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[Legend] LOKShadow Aggressive OTK Warrior

  • Last updated Aug 28, 2016 (Karazhan)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Patron Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 1520
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/4/2016 (Old Gods)
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UPDATE (6/7/16): Just finished #14 on NA for the season (May 2016 NA Rankings) with this list except -1 Gnomish Inventor/+1 Faceless Manipulator. Climbed with it from rank ~200 to the finish.

Hi guys! Just hit legend today in the new season (5/3/2016) with an updated version of my old OTK warrior deck tuned to the new meta/cards.


It primarily targets zoo, shaman, paly, priest, and miracle rogues. Deck playstyle is similar to my old list where you need to figure out if your win condition is making Grim Patron or using Raging Worgen. The maximum combo damage is 30 for 10 mana with Raging Worgen + 2x Inner Rage + Rampage + Charge + Cruel Taskmaster. With Death's Bite gone now in Standard, some thought needs to be put into deck-building to add in those much needed whirlwind effects if we want to continue playing Grim Patron. I've gone the route of maximizing whirlwind effects with double Wild Pyromancer in place of the more traditional Armorsmith with the philosophy of always removing the enemy board rather than depend on stalling with armor gain. I've included some basic strategy below, but the best way to learn the deck is to play it for yourself. Check out some of my instructional videos too on my Twitch/Youtube channels!



Some example game play on the road to legend:

Basic Strategy/Mulligan


Keep: Fiery War Axe, Acolyte of Pain, Frothing Berserker, Gnomish Inventor, Grim Patron

Control warrior is one of the tough match-ups because of 2x Brawl and the massive armor gain. You're looking to cycle as quickly as possible for the combo and your threats. Try not to generate Grim Patron when it can be cleared too easily and ideally get your Battle Rage off on 3+ draws. Don't be afraid to execute for tempo gain because you cannot outlast them in the fatigue game. If the meta becomes control warrior dominant, tech in Faceless Manipulator instead of Gnomish Inventor and focus on cycling through your entire deck until you've collected the full combo before playing Emperor Thaurissan to boost OTK damage to 60.

Patron warrior is about making Grim Patron first and priority is spent cycling early for the generation pieces (usually whirlwind effect + inner rage). Wild Pyromancer can be used as a great Grim Patron generator too!



Keep: Fiery War Axe, Acolyte of Pain, Frothing Berserker, Whirlwind, Wild Pyromancer, Ravaging Ghoul

Against zoo, the sheer amount of whirlwind effects generally wins you the game. Try to always keep their board clean so they can't get value from Gormok the Impaler and Sea Giant. They tend to underestimate the number of whirlwind effects you have and sometimes go with the yolo forbidden tokens and get heavily punished for it. Focus on making Grim Patron as soon as possible.

Against handlock, you'll want to save combo pieces for Raging Worgen and focus on the card cycle. Don't be too overeager on making Grim Patron as they can be easily cleared by the number of AoE effects that handlock has.



Keep: Fiery War Axe, Frothing BerserkerWild Pyromancer, Ravaging Ghoul

Meta seems split 50/50 between aggro and midrange. This deck is actually more tuned to beat the midrange version since you have lots of whirlwind effects that combine together to clear their totem boards. Aggro shaman still has an insane amount of burst with direct damage + chargers. Try to develop the Frothing Berserker early to deal with board and use Fiery War Axe and whirlwind effects to keep the board clear until you are able to develop Grim Patron. It's mostly a race to see who can lethal first because we also have an insane amount of burst damage available with Charge + Frothing Berserker or Raging Worgen.



Keep: Fiery War Axe, Frothing BerserkerWild Pyromancer, Battle Rage, Gnomish Inventor, Acolyte of Pain, Slam

Against priest the goal is to cycle through your entire deck to collect the full 30 damage combo since priest usually heals up to full-health. You are safer to generate Grim Patron now that Lightbomb is gone from standard, but some priests do tech in Excavated Evil so be aware of that. Try to get good Battle Rage value and play around those Cabal Shadow Priest. This means playing Acolyte of Pain early on or combining them with the threat of Grim Patron to discourage them from stealing it. Use Slam and weapon to clear as much as possible and save Execute for the taunts or big threats.



