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Ultimate Sexy Deck

  • Last updated Mar 31, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Theorycraft
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 5240
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/31/2016 (Explorers)
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So I wanted to start off by saying, I think the development team has done a pretty great job with female development in Hearthstone. They are diverse, interesting, and sexy. From Jaina to Secret Keeper the female cast reflects a large spectrum of player fantasies. 

SO...Blast your opponents with hot, naughty girls just looking for fun!  While the opposition is distracted by the curves and cleavages of these beautiful concubines of magic and mystery, go for the money shot with Azeroth's girls gone wild!  

This deck centers around the hottest hero, Jaina! She is flashing all the right parts to get your opponents off their guard.  The men want her, women hate her, and dads are having long talks with their kids on why it isn't ok to sit on his lap right now, (damn Jaina for being so shallow!) Velera was so close but she didn't nearly have enough sexy cards to blow anyone away.  

So the base of this deck centers around the "Hardcore Four:

Secretkeeper-I think we know what the secret is...  This one drop is instant sexy, a turn one knock-out!  They'll stare as their fuse works towards it's explosive climax.

Master of Ceremonies-Once she blows the horn, the party really gets started!

Silver Hand Regent-She inspires all the Silver Hand Recruits on guard and ready for action!

Windfury Harpy-Despite having nasty chicken hands and feet, there ain't no shame in thinking about whether you prefer breast or thigh meat!

Next tier is the "If You're Into that Kind of Thing" tier.  Swap ladies to fit the peculiar fetish of ladder climbers

Sylvanas Windrunner-Never has a women so cold been so hot!  She'll make a part of you go rigor mortis.

Priestess of Elune-The pungent smell of incense sets the mood, as this sensual babe dances in the moonlight.  She has feelings but only for tonight...

Bloodsail Raider-Plunder this beauty's booty but remember who is really in charge!

Mana Addict-Hey fellas, her vacant soul sucking face is up here! See what a girl will do for a hit of mana.

Pint-Sized Summoner-Big things come in small packages! So, do you think you have a big thing?

Last Tier is the "Good Girls Gone Bad" tier.  They seem a little standard but are just looking for the right player to go wild with.

Argent Squire, Scarlet Crusader-They're just looking to sheathe the sword of right knight.

Lastly, what makes my Mage Deck stick out are the spells.

Spellbender-Cast all over her 1/3! Spells will be the only thing she can bend!

Frostbolt, Blizzard, Ice Block-These girls cool you down before heating you up, (but not in the Icy Hot way because that ends up being a little too hot...) 

Duplicate-What is sexier than a Secretkeeper? Two Secretkeepers! Now you know why you only get one "hand" in Hearthstone.

Counterspell- OK, she'll probably bore you with endless chatter on veganism, art, and feminism but she's still hot right?

Feel free to play around with this deck if you like!  Be careful though, the more you play with it the harder it gets.