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Rule supreme with divine tech (or... just die s...

  • Last updated May 4, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: N'Zoth Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 20400
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/3/2016 (Old Gods)
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... with some friendly help of the god of the undead and the dragons...


Well what to say about this deck... the general plan is to survive the early game with the heals and board clears you have, to either annoy an opponent enough to outright give up, or delay their concede until you play a Deathwing, Dragonlord or N'Zoth, the Corruptor to recieve a board full of high-value minions. In other words, these deck has several phases:

  1. Get beaten up realy, realy bad
  2. struggle to clear the board
  3. get your last peaces of strenght together to patch yourself up
  4. play some value stuff (until your opponent fails to remove it)
  5. heal up some more
  6. use deathwing and n'zoth to seal the game.

Early Game - Staying alive

In the early game, your goal is to stay alive! To do so you have some tools:

  • Aldor Peacekeeper - your opponent played something big and scary? (like a 7/7 on turn 4?) - make it big and not-so-scary, downing its attack to 1! (But be careful: A silence will send it right back up)
  • Equality - reducing health to 1 - mostly used in combination with Wild Pyromance and Consecration
  • Consecration clearing the board. Don't be afraid to delay your consecration to get maximum value - this is a greedy deck after all!
  • Wild Pyromancer Godly combination with equality, but may also deal some serious damage using the coin. Don't play him unless you want to use his effect tho!
  • Twilight Guardian This is the earliest taunt you can play. Play it! 3/6 keeps many things of your face
  • Truesilver Champion removes 2 <=4 health minions, while also healing you (and maaaaybe you may also take some damage to the face... no worries, I'll tell you how to heal it later)

Honestly, usualy the early game with this deck becomes quite boring. Like "Play your heropower and pass" or "don't play your heropower because the have an acolythe of pain and pass" or "play your heropower because they have an acolythe of pain and you want to mill them (and pass). While you do this, a huge board will be built up - how to deal with this? Next section!

Midgame - Wiping them out

Well, you survived the first few turns, and you are looking at a realy scary board, ready to smorc you - what to do?

  • Equality+Wild PyromancerEquality+Consecration - we already covered this, play if you need to wipe a huge board without and divine shields
  • Enter the Coliseum your opponent have lots of minions, and maybe even those pesky mad (and highly unholy!) 4/2 divine shield c'thun worshipers, and think he's save of your equality consecration? Well think again! Just enter the coliseum (you usualy won't have more then 1 mininion anyway at this time) to reduce the thread of many scary minions to 1 scary minion (also: If there is something with a nasty effect, just aldor peacekeeper it and enter the coliseum after!)
  • Chillmaw you didn't draw Equality, feel like enter the coliseum is just not the right fit at the moment, and all the enemy minions have just 1 health to much for an consecration? Fear not, chillmaw is here to deal 3 dmg aoe to them! (or fuck their minds if you happen to not have a dragon in your hand, wich is also fine)
  • Eadric the Pure Well, just the face of this smorc evolution shamans is good enough to play this card... 7 minions [EVOLVE!] [EVOLVE!] Eadric... oh all my evolved creatures have 1 attack? smorc 7 damage :(

The Pointremoval

Now that you have cleared the board, your opponent may start to play less, but bigger threats... what to do about them? Here's the answer:

  • Equality... still works...
  • The Black Knight Well, twinemporers and arakoras are annoying, and almost every deck plays at least one taunt this days, so this guy gets a lot of work to do.
  • Rend Blackhand Removes a legendary (probaply a c'thun or thelike) and is a 8/4 waiting to pound your opponents face afterwards. (Or remove another legendary) - this guy does a lot of work, don't underestimate him!
  • Sylvanas Windrunner You don't realy want to kill this minion, but rather would like to have it yourself? This lady got you covered! You fear a enemy c'thun hitting? Play her, and as she dies she pulls the c'thun on your side, ready to smorc the enemys face for... what... 21?
  • Harrison Jones Are you annoyed to get the 16 damage of a doomhammer right to the face? Harrison Jones is here to put it into a museum, and 6 cards for it in your hand! Also removes enemy tirions ashbringe, firey winaxes, arcanite reapers and assassins blades.
  • Aldor Peacekeeper Ever saw a enraged 1 attack grommash smorc your face?

Staying alive - The heals

Well, you survived the early game (barely), wiped some boards, removed some points, and now you find yourself preeeeeeeeetty low on health, and you wonder what to do? You have some great tools for this!

