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[FastClimb] Cheap ZOO - in depth...

  • Last updated May 21, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 27 Minions
  • 3 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Zoolock
  • Crafting Cost: 2100
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/17/2016 (Old Gods)
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I just build a new deck and have really good winrate with it - 74%! I suggest you might want to check it out: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/549781-fastclimb-aggro-freeze-revolution-of-freeze

Hi, my name is Trebkiller and I would like to share some expirience with my cheap ZOOLock.

Getting bored of playing this OP deck with unending winstreaks? :D Try a really funny (but also not bad) Renounce Darkness ZOO!: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/540125-top-legend-forsen-s-renounced-zoo-great-fun#c58

The most important thing with this deck is to know when to trade and when to hit the face. To help with that decision, just try to always predict what will happen - this includes board clears such as Lightning Storm or Consecration etc. It is a good idea to go and check some decks here to know what can you expect ;)

You also have to learn when to trade and when to go face; you should kill key minions like Flamewaker Tunnel Trogg etc. And some other high priority/value trades. Otherwise let your opponent do it!


Never be afraid to life tap. But also, only do it if you have no minion to play - you should always use as much mana as possible. Life shouldn't matter much since with this deck you control the board, but to control the board you have to play minions whenever it's possible. Also, keep in mind that sometimes you have to sacrifice your stronger minions on board to have upper hand in the following turns. Keep in mind that all the minions are expendable. Anyway, just practice!

This deck i based on tempo! You should take board controll very early and use it as your advantage in midgame. It is very important to curve out really well, but also not to overcome the board if you don´t have to! If you have enough board presence you should never play more minions unless you can easily make a new one from your hand. You have to keep on mind that your oponent might have some board clears!


If you don´t have Sea Giant just use Volcanic Drake as it is a card from an adventure.

-1 Doomguard -> +1 Spawn of N´Zoth or +1 Dark Iron Dwarf

If you don´t have Dark Peddler I suggest you put in any other good 2 drop, something like Bilefin Tidehunter or so...

-2 Imp Gang Boss -> +2 Harvest Golem or +1 Harvest Golem and +1 Cult Master

Optional Changes

As not all players who play ZOO are low on budget here are some "rich man" options or just some changes you might like ;)

-1 Doomguard -> +1 Leeroy Jenkins - I personally don´t like this change as I use Doomguard to make the board better against all theese shamans, but can be good as well :D

-1 Abusive Sergant -> +1 Forbidden Ritual

You can opt in Gormok the Impaler for a Doomguard or for Dark Iron Dwarf if you opted him in ;)


Here it´s simple, just keep all those powerfull earlygame cards like Flame ImpPossesed Villager , Voidwalker , Dark PeddlerFlame Juggler etc.

Deck Synergies and Combos

I personally do like the earlygame pressure this way: t1 Voidwalker and t2 Dire Wolf Alpha but it does not work out all the time :D

Talking about Dire Wolf Alpha - it´s a really strong card in this deck. Works well with Forbidden Ritual for clearing the board (it is not a bad idea to play Dire Wolf Alpha when your small 1/1s can already attack to steal some value of potencial boar clears.

Sea Giant is a card where sometimes your Maths skills come to play. The thing about him is, that you can lower his mana cost by hitting with Imp Gang Boss and both minions survive (you spawn a 1/1 and no minions die -> it´s very rare thou). You can play your 1 mana minions "for free", but you also have to keep on mind that your opponent´s minions do count as well so always play him before trading. And last but not least, beware of being surprised by your board being full so you can´t play him. ;)

Minions Placement

This is pretty obviously a really important thing and yet a lot of players I come up against don´t give a sh*t about it.

You should always think of potencial Defender of Argus  od Dire Wolf Alpha You can use Defender of Argus to get that 1hp on your Imp Gang Boss ant get a potencial of a 1/1 Imp, to make a good trade, to get the taunt against aggro and even to get a minion out of range of Shadow Word:Pain or so...

Also keep on mind that Imp Gang Boss always spawns Imps on the right (we all know it, but it´s not a bad thing to think of) Working on it ATM



Working on it ATM!