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Old Gods Dragon Priest

  • Last updated May 1, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Dragon Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 7880
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/26/2016 (Old Gods)
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 Dragon Priest remains a fairly stable deck through the change to standard with not too many changes.  I do constantly update this deck to how the meta feels.

General Tricks/Tips: 

1. Try to play the Dragon Lord D-wing with a Ysera in hand.  I think I played against one opponent who was prepared for that. Also you wont get your dragon battle crys from the D-Lord deathattle. 

2. You can SW:D your own Sylvanas to steal their fatty. Works pretty well vs Cthun.

3. Be VERY aware of the presence of Dragons in your hand.  I make the mistake sometimes of playing the Twilight Guardian after he buffs my early guys but then doesnt buff himself. 

4. Try to be stingy with your removal.  You have good cards for it but only a couple so only use it on the targets that really matter.  You'll need to get used to the match-ups for this.

5. Off the Curator I generally select either shifting shade, sylvanas, chillmaw, Cairne or Deathwing.  You see the first 3 all the time. Most of the other minions aren't great so use your judgement if you don't get any of those 5.



The cthun druid is one of the worst matchups, though not unwinnable they have many minions with 4 health and high toughness, forcing hard removal that needs to be saved for C'thun or Ancient of Wars.  All I can say is try to push face a bit more because late game against this deck is very very difficult. As I just watched Kripp say on-stream with his "interesting" priest deck: "How the fuck is priest supposed to beat this." Maybe you'll get lucky thoughtsteals etc.


Hunter's seem to be rare these days and the only I have seen is of the deathrattle variety.  Important things to note are to save entomb for Savannah High Manes, get early minions out and dont lose tempo, and turn 8 is more than likely goign to be call of the wild, which can be very difficult to deal with.


There are two very different varieties of mage I see. First is the Freeze Mage.  Some of this is very luck based but To improve your odds, dont play to heavily into the board, but dont hold back to the point where you not popping ice blocks.  I know minions in general dont have too high attaack.  Try to keep minions above flamestrike range with PW:S and save SW:P for the Doomsayer turn.  Second is the Spell Mage thing.  Excatvated evils are pretty good here, just make sure you keep a high conservative life total and save SW: P for those fire shooter guys. 


This deck seems very good against both forms of paladin I've seen. The Control/Nzoth Pally match up requires a bit of finesse. Again here don't play too heavily into the board.  Save your SW:Ds for the Raganros(s) and entomb specifically for Tirion Fordring.  If you do this Nzoth will not bring him back and you eventually get one of your own. You could also SW:D your own sylvannas and steal him.  Save your excavated evils for the N'zoth turn.  You'll  probably need both of them.  The divine shield paladin just loses to your taunts and AoEs. Use SW:P on the guy that gives shields out like candy.


I hate the mirror match-up.  I would say 80% of the time its control/C'thun priest though.  Against this deck you need to play tempo early but late in the game be aware that your low drops are susceptible to Cabal Shadow Priest. You MUST save removal for C'thun and try to have Y'sera or Deathwing out to soak damage.  Be aware of their entombs As they are the only clean way they have to deal with Y'sera. Also don't let your life get too low. You need to hero power yourself behind your taunts in the late game or C'thun will make quick work of you.  Against Dragon Priest just think about what you could draw to destroy your own board state and play around that.


I have not played against enough Miracle rogues to Give decent advice.  Just be aware of sap and your own health total.  Try to keep taunts down and save twilight drake + excavated evil to kill concealed auctioneers.  The deathrattle matchup seemed kind of diffficult.  They can out value a lot your deck.  Play decently on curve and dont let the game last too long because, unlike against Paladins, you probably can't save your excavated evils for the N'Zoth turn.


Shaman is very draw dependant. You must have a good low-curving hand and draw your excavated evils in a timely manner.  Keep an eye on your life total.  They can combo kill you from a very high health total, or just cheese with bloodlust.  You must keep board control and use your SW:Ds on those 7/7s (using on the 5/5 taunts can work too). If you get any overload cards from them make sure you factor that into your next turn(s).


There are two locks I see on ladder.  Reno/Cthun and Zoo.  Zoo is very VERY draw dependant on your end. As with Shaman you need to curve low and draw into excavated evils.  Keep the board as clear as you can. Save SW:D for Sea Gaints (some play doomguards) and SW:P for Darkshire councilman.  Against the Reno lock its a bit more tame.  Since its Reno their lists can vary wildly but you can play around a few things they're sure to have.  Board wipes, C'thun, Reno, and Twin Emperors.  One neat trick is if you get two excavated Evils in their deck they may forget that fact and it will turn off Reno.


I've seen many different warrior decks on ladder but the two most common are Cthun/Control and Patron.  In my games you typically can out value both. Patrons are just terrrible against excavated evil and Chillmaw. Just be away of your life total and the 10-12 damage a sudden Grom can do.  For control warrior don't pay attention to their armor (except for counting for shield slams).  They will likely reach very high amounts but you should have the tools to grind them out.  Its a very similar feel to playing against NZoth Paladin.  They have a couple mid range creatures,  then maybe 4 late game threats (including Cthun) and 5-6 Removal Spells: 2 Execute, 2 Shield Slam, 1-2 Brawls. Try to save the entomb for the C'thun.


Edit 1: I took out the Northshire Clerics in favor of PW:Ss.  It was very rare that I drew more than one card with the clerics so we'll focus on giving our dragons more hp as a cantrip.  Also since I replaced one holy nova the odds of getting a big draw go down. On that note I took out one Holy Nova for an Excavated Evil. This is mostly because 3 damage kills patrons and I was seeing several patron warriors on ladder.  The aggro decks generally aren't going to want to play the copy you give them as it will wipe all their totems/imps as well etc. I took out one Cabal Shadow Priest to add in another SW:D.  Those 4 mana 7/7s just demanded a more consistent answer. Finally I switched the Darkshire Alchemist for a Blackwing Corrupter.  After some play I found the board control from the dragon-dependant fire elemental much stronger than gaining 5 life.

Edit 2: I switched out the last Cabal Shadow Priest for a Chillmaw.  I've been seeing a crazy amount of zoo lock and nothing says screw you zoolock better than an excavated evil attached to a 6/6 taunt.

Edit 3: I replaced a Blackwing Tech and a Holy Nova to put in Brann Bronzebeard and a second Excavated Evil. The change to Brann is more experimental and has yielded average results.  The Excavated Evil I felt was necessary as the difference between a 2 and 3 damage wipe is immense vs shaman and warlock.  Not to mention it can replace one of their draws with something relatively useless for them.  

PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS if you can think of any criticisms.