. But equality avenging wrath, or even by itself, you can regain or consolidate the board. Important against druids large taunts or onyxia. If the board is clear, it can deal 8 face damage for 6 cost, even more then leeroy! Also, if the enemy has 4 minions, and you need 4 face damage, equality consecrate does it. No wonder its a epic card.
Abusive sergeant: Have the courage to put it on turn 1.
Leeroy: try to use it to finish the game. If you are close to killing, and have leeroy and abusive, keep both. Rare cases= when enemy has onyxia, and you dont want to take face damage, leeroy consecrate. This happened once only, which brought me to win. If I didnt, would have lost.
Brawl& other big spells: I keep on eye on the enemy mulligan from when he changes his mulligan. Does he change all?(likely a bad hand). Does he keep 2? early game cards. Sometimes on turn 5, you can see warriors clicking on and off one card. that is likely to be brawl. Always keep an eye on the enemy hand. Same for you. Don't click on and off.
Steward: really avoid putting it by itself. At least try to use hero power with it.
Rallying Blade: Don't be afraid to use it without giving any buffs. 
Where to buff: if you have 1/1 and loot hoarder, buff on 1/1. If it dies, you still have 2/1 loot. Also, buffing minions before you put tirion may take out some hexes or executes.
How to deal with Rag and silva: Put more minions. Rag will lose its power. If silva came out, ignore and hit face. However, if a warrior put silva, it's likely brawl is coming next turn.
 I hope it helps!

If you have any questions feel free to comment. I will reply very soon. Also, if you want to see me play, add me #1726 GodofArena1. I ll be happy to demonstrate. Several players have already added me and spectated.

And please hit like  if it helped! Its my first time hitting legend and writing here.

I guarantee this is a great deck, one of the best out of the ones posted here. Just need some practice. Although it may not have the most likes, im sure one day it will be acknowledged.

Here are videos that Youtube streamers Furo and kiwiinbacon made playing this deck!

Thank you so much to both of you guys.

Thanks for reading, and hope you guys enjoy! :)