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[Rank 5] NZoth Dragon Priest

  • Last updated May 17, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Dragon Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 9400
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/11/2016 (Old Gods)
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  • XanDu0
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Hi Guys. Thanks for all the up votes and support on the comments. I am really happy that you are loving it. Like some of you after hit rank 5 i start to face a lot of shamans and zoolock so i made a new version wich i will leave here and for me its working better against aggro without lose to control and plays like this one. I promise a guide if the deck get to 100 votes, so it goes...

The base of the deck its dragons so allways try to get the most of it, the deathrattle part its just to crush control decks.

Mulligans its allways the same, look for twilight whelp, shadow word: pain, wyrmrest agent or blackwing technichan, (on the new version below keep faerie dragon against shaman) if you have the coin you can also keep twilight guardian or shifting shade.

Now lets go class by class and how to play against each one:

Warrior (70-30):

Control warrior its a easy win just try to keep pressure on the board by curving out really well. Never play Nzoth before he plays the 2nd brawl. Try to save entomb for his sylvanas.

Cthun warrior its allmost like control warrior, a lit bit harder because you have to play around a big cthun try to get a lot of minions or big minions on the board when you feel like he might play it and never but never make the mistake of leaving a Brann on the board.

Tempo warrior its a little bit more difficult because they also curve well but the game plan remains the same. In this match up dont be afraid of use all the recourses you have to deal with his big minions (remenber yours came back to live) :p

Rogue (35-65):

Well looks like miracle is back in business. This match is really hard because of the saps but not impossible. The way i beat them  is becoming aggro. Push for the most damage you can before turn 6/7 never forgetting to control the board the most you can.

There is Nzoth rogue but they are not as difficult as the miracle so the game plan remains the same as allways.

Priest (65-35):

Ntozh priest is a match that involves a lot of thinking because you dont want your minions to get emtombed so allways try to make traps to see if your opponent go for it. Dont be greedy with your nzoth if you allready have 2 or 3 good minions and trust me you will win it but you have to play before you opponet does. This is a matech when you keeo shifting shade on the mulling.

Dragon priest its really easy because you fight toe to toe with them and your late game crushes them. So just stay with the base plan.

Paladin (55-45):

Nzoth paladin its really really really BORING but with a good chance to crush them, dont be affraid to slam your minions on the board. allways try to steal one of their deathrattle minions with sylvana or entomb and this is a key to win the match, but only use entomb on tirion or sylvana. Never play Nztoh before the second equalaty comes out unless you are very close to win and have played deathwing and have a hand full of dragons. This match really takes a lot of thinking and planning. Be smart.

Divine paladin its not hard if you have your early game on the mulligan so just play and control the board, try to save the shadow word pain for steward of darkshire. Easy win.

Warlock (40-60):

Well Zoo as been around forever and forever it will be. A really hard match because  they  fill the board quicky right before you clear it and have alot of buffs to trade well with your high health minions. Pray for them to have a bad starting hand and you can stabalize from the start. really try to have Wyrmrest gent and twilight welp in starting hand.

RenoLock is really easy.play your minions without fear but allways remember about MCT and shadow flame so dont abuse. Preassure him to play twisting nether before you play nzoth and. Try to keep emtomb for sylvana.

Druid (60-40):

Cthun druid its a match when you have to win the early game otherwise it will be very hard to keep up with their big taunts. try to stay with your health above 15 and save a shadow word death or entomb for cthun.

Ramp druid its hard because they have a lot of big threats but like cthun druid if you have a really good opener and be abble to play on curve you will win it.

Beast/token druid its a easy match just look for early game and control the board from the start. they will be without cards quickly and you can start crush then after that. if you loose the early game but can stabalize after a holy nova try to never leave a minion on the board because of savage roar and heal every turn if possible.

Hunter (60-40):

Midrange hunter its like beast druid. this game its a little bit harder because of hunter hero power but you will be fine unless you get unlucky.

Mage (50-50):

Freeze mage its an aulo loss unless your opponent gets unlucky or is really dumb. ;p nothing more to say here.

Tempo mage its a toe to toe match where you have to fight every singe turn for the board until turn 7 when you play chillmaw and pray for you opponent dont have a polymorf. but the best way to win this match is to take a control approach. mulligan hard for shadow word pain and wyrmrest agent and blackwing technician with a dragon of course.

Shaman (40-60):

this match really depends on your opponent luck. if they have tunnel trogg on turn one even if you have a nice hand it is a really hard match because of lightning storms that total reckts your early game. For me this match is 100% luck.

Men oh men. For all of you that are having problems with the shamans try the one i put along with this guide.

Here is some gameplay from Tommy TanKhristophesaurus Dinosaurus and kiwiinbacon wich it really thank...




And for last the list i have been playing since rank 5 to fight against shamans and zoo with more sucess than this...