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[LORETAKER] Budget Holy Priest (still kickin' p...

  • Last updated Feb 8, 2017 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 480
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/15/2016 (Old Gods)
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Budget Priest I'm working on for my Gaming Channel "Loretaker's Gaming Room". First playtests look promising. Slowplay the deck and remember that your options are limited. So every single one needs to hit on target. It is certainly possible to win against way more expensive decks.

(all in german)

Show the Deck discussion here: https://youtu.be/TBrSMKOrN5Q
Gameplay: https://youtu.be/KqRVA7NO28A


Guide Update:

So, after some feedback from player's I decided to give you some tipps to play this one.


Basicly you try to outgrind your opponent in the long run. While this seems impossible as our early game minions do not have the greatest stats, they are enough to contest the board. At some point we can AoE (Nova is key) the board to our liking (spelldmg is often needed). We do have the best free removal available, but use it for targets you CANNOT handle otherwise. To make the game as consistent as possible the inclusion of enough draw is also crucial.

Good Advice

- Keep removal as long as possible. Use your minions to clear and trade. Play minions even if they could get traded 1for1 or 2for1 to level the playing field or have a minion on board if your opponent decides to ignore him.

- The deck can heal alot. So, its ok to take a beating. Don't waste your game (removal), because you feel pressured.

- Never go full Northshire. Don't play another one if you have 1 in play already. You want to have the ability to draw later on as well.

- Know your enemies. Do I need to keep the early removal? Is draw more important? Etc

- Your cards are limited. Every single card has its (best) purpose. Its very important that you use them perfectly as your opponents might have stronger cards (we don't include cards like Ragnaros and Ysera in our deck, ... so ... well, CRUSH EM!)

Why the card choices?

Holy Smite - just an early board removal. In addition with Spelldmg from OgreMagi, etc it can handly way bigger threads that already traded into some of your minions (or vice versa). But taking out an Imp, KnifeJuggler, etc is usually enough to stay in the game.

Northshire Cleric - too obvious. It probably will take a long time until we see a deck without one. Great against 2/1s from your opponent, but watch out for the Turn 1 3/2s.

Power Word: Shield - another auto include. Multiple uses. Basicly it helps to stabilize and create minions your opponent cannot finish off easily. If they stay alive we can use our flip to heal them.

Abusive Seargent - a modular tool. Either it helps to take out targets we couldn't trade in otherwise, or it helps to use our Power Word: Death on 3-4 attack targets which get buffed from the seargent. On top of it, it still has a body on its own which can trade again.

Shadow Word: Pain - One of the best basic removals. Use it on Totem Golems, Fandrals, Branns, etc. Alot of targets exist. But remember, only use it if you cannot handle the boardstate otherwise.

Acidic Swamp Ooze - One of the only early bodies we have. If you don't face weapon decks feel free to drop him early on, otherwise be advised to keep 1 in your hand at all times against, Doomhammers, Lord Jaraxxus, Fiery War Axe, Truesilver Champions, etc. Against a rogue it can be a good tempo play to kill its flip on turn2.

Shadow Word: Death - Another perfect basic removal. Again keep em for situations you can't handle otherwise. This can so easily take down any big legend your opponent plays. You expect a C'thun on t10 from your opponent. Heal up and use your word Death to stay in the game!

Thoughtsteal - Another card advantage card. Play it when you have time, but still develop your board a little. You wan't to play the cool legendaries your opponent have? This card might give it to you adding alot of power to our deck. Also, it provides information of what is still in the opponents Deck (and not in his hand yet).

Acolyte of Pain - Card draw. Pure and simple. It might be ok to gain only 1 card out of it, but more is welcome. We need to draw those hard removals and combos.

Earthen Ring Farseer - 3/3, heal 3 anywhere. Not bad, but also not the best stats. Especially terrible if you want to pressure and nothing is there to heal, but it has so many strengths otherwise. Trade and heal that (other) minion back up while increasing your board presence.

Lightspawn - Before the patch I wouldn't have touched it, but silence is almost gone. Great interactions with Temple Enforcer and Power Word: Shield. One of our lategame threads. So don't waste him to easily.

Ogre Magi - While the worst of the 3 free 4 drops it fits the deck perfectly. Yes, we only do have 4 spells that deal spell dmg, but their power increases dramatically with an Ogre Magi on board. You might also Thought Steal some cards that deal dmg in which case we wan't our deck prepared for that case.

Darkshire Alchemist - Basicly a walking Yeti which was fused with a Flash Heal for the exact same cost, but in only 1 card. Just very solid and one of the reasons we can withstand so much beating. Always consider to heal your minions to create value,

Holy Nova - Using this card properly and to its full effects is very important. Don't waste it. At some point our opponent will be ahead. Nuking all his minions for 2 (or 3 with OgreMagi/Archmage) sets the game in a good direction. I consider keeping this card most of the time in my opening hand.

Temple Enforcer - One of our power houses. 6/6 on its own is great, but its battle cry really shines. You wan't to create "super" minions which you can value with. Also great with the Lightspawn.

Archmage - Another one of those cards people wouldn't play. But again he helps us to increase the lethality of our spell cards. On top of that he is 4/7 which is hard to handle. Will zoo trade 2-3 Minions into it? Probably not, but if not, we can Holy Nova for 3 which is also devestating.

Mind Control - Our lategame out. Can't handle that Ragnaros? Steal it. You survived that 15/15 C'thun. Steal it! Be aware that it eats your whole turn, so be catious not to die on that turn. Great card, but it takes time to get used. So only 1.

Proof Gallery

For those of your that don't believe me, I have made a few screenshots which show what decks we won against and how much more these decks cost dustwise.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/azgy9luc6nq9hnv/Screenshot 2016-06-21 21.41.05.png?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/2o326veu95diuzt/Screenshot 2016-06-21 21.48.27.png?dl=0