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Tempo/Midrange Warrior (Rank 3 legend) Multiple...

  • Last updated Jun 10, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 9040
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/30/2016 (Old Gods)
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Hey, here's the list i made and piloted to rank 3 legend. Multiple other players made top 100 legend with the list, (such as Chinoize, Cipher and Dazzar). Also now being piloted by Orange to great success as Dreamhack Austin

For anyone looking for more detail check out this guide made by @coL_Sottle



For proof check my twitter - twitter.com/TPG_BoarControl

So here are my stats - all games were played between rank 3 and 200 legend


To those asking for gameplay check Xzirez's channel, he spectated quite a lot - check the vods of twitch.tv/vbsof . Also just watch his stream he's an amazing miracoli rogue player.

Card replacements 

EDIT - Swapped 1 Arathi (from original list, kork from most recent) for Harrison Jones

Facing lots of weapon classes on ladder, felt this was needed. Tech out when weapon classes fall in popularity

Cairne/Malkorok can swapped for either of the Hoggor cards. Unfortunately legends have unique effects which means some are irreplaceable.

Rough Mulligan Guide



When mulliganing cards it is important to consider your curve and opponents curve

VS Aggro

Blood to ichor, smith, monkey, ravaging, slam

VS Midrange

Frothing, ghoul, smith, slam, monkey

VS Control

Acolyte, battle rage, execute

I would only keep a 4 drop if my hand already had a great curve

There are multiple ways to deal small amounts of damage with this deck. It is essential to try and plan ahead by saving a grom activator or trying to set a minion to 2 hp for axe on turn 4.

Weapon usage - had a few questions about this

Ok, so unless there is an obvious target on board for the weapon then if you can start to push for lethal with either rag or grom (or both) I would start aiming face with the weapons. Try and think a few turns in advance with the lethal set up. Also if you have lots of weapons in hand you might as well push face rather than overiding them. Having said that you will not outvalue most control decks so don't worry about overiding weaker weapons for a greater tempo push and to threaten lethal. Quite often you need to go all in and hope for no heal or taunt or a rag 50/50 to beat n'zoth pala

Why Cairne over Syl?

Idea of deck is to be ahead on board by turn 6 so Sylvannus doesn't make sense, you want Cairne to prevent mass board removal.


6/5 body is about 5 mana so any weapon worth over 2 mana and you making a profit on the mana usage, statistically this card is great and can single handedly win games. Having said that try to play when miles ahead since cursed blade.

Value chart - https://imgur.com/l0W3aOn

Kor'kron elite or Arathi

So Arathi has 2 points of charge and you face takes damage rather than the minion. You wont be overiding a weapon on turn 4. Its is MUCH better vs aggro since the weapon can kill most things. However vs control kork as extra burst potential will be better. Having one of each makes sense since arathi has diminishing returns with all the other weapons in the deck

Black Night

Very few classes are playing taunts on 5,6 so black night has too few targets to see play in the current meta


Individual match up

There are multiple ways to deal small amounts of damage with this deck. It is essential to try and plan ahead by saving a grom activator or trying to set a minion to 2 hp for axe on turn 4.

Hunter (presume midrange) 60% win rate

Hunter has very weak low hp minions which is perfect for this deck. Simply clear the hunetrs board and try to play around an unleash comeback. Prepare for key turns such as turn 4 houndmaster, turn 6 highmane and turn 8 call of the wild. These are very predictable plays, use this to your advantage and play around them. Utilise armorsmith and taunts to stay out if range of burst. Play around kodo.


Mage (presume tempo) 70% win rate

Best match up. Very important to try and get weapons to deal with vulnerable yet strong minions. Try and always have a way to deal with flamewaker. Try and save an execute for antonitas/rag in late game

Mage (freeze) 80% win rate

draw armorsmith and rag = free win

try and cycle you deck and save armorsmith for big ww turns

Warlock (zoo) 70%

Whirlwind effects are KEY, keep arathi weaponsmith. Try and keep one in hand to deal with forbidden ritual. Try and swing board turn 3/4.


Warlock (reno) 60%

Try and continuously pose threats to the warlock. Try and protect your frothing beserker, these can attract premium removal and let rag/grom stick. Try not to overcommit to twisting nether to mctech or shadowflame, whilst still posing a threat.


Priest - (presume Concede) 75%

Frothing beserkers again are key in this match up. Since priest has weak early game you can gain board with ease. Watch out for auchenai circle combo, but otherwise you can commit wide to the board. The priest deck only contains 2 deaths and you have far too many threats. Try and play around cabal by enraging bloodhoof.


Warrior - (presume Patron) 60%

So this deck has no clean tool to clear patrons, you can axe and slam, however the best strategy is to try and gain the board so that you have minions readily available to trade with the patron.


Paladin (presume N'zoth) 60%

This is arguable the hardest match up for this deck. You need to try hard to play around huge tempo swings from Stampeding Kodo. DO NOT PLAY FROTHING ON 3. this plays into truesilver and throws your win condition. only play frothing if you have seen a truesilver or if its behind a taunt. Frothing can force an equality leaving your rag and varian to crush the paladin,


Rogue (miracle) 66%

Make sure you have a way to deal with tomb pillager and frothing. Try and pressure the rogue by committing heavily to the board and trying to present lethal by the time they play gadgetzan.


Shaman (presume midrange) 65%

Very tough match up, often comes down to tuskar rng and drawing war axe. Try and swing the game turn 4 with an execute play on the 7/7 faceless.


Druid (presume c'thun) 60%

It is essential to save executes for high hp targets ( 7 or more), You can often gain board with favourable trades vs bad c'thun minions.


Any feedback is greatly appreciated