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This Paladin does what?!

  • Last updated May 9, 2014 (Live Patch 5314)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 2460
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/9/2014 (Live Patch 5314)
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Changing up the Meta: (Version 1)
Oh man, This deck does it all. It baits and switches. Its got weapons, its got secrets, Its got shields, and heals.  its controls, aggros, and has a Zoo. And cameo appearances by ETC and Lorewalker Cho...

Wait what? This is not meta... This deck sucks... There is no way this deck wins at any meta deck... And that's what I keep thinking. I must turn lemonade out of apples somehow.

The deck just spawn out of the hodgepodge cards I've accumulated throughout beta (see ETC).  And yet, I don't get why it simply wins 80% of the time (actually a lot more) in low ranking games. I dont have all of the typical meta cards to make this truely legendary.

Truth be told, last season I got to rank 15, just to get the card back. But this just stuck with me.

As of this writing, the meta I've seen is majorly Mages, warlocks (zoo) and hunters. This deck has fair well against druids and failed against the lather. Mostly b/c I've done some dumb early game drops.

It is just a weird deck to me and can be quite effective. Its quite a Jack of Paladin trade.
- Many Dual combo
- Shields : Lets face it, you hate them. You silence them (and that's just what i want you to do). Notice no Blood Knight (Oh so meta)
- "Mana Burning your opponent"; if you know what your opponent is going to cast next turn isn't that a form of mana burning ;) esp when you counter?
- Pump-up (MTG term) abilities / minions
- controls and clears
- Paladins, just create minions
- A lot of health by mid to late game. Most of the time, i am still standing above 20 health before using the healing cards.

- Lot of the game play needs a minion (but hense why I rather use this style with a paladin)
- Jack of trades, master of no particular area
- Other decks I've lost to perform better.

My style with this deck is to throw off my opponent. Is my early game advantage be gone with a missing shield? Is my mid-game advantage really gone after you cleared my minons? Seriously, WTF is ETC doing there? 

Lorewalker Cho
He seemed just to fit ideally in the early game against meta mages. He makes interesting results. Will the opponent elect to use spells and give them to me, or will I give him a spell which I know he will cast the next turn. Most of the time, this idealism worked splendidly. It gives variety.

Yeah, why should I give my opponent For the Horde or I am murloc, or even Rogues do it from behind (and give another card)... Well Mana Burning and countering. Lol sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. But with Consecration, goodbye murlocs (sans a murloc deck ><). With Lorewalker and a cast, I will get that card and know what you had... and you just burned mana telling me this... Muahaha.

The rest is self explanatory.
Knife Juggler good mid-range damage dealer with lower minions.
Noble Sacrifice, just makes me lol when they think they are going to take out a taunt minion only to meet its demise with this guy :P (make sure you have space). And +1 dmg from the Juggler.
Repentance : Good mid/late game lulz; lots of times i end with this say turn 6 after placing minions down and attacking all so quick. And then i let my opponent make the mistake of crap i didnt notice that (kek).
Lightwarden: Its so meta to distract your opponent with this while having a Truesilver Champion on the table. one attack with 4 power and a heal, makes your 1/2 into a 3/2. Then add a little spice of Earthen Ring Farseer or late game Guardian Kings and makes her much more useful. Typically, you will get more out of her and draw quick aggro. Adding a Bloodsail Raider just adds to the confusion.

Control / Clear
Whats a paladin Deck without a late game Conc or Hammer of wrath or in general. It helps contend those Randomly showing up murlocs I tell you.
Whats a control deck with out Taunts, Sunfury protector and Defender of Kings are just too good to not have it early, mid, or late game surprise control.

Truth be told / Swapable minions
Maybe you want a sword of justice?
Maybe you want a late game Avenging Wrath.
Or Ancient watchers (more effective i know, I dont have any)

Im sure there is more to write, but let me think how much this suck (after you tried it, in its full 30/30 format)