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[74% Winrate] Combo Renolock

  • Last updated Jun 9, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Renolock
  • Crafting Cost: 4560
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/5/2016 (Old Gods)
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Hello all,

I created this deck the day before the season ended for a quest and I won from Rank 9 to Rank 3 just in those two days. I currently am 10-2 this season with the deck and am just dominating the ladder with it.

So the premise is simple, stall until you have Leeroy Jenkins, Faceless Manipulator, and Power Overwhelming, and combo your opponent down, or just beat them down and use those cards as tools.Winrate

Personally I have won a lot more games with just Leeroy and one of the other pieces because they appear more regularly separate than together. 



v1.1: Dropped Ancient Watcher for Shadowbolt

v1.2: Replaced Bane of Doom with Azure Drake. Similar mana costs and have found along with lots of others that Bane of Doom was useless. It worked a lot better before standard and it was replaced with a spell damage buff. Sen'jin Shieldmasta might work better depending on your matchups. If you have a better idea I'd love to hear it! 


Play style:

I have always been a Handlock lover, but with GvG's introduction it hurt the deck so not as many people used it. Then League of Explorers was introduced and people made a lot of Reno Jackson decks, and a nice little bonus with this deck for Reno Jackson is there are a lot of different styles to include. This has the Standard Handlock cards such as Lord Jaraxxus, Mountain Giant, and Twilight Drake. Molten Giant was not included because if you are at 5 health to get the most value, you are already dead.

Will write a full Mulligan Strategy and Yada Yada when this gets enough upvotes but for now the only important one is to know when to use your Hero Power and knowing what opponent means what number of health is safest.

This means when you are going against a hunter, and it is turn 5 and you can tap followed by Mountain Giant to get that yummy value, but you do not have any means of health gain in your hand, and your opponent has a board, then it may not be a good idea to Life tap because you just die faster. A good way to know what not to do is to play a wide variety of decks and know what they want you to do, and I have played enough Hunter in my early days to know that when they life tap you get happy.

So this deck is very good against all sorts of decks and is currently 26-9 with a winstreak still. From what I have seen, there is no clear counter to the deck besides just getting Tempo'd out.

 Statistics (Can't get the image but this will have to do) Updated 6/9/16

Druid: 3-1    Hunter: 5-2      Mage: 3-0     Paladin:    0-0       Priest: 5-1       Rogue: 4:1     - -Shaman: 7-7   Warlock: 8-3       Warrior: 11-3       Total: 46-18 (72%)


Here is a shortened Mulligan/Strategy, will update when I have more time. (Pardon my lack in intelligence for using those fancy links)

Druid: This matchup is sort of weird because you can't really tell if it is C'Thun or Token or Fandral or the million other choices. But in this case I would Mulligan for Mountain Giant, Imp Gang Boss, Twilight Drake, pretty much anything works here. Druid seems to be passive atm and does not threaten too much early on. It is really nice to not have to deal with Combo anymore so the only thing is just not getting run down. That is why mulliganing for early game maintains your board so you can do whatever you want with the board. Fairly easy on paper.

Hunter: This matchup is hard/easy. If you mulligan for early game, such as Ooze, Imp Gang Boss, Flame Juggler, Doomsayer, Twilight Drake, it doesn't sound too hard, if you see a hellfire or demonwrath, keep it, you never know what can happen to your board. If good ole Reno is in there, take it. The only way I would keep a Mountain Giant in my hand is if Reno is right there with it. Mainly the strategy is straightforward. Stay alive. Turn 6 or 5 with coin It is very ideal to play Sylvanas as soon as you can, Savannah Highmane is very hard to deal with and Sylvanas is amazing in taking it. Go ahead and ruin the combo if you need to Power Overwhelming her and take the Highmane right off the bat.

Mage: Now the odds of it being Freeze are sort of low, more of a tempo based mage is standard these days. Freeze mage is burning your opponent down with little minions, keep a siphon for Antonidas, and only play Reno if you are going to be below 16 health, or ideally directly after an Alex. Cult Apothecary can only get a little health, too small to be substantial, so you can tempo drop him. And if all else fails, save Brann and Earthen Ring Farseer for a last resort heal.  Tempo Mage is similar to Hunter. You do not need Reno in your opening hand but it can be nice. Otherwise just go for early game and you can be fine.

Paladin: I don't actually think I have played a paladin since I made this but keep your early game, out tempo your opponent and go for value. If it is N'Zoth, save Sylvanas for Tirion. That is very key. It is not easy dealing with it twice and just once can win you the game because when he plays N'Zoth, he shouldn't have any serious taunts. Then the combo destroys him. Spellbreaker I guess helps against Tirion but lets be honest, if you can have a Tirion or have to deal with a 6/6, what would you do. Agro Paladin is just stay alive and clear board. Its not too hard since you already Mulligan'd for the early game.

Priest: This is quite simple, So simple I might even keep Lord Jaraxxus in my opening hand because that is the only step. Save Lord Jaraxxus and play when their board is empty. Then just slowly beat him down. Otherwise go for Twilight Drake and Mountain Giant. In this aggressive era, it is doubtful they have two Shadow Word Deaths.

Rogue: This is hard, but winnable. Mulligan for early game and do not play minions with a full hand, unless it is two of. That is like you playing a 10 health Twilight Drake or 3 Mana Mountain Giant, all this does is gives him a free mill. Sap is deadly in handlock because it can mill. That is why a value tap can be crucial if they plan on ending your dreams. Otherwise on turn 5 ish make sure you have a 4 attack minion, (favorite is ancient watcher, they never touch that), and shadowflame that sucker when he plays Gatgetzan. Watch your life total as well. Might be smart to save an argus if you need to because Leeroy is not only a Warlock tool ;).

Shaman: Hard, but winnable once again. Mulligan for Reno Jackson, Ooze, and Hellfire. That is the tools necessary to win. Keep any of those but if you get a Doomsayer, Twilight Drake, or Imp Gang Boss or Dark Peddler, just keep it. Anything to annoy your opponent and stall is very very very important. This is not really hard actually just more of a draw thing. 99% of the time I swear they have tunnel trogg into Totem Golem and you can't win them all. Doomsayer is so sick in this matchup though it an win you the game on the spot.

Warlock: Certain it is Zoo. Willing to bet. Mulligan for any of the following. Peddler, Imp Gang Boss, Hellfire, Doomsayer, Flame Juggler, Brann, Twilight Drake, Earthen Ring, or Cult Apothecary.  Heck with it, through in Reno too. Its why we have it. Just keep his board small and your board strong. 11 health is what I'd call safe in this matchup so stay above that. Dread infernal is so boss in this matchup because it clears those 1/1's so nicely. Also, if you have a 2 attack minion and he plays a Darkshire Councilman, attack him in there if you have Hellfire. Spellbreaker his Councilman too. A 1/5 is really just a board space at that point.

Warrior: Hard/easy. Just don't be dumb. Mulligan for early game sort of, not to the Hunter or Shaman extent but like Twilight Drake and Mountain Giant just help a lot. Reno is nice to keep in opening hand. Warrior can pile on the damage quick and Reno can save you. Sometimes people play an agro warrior too which gets destroyed by Reno. Otherwise play Jaraxxus on an empty board only and keep health high to avoid Grommash. And it only takes once to realize that Worgen+Charge+Inner Rage+ Faceless is a lot of damage so be warned,

Good Luck with the deck because it truly is amazing!