Keep: Fiery War Axe, Frothing Berserker, Gnomish Inventor, Acolyte of Pain, Slam

The most popular version of rogue is the miracle variant with Gadgetzan Auctioneer and the key is to outcycle and outboard them with Grim Patron. With Blade Flurry nerfed, they don't have a great answer to your board anymore, so go wild making Grim Patron. I would say we can generally cycle into our combo faster than they can lethal, but it's another race match-up. Slam and whirlwind effects are helpful for dealing with those 4-health minions. Against deathrattle variations, you want to cycle as quickly as possible into your OTK combo because it's quite possible they can outboard you with their sticky minions. Keep in mind that they tend to have large boards and are very susceptible to a charge Frothing Berserker and a couple whirlwind effects!



Keep: Fiery War Axe, Frothing BerserkerBattle Rage, Gnomish Inventor, Acolyte of Pain

Most paly decks are the slow N'Zoth variations which have lots of heal and board clears, so the idea is similar to playing against priest where you want to cycle through your entire deck and kill them from 30. This means saving every combo piece. Focus on drawing cards and make Grim Patron for Battle Rage value. The main taunt to save Execute for is Tirion Fordring. Keep in mind that you may have to deal with it twice if they N'Zoth!



Keep: Fiery War Axe, Acolyte of Pain, Frothing Berserker, Whirlwind, Wild Pyromancer, Ravaging Ghoul

Playstyle is similar to playing against zoo where you want to have many whirlwind effects to clear their board of beasts/tokens. Most of them are midrange and run Savannah Highmane so try to save Execute for that. The win condition is generally a board of Grim Patron which hunter has a hard time dealing with.



Keep: Fiery War Axe, Acolyte of Pain, Frothing Berserker, Wild Pyromancer

There's a wide variety of druid decks from C'Thun to midrange to aggro. Against all of them the primary win condition is generating Grim Patron since they don't have great board clears. There are some big taunts in C'Thun versions so save the Execute for that. It's fine to drop Wild Pyromancer on turn 2 to establish some aggression against midrange/C'Thun. You don't have to play around combo anymore, so it's fine to leave their high health minion up instead of trading inefficiently into it.



Keep: Fiery War Axe, Acolyte of Pain, Frothing Berserker, Wild Pyromancer

This deck struggles against freeze mage because of the lack of Armorsmith but it is a rare match-up. You can win by pressuring the trying to pop the Ice Block before turn 9. Save Execute for Alexstrasza and Doomsayer when you have a valuable board. You always have this surprise burst from hand with Raging Worgen if they don't set up their Ice Block. Against tempo mages, which is the more common match-up, the priority is to make Grim Patron since very few of them run Flamestrike or at most it's a 1 of. The large number of whirlwind effects also help you deal with Mirror Image as well. Try to save Execute for the big threats like Archmage Antonidas and Ragnaros the Firelord.

 Update: KStu made a nice graphic for the mulligans!


Concluding Remarks

Hopefully this guide is a helpful starter for people wanting to learn the deck, but I encourage you to try it out and learn from mistakes as well as check out my Twitch/Youtube channels! Happy OTKing! =)


Update (5/8/16)

Wow, thanks for all the positive feedback and support from the Hearthpwn community! There's been some really good discussion in the thread, so I'd like to take some time to highlight the key points in case people don't want to go through reading each of the comments.

Firstly, I have to say that it's not an easy deck to just pick up and play. There will be many games that require some well-thought-out turns and you can get heavily punished for misplaying those turns. As a new player, do not expect to have the highest win-rate when you first try it out because it's tough not to misplay. However, the hope is that you can identify where you misplayed and learn from that. Of course I understand the deck isn't for everyone, so if you don't enjoy the style, don't play it! That's the same philosophy I have with any other deck. If you aren't enjoying Hearthstone, why are you playing this game? I won't play a deck even if it has high win-rate and is tier 1 if it's just mindlessly boring.

