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#1 Legend Loyan's Bloodlust Shaman [WoG] Cheap

  • Last updated Jun 6, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Midrange Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 1740
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/29/2016 (Old Gods)
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http://prnt.sc/aybmlk - proof

Follow the stream - www.twitch.tv/loyan     (streaming daily, high legend gameplay)




Hey Guys


I'm Loyan, not the biggest Hearthstone masochist anymore because Shaman seems to be good and

some of you already know that I achieved #1 Legend for April 2016 on Europe. You may also blame me for making ladder so unfunny but due to many requests I decided to write this guide.


Let's start with the decklist and go through some cards inside and some common questions about it:




Some people call it aggro, others midrange, but I just call it Bloodlust (which is something in between). The way you win with this deck is by getting board control and never giving it away. In the early phase of the game you want to build the board, and my idea is to always have 4 one drops and 4 two drops with Flametongues in this hard aggro meta.

Without a doubt, the best one drops for Shaman are Tunnel Trogg and Argent Squire.

Tunnel Trogg has perfect 1/3 stats, which work perfectly with Flametongue and have added synergy with plenty of cards in the deck, including Totem Golem and Feral Spirit.

Argent Squire has to be the second best pick just because of Flametongue.


Following that we’ve got Totem Golem and Flame Juggler. Totem Golem is an obvious pick, but why Flame Juggler? He's way too broken not to take advantage of him. One random dmg at turn 2 is an insta-Knife Juggler for Shaman due to stats which work with Flametongue(higher hp than dmg). All these are supported by Rockbiter Weapon, giving us a solid early game.


We don't have that many high cost units in this deck. Faceless and Thing from Below are the highest-cost ones; however, Thing is most often played for 3 or less. It's hard to say if this deck has late-game potential, because from what I’ve experienced you never go to fatigue (in literally 500 games my enemy has never gone into fatigue). So knowing this, you want to end this at or by mid game. Tuskarr Totemic works excellently at building the board, and if you win the 2/7 roll at turn 3 to get Mana Tide or Totem Golem, you most likely won the game. Faceless is really powerful played on curve with 7/7 stats, and especially with the BGH nerf. Our mid game is supplemented with Hex (which gives you tons of tempo) and Thing from Below, which most of the time you play for literally 0.


Most of my questions are about Cult Master and I’ve gotta say that she's really strong, since we have so many taunts. I rarely find myself in the situation of having Cult Master stuck in my hand for the entire game. She just plays the role of „sealing the game”, something like Ysera.


The other question asked frequently is on the lack of Fire Elementals. In my opinion, people just got too used to him. In a lot of decks he’s just too slow and the stats are simply not that amazing. In a Bloodlust deck there is no place for him. If you want to make a more late Bloodlust deck you should just put Valiants for control matchups.



Replacements are only needed when there is a shift to a more control-based meta.


For control meta:

-1storm (2nd storm just replace with Master of Evolution)

-Replace Doomhammer with Al'Akir

-Change Azure to Harrison when you see a lot of N'zoth pal and war

-Replace 1x Squire and 1x Flame Juggler or Totem Golem withValiants


(Honestly, I would just play a different deck but if you love this one then yeah, just make these changes.)




Fast notes:


  • 2x Bloodlust is too many

  • Because you’re maintaining board control most of the time, and due to favorable trades – one storm is okay. 1 is enough (playing 2 because of hard Shaman meta)

  • What if I lose board? I need 2 storms! No you don't, it's Hearthstone and you can't win every game. Bloodlust Shaman badly depends on board control, so if you keep finding yourself in situations which require Storm you most likely lost anyway.

  • You don't have Tunnel Trogg? Truly the only replacment is $9.99 I'm sry : <

  • 2x Azure Drakes with only 2 spells? HOW IS THAT :O Stop this thinking that tells you to put Azure Drakes only when you have spells in deck. It’s literally the best draw for Shaman; obviously, you rarely play it at turn 5, but it’s the best thing you can topdeck.

  • Evolve doesn't match the deck at all

  • I'm not gay


If we’re done with this part, let's talk about match ups and muligans.



Some stats (from the last 3 days):




Paladin may look too high but don't forget about Aggro Pal, which this deck just doesn't lose to.

Mage is literally the worst because of Flamestrike

Warlock stats would be worse against Renolock, but Zoo isn't that big of a deal.


The rest is what it looks like.




So mulligans are really simple. You just want early drops, always.




