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C'thun priest (easy rank five anti meta)

  • Last updated Nov 12, 2017 (Marin's Treasure)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: C'Thun Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 6240
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/26/2016 (Old Gods)
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Hey guys Mr. Savge here now that the expansion is here so is C'thun. here is my C'thun priest 

Am calling it anti-meta because it is. I have played 10 games with it won 9. Now i know this scale is small and i will play more in the future,. 

The current meta seems to be face shaman, deathrattle hunter, and C'thun warrior and druid. 

This deck has enough early game and healing to handle any aggressive deck. 

Many of the C'thun decks out there don't add in card draw and i see it when i play this deck has plenty of card draw and for this reason control was never an issue for me.

short video

New video shows the power of this deck against many types of decks beat a heavy control warrior with the anti aggro version of this deck! Please sub to my channel so i can make more videos in the future. 

Khristophesaurus Dinosaurus  won against C'thun druid and deathrattle rouge

Made some deck changes removed one shadow word pain, acolyte of pain, twilight elder and cabal.

Added in .

2nd loot hoarder i found to much my acolyte only getting one card and this has more attack to kill early on aggresion. 

2nd death i find myself playing more control decks and with most of the aggro decks being face shaman this handles the new 7/7 minion and sea giant against zoo.

Brann Bronzebeard, he has so much synergy in the deck especially if an aggro player leaves him alive you can heal for 20 or with twin emperor get another taunt out. 

Doomcaller, a card that can be control head on by itself play it to revive your C'thun 

The deck i created is more geared towards anti fast decks here is another version still good aginst aggro but should beat control a lot easier.  

link= http://imgur.com/tyDjUWr



The meta right now is full of face shaman and C'thun decks and some zoo. This is what i will cover right now in my guide. As more decks start to get popular i will add them as well.

If you find yourlself playing a lot of aggro check out my new aggro destroyer. 

link= http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/508000-anti-aggro-control-healidin

Face shaman(favored)scummiest deck out there and everyone's favorite to beat. If your playing a lot of face shaman. I would consider replacing one loot hoarder for one ooze.

Mulligan= northshire, pain, beckoner, are the best. Loot hoarder, Brann, Disciple, twilight elder, and power word shield if you already have a minion that you keep in your hand.  if you have the coin and 2 minions already i would keep death to stop the 4 mana 7/7.

Play style= Put your minions down early and always trade till you have full control of the board. Make sure you buff up your C'thun to 10/10 so by turn five you can play Darkmender. Try to set up Brann so you can heal for 20 with darkmender. As long as you have some early game minions to trade and then play a darkmender on turn five or six, you should be fine, make sure to play minions over just healing the face unless dire. Face shaman has so much burn in the deck, you have to kill him at some point to. Often if you can survive till turn 10 you play C'thun and win. 

Zoo.(Favored) Not many of these out there now check out my video for tips!

Mulligan= same as shaman, northshire, pain, beckoner, are the best. Loot hoarder, Brann, Disciple, twilight elder, and power word shield if you already have a minion that you keep in your hand. If you have 2 other minions to play i would keep an excavated evil or holy nova.

Play style= Use your minions early on to trade, keep the board clear so they can't use Power overwhelming or really cheap sea giants. Often times this game is over as soon as they flood the board and you have a board clear to stop them. Again make sure your C'thun is a 10/10 by turn five or six so you can play your healing and taunts.

C'thun decks (Favored) This will include druid and warrior as they are the most popular if you run into a warrior or druid you can assume its C'thun. If your playing a lot of these check out my more anti control version posted above 

Mulligan= Again just looking for early game same as with Shaman=northshire, pain, beckoner, are the best. Loot hoarder, Brann, Disciple, twilight elder, and power word shield if you already have a minion that you keep in your hand. Since the game is slower keep Acolyte as well, and if you have the coin and 2 four drops i would keep as well. try to play on curve so having a 2,3,4 drop in your opening hand is a keep.

Play style= Play your early game minions and trade favorably. If your ahead and have C'thun in you hand push for face damage to try to finish them off, Be aware if you playing against a reno version or not if you are try to OTK them with C'thun, and if your runnning my Anti control version use doomcaller only once C'thun has died, unless you have no other play and are falling behind. Most other C'thun decks lack card draw so they will run out of steam ussually by turn 8 or 9 in my experience. Make sure you keep an entomb or death handy at all times once it is turn nine even if they have another minion out try to deal with it another way because if they play C'thun and you dont have Death or entomb you loose. Often times they will play C"thun and it wont kill you in one turn, then you just kill it and you essantially one especcialy if there topdecking just death or entomb it and heal yourself up, in most C'thun decks C'thun is there only win condtion.

Thanks for reading. If there are more decks that are becoming common right in the commnets and i will try to cover it as soon as possible. I am going to make more vidoes showing you how to play some of the more popular decks.