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[S27 Legend] Dragon Warrior

  • Last updated Sep 28, 2016 (Karazhan)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Dragon Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 4940
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/9/2016 (Old Gods)
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NOTE: Some extremely intelligent people decided to try this outdated list from Season 27 pre-Kharazan and failed miserably which is normal and expected. If you want updated viable list search for something that is not 3-4 months old and that uses new good cards and that is adjusted for the current meta. This was (past tense) viable in Face Shaman/Zoo meta before Kharazan and took 20+ people to Legend which you can see in comments below, so do not try this at the present moment as it is outdated. 

Hello guys,

All thanks to ilikeyouomw that destroyed me while I was playing self made Beast Druid on Rank 3 (will upload the Druid as well soon) and was kind enough to share the list, I do not know who is the original creator (maybe some streamer? Let me know in comments, I don't watch streaming so I don't know), so the deck is not my creation, nevertheless I took it to Legend on day 9, basically wiping floor with with everyone with ~80% wr approx. I did not use deck tracker so I do not know exact number, maybe I'm wrong but not by much (Between 75-85% wr approx), literally went in one day from 3-Legend and I didn't even play whole day but ~4-5h (which is still a lot, I know). 

Top 100 and top 50 Legend screenshots:



Why Dragon Warrior?

Because it's f*cking OP.  No seriously, it's very strong deck and very fun, also not that hard to play (yet harder than Midrange/Tempo Hunter!) and it's not even that expensive, it uses only 2 Legendaries and both are from Classic set and good cards so it's good to craft them regardless of this deck. I wouldn't even play it if I haven't met a player mentioned above that destroyed my poor Beast Druid with this but liked it so much that I had to add my opponent and ask for decklist.


Game plan

This is a tempo deck and the plan is very similar to nowadays Midrange Tempo Hunter and Tempo Mage, also pretty similar but a bit more powerful in my opinion and easier to play due to less combos to Tempo Warrior. Plan is to try to make board control early in the game with the help of Fiery War Axe and Alex Champion and basically keep the board clear while also dealing substantial damage to your opponent's face whenever you can. It is a bit less aggressive deck than Tempo Hunter yet as aggressive as Tempo Mage for example but it relies more on minions than other tempo decks and powerful synergies with dragons. If you see that the opponent must trade next turn, attack his face and leave him to do the trade for you and you should be fine. Also don't be too greedy with Drakonid Crusher, if it's 6/6 it's ok, don't always wait for 9/9 no matter what, it may cost you the game! The same stands for all other cards that require condition (dragon in hand), if you see it's the only reasonable play go for it.

Sir Finley!  It depends on when you draw it. If it's early game, vs control you might wanna take Warlock, if it's vs aggro you might wanna take Mage (or Druid as worse alternative). If it's mid-late game and opponent is low on hp Hunter it is then! I never took Priest/Paladin/Shaman/Rogue hero powers, which doesn't mean there will never be situation for them, so think it trough, Finley is flexible in this deck.



Unfortunately I didn't play large number of games like I did with my Hunter deck that I reached Legend with in Season 26, so it would be unfair to comment on specific matchups but I will try to explain generally how should you act vs certain types of decks. 

I have seen only 2-3 Aggro Shamans from R3 to Legend and for me they were very easy matchups, you have a very good early game for perfect trades, Axe, Alex or Faerie into his Trogg, perfect 3 attack early game cards, very easy to start controlling the board early in the game and Twilight Drake is of huge help since it's 3/6 Taunt basically devastating for Shamans (one even conceded on turn 6 cos of it). Try to control the board and don't attack his face until you are in complete control, which will happen very fast. 

Totem Shaman wasn't also that hard for me but harder than Aggro, basically the same game plan except you can opt for face a bit more often since Totem Shaman will often do trades for you as you are kind of midrange/tempo like him but act a bit more aggressive to put him in defensive position. 

Zoo is like Aggro Shaman except you keep Ravaging Ghoul and use it smart, it's a card that will win you the match (to clear his Forbidden Ritual 1/1s for example), and also try to control board and rarely/never go face, you will take his hp easily once you make the control of the game.

Renolock was instant loss 0-3 for me. No idea what to tell you... try to win but I'd might as well concede to save time, they crushed me with ease and I couldn't do sh*t, maybe they were lucky but whatever.. 0% wr vs them for me, and one was even final boss at Rank 1, was so tilted to lose that one. EDIT: Just won vs one on Legend (barely) so it's 1-3 now!

Control Warr should be hard in theory but I think I won the most, I know I won vs one like 30 mins ago but I also remember losing to it's 5000 armor.

Other matchups were all pretty much a joke, then again, note that I didn't play too many games with it and that there might be some luck involved, so don't take my word on any of it, I'm just sharing my personal experience the best way I can. And again, all credits to the deck maker whoever he/she is and to a kind player that shared the list with me!



Without coin:

With coin:



  • Ragnaros the Firelord - This is very strong tempo card, and it's legendary from Classic set used in quite a few decks, so if you have dust I'd recommend crafting it. However, if you do miss it you should consider placing Malkorok or even Alexstrasza instead.
  • Grommash Hellscream - The same like with Rag, note that Grom is used in pretty much any Warrior deck except Pirate/Aggro so I'd also recommend crafting this if you enjoy Warrior even if it's not for this deck.
  • Sir Finley Mrrgglton - I am not sure what to recommend here as it's very unique card, but as it mostly serves for choosing Life Tap I guess some sort of a card draw might be placed instead, for example Battle Rage.
  • Twilight Guardian - This card is just great! As cheaper variant you may wanna place Bloodhoof Brave but note that it will reduce synergy with dragons, but you have enough dragons so I think this can be fine until you craft it.
  • Blackwing Technician - If you face a lot of aggro, which can be common at lower ranks you might wanna consider placing Fierce Monkeys instead since it's "only" 1 hp less but doesn't require condition (that you also almost always have) but it does have a taunt which can be more important than 1 hp vs aggro.
  • Frothing Berserker - Friend of mine mentioned that this card might be a bit out of place in this deck that I, while disagreeing with it, still questioned. At the moment I'm testing Brann Bronzebeard instead of it since the deck has a lot of battlecries, some of which are really powerful and will keep you up to date on this topic when I test in a number of games. If anyone else would test this post a comment with results and opinion!


Good luck and crush them!