Do not get over-focused on the combo aspect since it still is a Grim Patron deck which is a very powerful win condition especially against aggro. Most of the time in these match-ups you will win by Grim Patron alone. The OTK combo is more for the match-ups where your opponent has board clears and tends to be close to full health.

This is also meant to be a FUN deck. I think some people came in expecting some Tier 1 Tempo Storm deck. It's not meant to replace the more traditional Grim Patron deck but I find this version to be more interesting to play since I think combo decks are the hardest/most rewarding decks.

As far as card substitutions go, some people ask about "non-budget" versions and whether or not they can include Grommash Hellscream and the answer is that I didn't make the deck specifically to be budget, but I would say the flex spot for higher end cards is 1x Gnomish Inventor. Other options to think about are Sir Finley Mrrgglton and Faceless Manipulator. If facing lots of control warriors (one of the comments on YouTube was that they were facing lots of C'Thun control warriors on Asia server), I would suggest trying the Faceless Manipulator option to boost OTK damage to 60 if you Emperor the full combo.

Best of luck on ladder and remember, it's a game so HAVE FUN! ;)

Update (6/7/16)

Thank you again for all the upvotes and positive feedback about the deck! It's really encouraging to hear about the success stories, especially those coming from players without huge card collections and are looking to play decks with more depth to them than face decks. Recently a lot of the comments have been about the deck struggling in different metas, so I'd like to take some time here to address those. Please do not take the list that you see as set in stone or even optimized at all for your particular meta. I myself have multiple versions of this deck, and here are some thoughts on card substitutions.

Against Aggro: Probably the most common complaint is that face decks are too fast and you have no time to set up combo or make Grim Patron. Cards that will help you more against these kinds of face decks are Armorsmith and Bloodhoof Brave. Cards to consider removing to fit these in are Blood To Ichor, Rampage, Gnomish Inventor, and Emperor Thaurissan. It's up to you to decide the combination of substitutions. The more you substitute the weaker the control match-up becomes. You also have to consider the fundamental strength of playing OTK vs playing standard patron. The inclusion of OTK combo is to beat decks like reno handlock, control warrior, control priest, control paly, etc. and thus it has weaker aggro match-up than standard patron.

Against Midrange/Control: I think the main complaint I see is freeze mage and then some about midrange decks that flood the board such as midrange shaman, midrange hunter, and dragon priest. I really love cards like Frothing Berserker because of how much pressure they can apply, but in order to beat freeze mage you need to make room for Armorsmith and possibly Justicar Trueheart. Here is my anti-control version: -1 Blood To Ichor, -2 Frothing Berserker, -1 Ravaging Ghoul, -1 Gnomish Inventor, +2 Armorsmith, +1 Brawl, +1 Faceless Manipulator, +1 Justicar Trueheart. The logic is to give up some early pressure and always play out for the long game. Armor gain fixes the freeze mage match-up and helps sustain against midrange decks. Brawl and Justicar Trueheart make you much harder to kill off before you draw combo. Inclusion of Faceless Manipulator allows more flexibility in using cards like Inner Rage and Cruel Taskmaster for removal/Grim Patron generation/card draw because you can still do 32 damage with Raging Worgen, Inner Rage, Charge, and Faceless Manipulator as long as you have 1 piece reduced by Emperor Thaurissan. It is also the enabler for 60 damage OTK if you save the entire combo for reduction.

Anyways, hopefully this helps give some ideas on card substitutions and makes you think a bit more about why certain cards are played in the deck. It's an important skill as a deck-builder to be able to tweak decks and understand the strengths/weaknesses of each card. There's always a compromise and you can't have the best of everything, so you have to decide what match-ups you are trying to target. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Update (8/28/16)

Just updating with the most recent version of the list that I brought to NA Summer Prelims.