  • Forbidden Healing Probaply the best way to say "fuck you" to anyone smorcing you. Heals you for 20 for 10 mana, 18 for 9 and so on... sometimes this card allone is enough to force a concede
  • Ragnaros, Lighlord A 8/8 lay on hands without the carddraw that heals you every turn? Count me in! At the moment many players doesn't realise the danger this guy is, and fail to remove him, granting you 16 or even 24 health! (and did i talk about the 8/8 body, that in this instance CAN attack?)
  • Lay on Hands Refills your hand and heals you for 8. Solid but boring. Your least favorite heal, unless you want to draw some dragons for your deathwing, who is about to die (more for this later)

The champions

You survived, removed, healed - but whatfore? Read no further (well, actually, do...), here are the champions of this deck, preparing your gamewins

  • Cairne Bloodhof Soild card. Main purpose is to taunt sheeps, frogs and entombs to protect your other cards.
  • Ragnaros, Lightlord Already covered this guy.
  • Sylvanas Windrunner This girl, too.
  • Tirion FordringDO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT play this guy if your opponent has a sheep, hex, entomb or other stupid nonsense! You realy, realy want him to die on your side! (Also, you realy, realy want him to die) - He is great in defensive (divine shield, taunt 6/6) and offensive (5/3 weapon) as well - granting you 15 damage, almost as much as a doomhammer. And if he comes back (through some strange event, that may or may not be described later) he basicly says "30 dmg" wich may win you the game if the opponent has no heal.
  • Ysera Usualy, this comes from a dieing deathwing. Otherwise, it triggers your dragon synergies. Her cards may be absolutly brutal, and you'll win the game with her 5-damage spell surprisingly often.

Sealing the game

It was a hard day. You and your opponent are near fatigue, and you scramble through your hand to find something to play. But what could win you the game? Well, these two gentlemen:

  • Deathwing, Dragonlord - Immune . Not because its realy immune, but your opponent is too scared to kill him. If he does, he'll pull a bunch of dragons out of your hand, ready to seal the game in his place. Also, he may come back. If he survives a turn (wich he most likely will) a lay on hands is a great way to get more dragons on your board.
  • N'Zoth, the Corruptor - Battlecry: summon Tirion Fordring(Equip a 5/3 Ashbringer), Silvanas Windrunner (get an enemy minion), Cairne Bloodhof (if this dies, it doesn't), Chillmaw (Did i just kill everyone i summoned?) and Deathwing, Dragonlord (What, didn't I just kill this?)- honestly, one of them is enough, all 3 is brutal overkill

The... others

Well, there are some unsung heroes, mainly because they are boring. But for god's sake, here they are:

  • Azur Drake: Draws a card and is important for dragon synergy... whatever...

Honorable Mentions

These are not in the deck. Here is why.

  • This-Discount-Dragon-Guy... your dragons cost 2 less, its good, because its a dragon deck i hear you say... well unless you want to play your deathwing t8 (wich usualy you don't, because you are quite busy healing your face, clearing the board and not dying) this isn't realy as great as it sounds... what are you gonna do, summon a silver hand recruit? Do you realy want to play a card 5 mana 5/5 summon a silver hand recruit several turns later? I think not
  • Loothoarder I just recently took them out, still testing the deck without them. They are great to have something to play in the earlygame (something to get pinged), but if N'zoth summons them, (wich he will, since they were the first ones you played) while you are near fatique this guys may likely kill you.
  • Chromaggus Your hand will be quite full, and drawing two of each may lead to something important getting burned.
  • Forbidden Healing#2 - Its just not in it because I don't have it. It would be great. Consider putting it in if you have it.

Replacements (Stuff you may want to take out)

Whatever you do, DO NOT REMOVE ANY DRAGONS, or you won't be able to trigger their synergy

  • Harrison Jones - If you happen to face no weapons, take him out! Otherwise, well, slime
  • Chillmaw You may try geddon, but I realy like her to keep me save from aggro and trigger Rend Blackhand, so she's quite usefull. Otherwise. Monstrosity (Just two damage aoe, but also taunt)
  • Cairne Bloodhoof Shredder.. oh wait...  This is the first card you may want to take out if you want to replace something, since its main value is to draw enemy hexes, to protect your important stuff
  • The Black Knight
  • Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Eadric the Pure
  • Rend Blakchand
  • Ragnaros, Lightlord - Nothing, you need him!.. Well try forbidden healing
  • Tirion Fordring - You are kidding, right? No replacements
  • Yseara Deathwing or Alextraza would suffice
  • Deathwing, Dragonlord If you replace him also replace all draogns and rend blackhand... and maybe some other cards of the deck... try to include more 1-drops perhaps? and nothing over 5. and some aggro buffs. Ah just look up paladin aggro
  • N'Zoth, the Corruptor Don't replace this.. just don't.


Now that I know everything, how do I start?

Go for the removal. You want equality, consecration, wild pyromancer, truesilver champion, and maybe a forbidden healing or a twilight guardian. basicly anything below 5 mana is fine. There are some things you want to keep against some classes, (like aldor peacekeepers vs shaman), but I realy don't want to write anymore, so you'll figure it out ;)


Well, so much for the deck. I hope you enjoy playing it, so have fun, and maybe leave a comment and a like :)