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[TOP 200] Cashmoe's Alchemist Shaman

  • Last updated Jul 4, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 2000
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/23/2016 (Old Gods)
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Legend Proof

Just got to rank 180 with this deck 

1. A little background

Before this season I have only hit legend once, when legend was first introduced. After I was largely a very casual player and quitting when Blackrock came out due to the disinterest in vsing patron every game. When hearthstone introduced the standard format I came back and started enjoying the game much more.


2. How this deck came to creation

 Now to the deck, after using a bunch more commonly known deck I quickly hit rank 5. After hitting rank 5 I went up and down from rank 4 using the same decks. It became clear to me the ladder whilst filled with the much needed diversity, there was a higher average amount of shaman. So it got me thinking to create a new innovative shaman deck with these conditions:

1. Beat Shamans, this meant teching cards like Crazed Alchemist

2. Be similar to most shamans but different. Using same relevant early game cards to bait opponents to play in such a way to make them try and stop win conditions of other shaman deck that they think I'm playing, and instead set up this decks win condition. e.g. Instead of  Flamewreathed Faceless we have turn 4 Master of Evolution or Draenei Totemcarver

3. Holding up against other tempo and midrange archetype decks with decent good late game.

4. Strong Curve play

With these conditions I created the deck, from rank 5 to legend I steam rolled through the competition. Only with roughly 4 loses to mostly other creative decks, notably a druid using Ancient Harbinger to get Deathwing and Sea Giant.

3. Win Condition

1. Early game aggressive board control of shaman

2. Tempo, with less overload from things such as  Flamewreathed Faceless, we can ensure tempo play in that we can play a minion every turn.

This means do not hesitate to just play any of the 4 and 5 cost minions on an empty board (they have strong stats regardless effects)

3. Creating sticky minions with really good value from Draenei Totemcarver,Master of Evolution and Crazed Alchemist

4. Some Card choices explanation:

2x Crazed Alchemist - The bread and butter for this deck and I think the hidden op for shamans.

  1.  This card absolutely destroys other shaman, destroying most totem besides Totem Golem and give lightning storm better odds.
  2. This card also can enable your early aggro by killing off Doomsayer for free.
  3. Beneficial to your side in that it can make your minions have stickier from board removal after you trade with it, allowing you to play a whole new way.
  4. This card even destroys Hex for free.

A sick play you can do with Crazed Alchemist is when Flametongue Totem buff your minions attack. Use crazed on the minion and your minion will get a new health of original attack +2 health and still get the +2 attack bonus from Flametongue. You can do the same thing with rockbiter.

Potential card replacement: 2x Flame Juggler
If you are vsing alot of hunters (the type that don't run doomsayers) and divine paladin, I suggest putting them instead.


1x Argent Squire - For a while I actually was running master of evolution, whilst that was still successful in some match ups against tempo warrior or druid I was hoping for more sustainable 1 drop instead of Tunnel Trogg or Master of Evolution.

Potential card replacements: 1x Master of Evolution or maybe 1x Lightning Bolt (Haven't tried this, but could be good)


1x Master of Evolution - This card combined with crazed alchemist gives your minion incredible staying power after trade, gives the needed boosted against control decks in the late game. This card has singly won me the game sometimes by summoning Lorewalker Cho. However an important thing to consider is to not greed with this card. if you have no other turn 4 plays, just play this its essentially as a Chillwind Yeti.

Potential card replacements: 1x Flamewreathed Faceless


2x Draenei Totemcarver - This card is very strong in this deck. Cause

  1. It has a strong potential to become a 6/6 on turn 4.
  2. No overload, so even if it gets removed on turn 4 the opponent would have sacrificed enough resources that warrant you to play another strong 4 or 5 cost minion.
  3. Opponents usually expect Flamewreathed Faceless here.

Potential card replacements:  Master of Evolution or Flamewreathed Faceless


Match up and Mulligan:

Shaman [Very Favourable]: 

Shaman mirror of any kind is favourable for this deck. This is all about board control, and tempo. Using your Master of Evolution and Crazed Alchemist to make your minions stickier and dodge lightning storm. A good Draenei turn 4 can win you the game in this match-up. 