Let's start with the easiest ones but before we go into that, whenever you see „early drops” in a mulligan it means: Rockbiter Weapon, 1-drops, 2-drops and Flametongue if you have a 1 or 2 drop.



Against Druid you want to keep early drops and one Hex due to Innervate. He has problems wiping your board, so getting some tempo in mid game with Hexes on units like Ancient of War is enough to win you the game. Just put as much on the board as possible, no need to be worried about overextending. Faceless at turn 4 is really strong.


C'thun Druid – Easy

Aggro Druid – Easy


Hunter is, most of the time, won by turn 2 because of Flame Juggler. You get to kill his 1 drop for free and get board control. With tempo gain on Savannah with Hex and no good AoE on his end, this match-up is as easy as Druid. Watch out for beasts before turn 4 to deny Houndmaster’s Battlecry. Just go for early drops when you mulligan. Be careful about Faceless at turn 4 due to Freezing Trap and play around turn 5 Princess Huhuran.


Aggro Hunter – Good

Mid/Control – Easy


Rogue after nerfs became pretty simple. Muligan always for early drops and don't hesitate to Hex Tomb Pillager (most of the time this is their best unit) No tricks here, just put on as much pressure as possible and rather avoid playing Faceless at turn 4 if you’ve got any other move. Sap is just too strong here.


Any Rogue – Easy


Let's go into some more difficult match-ups:


Playing against Paladin badly depends on the first few turns; a good Doomsayer will most likely lose you the game, and that's why you should avoid playing Coin early. Hexing him is sometimes good but it's up to you to decide, depending on the board and your hand. Don't overextend and play Doomhammer asap to get value. Don't be scared to tank units with it and never play around Harrison; if they have it, so be it – you lost. Faceless at turn 4 is not amazing due to Aldor. Mulligan always for early.


Against Aggro, remember to always clear the board due to buffs at turn 4. Don't play around Consecration. Flame Juggler is just op against their 1-drop. Beware of Blood Knight turn 3, so trade with your Squire if you can. Play your hand asap to circumvent Divine Favor.


Control – Not good

Aggro – Easy




Mulligan for early to kill Cleric asap. If she doesn’t get out of control over the first few turns, this game is winnable. Try to play around Excavated Evil, but playing around Circle at turn 4 is most likely pointless. Don't forget about Cabal Shadow Priest and play Doomhammer asap to help your board. Overextend only to set up lethal.


Control – Not good

Dragon – Good



Shaman is most likely the most tilting one. It all depends on the first 3 turns and so you should mulligan for early drops. Always trade totems due to Flametongue. Try playing around Storm and never play around ED. Keep his Hex in mind when playing Faceless at turn 4. Can't find anything else that could help.


Control – Awful

Aggro – Okay

Midrange - Good



Warrior is most likely the only match-up where I keep Flametongue if I know it's the Control version. Turn 4 Faceless might not be the best due to Execute. Remember that Revenge gets a bonus at 12hp, so always avoid it. After the first Brawl you should just play as many minions as possible – if he has a second Brawl, so be it, you lost. Play with your totems as much as possible and don't play Doomhammer if you don't need it. They just all play Harrison and if you get it – you lose. Muligan for early. Maybe keep Flametongue without 1/2 drops.


Against Tempo, you should be aware of Battle Rage, so even dealing one dmg at turn 1 may lose you the game. No other tricks


Control – Not good

Aggro – Easy

Tempo – Okay



Warlock badly depends on the matchup. Zoo is okay because it's all about board control and you win that early. Try to play around Sea Giant and don't be scared to Hex Imp Gang Boss if it's too awkward to trade.


Against Reno, beware of Doomsayer when you Coin early. In this match-up you should just yolo and pray that he doesn't get Hellfire. Mulligan for early in both match-ups.


Aggro – Okay

Reno – Awful


The last matchup is Mage:


Due to Flamestrike you just hate Mage. Try to bait it at turn 7 by overextending a little bit, and if he doesn't have it just end him asap. Mulliganing for early plus Hex is not that bad due to Flamewaker.

No tricks here, just hope he doesn't have good Flamewaker rolls and Flamestrike. Try to finish him before he plays Yogg.


Tempo – Not good.




I didn't want to make to write tons of lines about match-ups, just tricks if there are any.





At the end wanted to let you know that I'm streaming daily on twitch – www.twitch.tv/loyan so if you want to see some shaman high legend gameplay just come by and say hi scrub.


Www.twitter.com/loyanscrub – you may also want to follow my twitter


I just wanted to say thanks for whole support i got from shaman lovers I guess we made him good again.