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Is this the Ben Brode Priest?!

  • Last updated Jul 16, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 4740
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/14/2016 (Old Gods)
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If priest had a 4 mana 7/7, they would be so good!

Well, they can! It even doesn't Overload!


Like all watcher decks, and classic handlock before it, your goal is to draw cards, clear board, make enormous taunts, out value the opponent with efficient bodies. But since we're playing priest, we do all that in the wrong a different order.

This deck is largely copied from Firebat's video here.


Changes from video
  • -1 Forbidden Shaping
  • -2 Wild Pyromancer
  • -1 Shadow Word: Death
  • -1 Injured Blademaster
  • -1 Herald Volazj
  • -1 Hogger, Doom of Elwyn
  • -1 Icehowl
  • +2 Holy Nova
  • +1 Acolyte of Pain
  • +1 Darkshire Alchemist
  • +2 Museum Curator


I don't have a Forbidden Shaping and I don't think I would want to play it anyways due to how rng it is.

Darkshire Alchemist can sKill Command a 5 hp minion with Auchenai Soulpriest, heal our big taunts, or our face. Very useful. Only one copy since it can occasionally be dead, like anti-kill-bot back in the day. Great to see at any point in the game.

Wild pyro is nice against zoo and the body is great against the plethora of 1/3 drops on turn 1. Unfortunately, those drops often buff themselves to be able to trade up. I also found myself losing games because I would have to use combo pieces to clear board instead of saving them to assemble mine. Occasionally you get to wombo combo with a board clear and replacing your hand with cleric, but that happens far too rarely to be worth it.

I chose to replace it with Holy Nova as it does something similar. It clears the enemy's board while also providing you with draw through Northshire Cleric. It costs more, but also doesn't use as many cards. Important, since Priest runs out of cards easily.

I swapped a sw: death for a sw: pain because there's a lot of cheap tempo minions you have to remove or you just die. Totem Golem or Flametongue Totem behind taunts, Water Elemental, Darkshire Councilman, Bloodhoof Brave, Violet Teacher, Tundra Rhino, and so on. These same top decks also have big dudes too, so we can't just run 2 of each or or hand will be clogged with removal when we need to assemble combo pieces. Being forced to save sw:d for when it really counts hurts when you're up against a deck with multiple fatties. Thankfully you can match theirs with your own, cheaper fatties.

Injured Blademaster is extremely good for this deck, usually acting as a 3 mana Twilight Drake. I cut one because I almost never want to waste both my circles as it's my only board clear. Also because I only have one copy in my collection.

I added one Acolyte of Pain in its place as it handles tokens well, it's a decent Defender of Argus target, decent heal target, and it helps me dig for combo pieces. It's a shame Wild Pyromancer had to go since it would play so nicely with this card. More tests to be done!

The three legendary minions were cut since they were too slow. It's extremely hard to get good value out of Herald Volazj unless you play it with a legendary. That's hard to do since you can't even play them together on the same turn. We're pretty combo heavy enough as is.

Icehowl is not a finisher, even with silence. It'll have to stick around for a turn first. Chances are by that point in the game, you're already used your silence on your Eerie Statue who made it possible to look for lethal with Icehowl in the first place, or on your Ancient Watcher to fight for the board, or to shut up a Sylvanas do so she doesn't steal your memes.

Hogger 2.0 is another combo card that relies on wild pyro. Since we have no pyro, Hogger gets the boot.

To replace these, I chose Museum Curator who uses a lure module to find Pokemon finds you something to fill your curve or an extra threat vs control while simultaneously defending you from early drops like Argent Squire. Sometimes your hand is full of combo pieces and you absolutely must find something to do so you can stay relevant. The expected value is quite good since you can get stuff like Shifting Shade or Loot Hoarder 4.2 to get more cards afterwards or a legend for value.

Sylvanas is your typical good legendary. Always happy to see it unless I'm on the verge of death. I use her in every priest deck.


One of the hardest decks to mull with. Another reason why I cut pyro is that it made mulligans extremely tough. If you watched the video above, Firebat opens with the god hand: Ancient Watcher, Wild Pyromancer, Defender of Argus, Northshire Cleric, coin, topdeck Eerie Statue. Since I reduced the number of combos in the deck, it ought to be easier to decide which combos to keep.

General tips

  • Keep the fatties to find enablers, toss enablers if no fatties
  • Enablers are silence and taunt givers. Fatties include your mother.
  • Keep sw:p if going second
  • Always keep Curator and 3 drops 
  • Northshire if it you know the deck doesn't play 3 atk early drops. Keep: Pally, Druid, Warlock, Priest. Idk about Hunter. It's 50:50 against firey bat. I think keeping against shaman is ok with power word: shield
  • Keep circle with auchenai or blademaster