Mulligan for : Rockbiter, Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem, Squire, Crazed Alchemist


If you already have one of these in starting hand keeping Tuskar is not too bad

 Warlock [Very Not Favourable]:

Reno and Zoo warlock are both not very favourable and is probably the biggest counter to this deck. As crazed alchemist is only useful in this match up when you have the advantage in board control.


Mulligan for Zoo: Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem, Rockbiter, Argent Squire, keep Flametongue if you have any 1 drops and have non coin side, keep rock biter on coin side.

Mage [Favourable]: 

Tempo Mage is very favourable as crazed alchemist enables the removal of their awkward health minions, and Totem Golem is very hard for them to deal with. Non Tempo mage, just slowly push for lethal and not overextend against their board clears, crazed alchemist can clear their doom-sayers.


Mulligan for : Rockbiter, Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem, Squire, Crazed Alchemist

Druid [Favourable]: 

Druid is a bit hard to say as there is many variety of druid atm. Crazed alchemist is fairly useless against them and will be used mostly on your side. The key is to just play on curve and maintain tempo. Don't be afraid to drop turn 5 thunder bluff as they have a hard time removing it.


Mulligan for : Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem, Squire, Tuskar and Hex

Warrior [Favourable]: 

Tempo Warrior is good match-up as crazed alchemist enables you to clear their Bloodhoof Brave and frothing berserk. Squire is a must keep here as Tunnel Trogg is susceptible to fiery war axe.


Mulligan for:  Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem, Squire, Crazed Alchemist and Tuskar


Control Warrior, is a decent match-up. The key is to not overextend and maximise value from each card. Early game don't put too much aggression that they can get a good brawl, as long as you are even in cards with a warrior you can win. You'll be surprised how often this goes to fatigue stages with you winning as your late game minions will out number their removals.


Muligan for: Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem, Tuskar

Hunter [Favourable]: 

Mr Yagut's Hunter is a very good match-up as crazed alchemist clears their doomsayers, and with this deck your board control against them is very good.


Mulligan for:  Rockbitter, Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem, Squire, Crazed Alchemist 


Normal Mid-range hunter, crazed alchemist will be used on your side to enable stickiness of your minions.



Mulligan is the same as it is impossible to tell the difference between normal midrange and mr yagut's hunter till turn 2.

Rogue [Very Favourable]: 


Rogue's usually waste their removal on your early aggression. So your big minions can usually stay on the board latter on for long enough for you to win. 


Mulligan for:  Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem, Squire, (Curve is the most important thing)

Priest [Neutral]: 

 This matchup all depends on the priest. The key is to Play to win not play to avoid losing. The anti shaman Priest with the right draws can completely shut down shaman decks. This deck is a bit more midrange makes it harder for them to shut down which means play to your win condition. Crazed alchemist into doomsayer, a strong 4/5 cost from Master of evolution or creating a 4/5 from totem golem next to flametongue into crazed alchemist can all really mess up their game plan. Another thing to consider priest early game have to choose their mana by either healing or using removal. So knowing this always consider their mana and think how you can push for lethal or keep minions on the board for the next turn.

Mulligan: Trogg, Totem, Crazed Alchemist, Squire

Paladin [Favourable]: 

Divine shield paladin is favourable matchup as you have chunky minions that can stop them from doing their whole shielding up business. 

Control N'zoth is less favourable and all about crazed alchemist their doomsayer and keeping the tempo high without overextending.


Mulligan for:  Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem, Squire, Crazed Alchemist


- 1x Fire Elemental + 1x Bloodlust

Non Budget Replacements:

- 1x Fire Elemental + 1x Harrison Jones - Only if you are vsing a lot of weapon orientated decks

- 1xBloodlust +1xAl'Akir the Windlord - Al'kir with crazed alchemist provides even more outs for this deck, i've found this card a lot more reliable than bloodlust in finishing games off for me due to its synergy with 6 cards in the deck, flametongue, crazed alchemist and pickaxe

Hall of Fame:

If you made any achievements with the deck whether its first time rank 5, legend or even a winstreak, feel free to share it with me so i can share it with the rest of the community =).

1. lequinow [S27] - Congrats on first time legend =D

Here are his stats if anyone is interested: http://i.imgur.com/0honWiL.png