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Cheap Legend Shaman Mid - Aggro

  • Last updated May 28, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 1660
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/20/2016 (Old Gods)
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Updated 5/28/16
Giving up on the guide not enough recognition. You guys don't realize how powerful this deck is though.

Deck Intro

This is my first time making legend. But doesn't that even prove how awesome the deck is?

Win/Loss 70%

35/15 from rank 4 one star to legend rank)

Got rank 933 Legend fairly quick.

Deck isn't cheap because it makes sacrifices. This deck is well built with enormous synergy throughout. It manages to be cheap by having many aggro tools, however the deck manages to abuse powerful and cheap midrange cards such as Flamewreathed Faceless, Hex, Fire Elemental, Thing from Below, and Master of Evolution.


This Deck has incredible burst potential. Many games involve having 5 or less health and bursting your opponent for 20+ for lethal. 


This is a fun cheap Legend-able deck that has relatively quick matchups for the purpose of climbing ladder.

Deck Core

These 25 cards I'd consider absolutely unchangeable to run this deck.

Rockbiter Weapon × 2  
Tunnel Trogg × 2

Flametongue Totem × 2

Totem Golem × 2  

Feral Spirit × 2 

Hex × 1

Lightning Storm × 1  

Mana Tide Totem × 1  

Tuskarr Totemic × 2  

Flamewreathed Faceless × 1

Master of Evolution × 1  

Bloodlust × 1 

Doomhammer × 1

Fire Elemental × 2 

Thing from Below × 2

Argent Squire × 1 

Azure Drake × 1


So the replaceable in the deck include one copy of Hex, Azure DrakeFlamewreathed Faceless along with two copies of Flame Juggler . All of these have subs in the Weakest Cards section. If Hex is substituted use Flame Juggler's substitutions.

- The 2 Flamewreathed Faceless is highly recommended until experience with the deck is gained.
- The 1 or 2 Flame Juggler can be replaced with tech two drops listed in below subs section. The replacements generally should try to still be a two costed minion.

- The one replaceable Azure Drake I feel should be taken with care. The draw is needed more than might be expected to smooth out the list of decks that are good matchups. Generally this deck is fast enough, and can sacrifice some speed to transition into the later game smoothly. However this is likely the most replaceable card.

- The 2 Hex seems to be my personal preference, but with the lack of hard silence removal in this meta along with large amounts of big minions being played makes 2 Hex good. I actually see 2  as being staple though, and recommend trying this first.

Weakest Cards and Optional Subs:

General Substitutions Notes

Generally as this is a minion focused deck a care to not add too many spells should be taken.

If Facing Aggro:
A second Lightning Storm can be added if facing lots of Aggro, however, it isn't an atypical mistake for players to think they need two when it will actually hurt in more matchups. Master of Evolution could be replaced in this case.

A second Argent Squire can also be added if a second Lightning Storm isn't enough. Replace one Fire Elemental, or one Flamewreathed Faceless


If Facing Control:

Harrison Jones instead of one Azure Drake.

1 or 2 Thunder Bluff Valiant's can be used in place of first one Flame Juggler and second one Argent Squire.

Azure Drake

Azure Drake really has low obvious synergy with the deck. The spell damage being basically unused makes it seem like a poor fit. However in practice it fills the roll of at minimum an on curve 5 drop that gives you needed options in mid/late game if played later.

To quote the words of a number 1 Legend Player named loyan "2x Azure Drakes with only 1 spell? HOW IS THAT :O Stop this thinking that tells you to put Azure Drakes only when you have spells in deck. It’s literally the best draw for Shaman; obviously, you rarely play it at turn 5, but it’s the best thing you can topdeck."



Harrison Jones can replace one Azure Drake as Nzoth Paladin, Shaman, Control Warriors, and Rogues have been somewhat common in the meta and all have Harrison Jones targets to give the needed draw. This deck alone probably isn't worth crafting a legendary though.

Flame Juggler

Flame Juggler under performed my expectations. Compared with the average quality of the mostly shaman card filled deck, Flame Juggler often feels underwhelming. However most shaman decks run 2 copies so keep that in mind. For me the one random damage would feel less potent than a guaranteed ability even if insignificant, but the general public disagrees with this so use subs at your own risk. I believe the hype of this card comes from the initial popularity of Disciple of C'Thun and being able to survive it. C'Thun decks have become less frequent and tend to be easy match ups anyway.

Sunfury Protector functions as an early game minion curve smoother as well as a disruptive card to increase the chance of good trades. Maximum one recommended.


Acidic Swamp Ooze may be considerable. The only difficult matchup without a weapon currently seems to be Zoo Warlock, and they are not common enough to hurt this deck. Do not use if Harrison Jones is subbed for an Azure Drake. Maximum one recommended.


Crazed Alchemist sounds odd. Doomsayer has become as oddly frequent drop. Crazed Alchemist can end games where Doomsayer is involved. Even aside from Doomsayer, with shamans good typical control of board, Crazed Alchemist can facilitate good trades with its versatility. And in all seriousness, winning a game because of Crazed Alchemist will make you feel really cool. Maximum one recommended.


My opinion on subs ranking is Acidic Swamp Ooze > Sunfury Protector > Crazed Alchemist

Flamewreathed Faceless

Flamewreathed Faceless was by no means bad. However, this card felt overhyped. This meta doesn't usually struggle hard with the single target removal, and the overload after cheap removal can lose games. Often I found myself holding this card on turn 4. However, overall the body is still effective and does manage to stick enough to be worth it. And the Tunnel Trogg boost is helpful. 

Draenei Totemcarver was ran in a recent tournament deck to my surprise. However with how the deck plays the card has decent synergy as the deck supports extra hero power usage along with several other totems. Maximum one recommended.


Fireguard Destroyer has good stats and smaller overload could be the difference. Having one Flamewreathed Faceless and one Fireguard Destroyer in hand together gives more overload flexibility. Maximum one recommended.

Master of Evolution is just a random but average good healing card. It has no overload on turn 4 allowing strong turn 5 plays such as Doomhammer or Bloodlust. One in deck already, but an additional Master of Evolution may be subed for a Flamewreathed Faceless.

My opinion on subs ranking is Draenei Totemcarver > Fireguard Destroyer = Master of Evolution

Mulligan Guide (In Progress):

- Literally always happy to see a Tunnel Trogg or Totem Golem and should keep those with or without coin.

- Flame Juggler makes a good follow up play to Totem Golem and should be kept when together. or when you have a coin.

- Argent Squire and Flametongue Totem may be kept when together as playing them together on turns one and two can often kill two early minions.

- Flametongue Totem can also be kept if you have Tunnel Trogg and no suitable 2 drop as other wise the Tunnel Trogg will sometimes be killed  by the enemies two drop for free.

- Feral Spirit with coin should always be kept if you have Tunnel Trogg. Turn one Tunnel Trogg into Turn 2 Feral Spirit is amazing tempo even if this means 1 mana for turn 3. For this reason other one drops are highly valued with this start.

- Against really aggressive matchups like Warlock Zoo it can be considered acceptable to keep Lightning Storm, however this can be dangerous to do if you misread the matchup and face control with a poor opening. Feral Spirit is also keepable in aggressive matchups and less of a liability if it turns out to be control.

Combos and Play Strategy (Coming Soon in next 24 hours):

Will Continue To Update and respond to comments or questions. Open to criticism and very willing to defend any decisions in this powerful deck.