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[s25 Meta] Good Ol' Handlock

  • Last updated Apr 4, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7500
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/28/2016 (Explorers)
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Good Ol' Handlock, just like you like it!

Except this version is PLAYABLE REALLY GREAT in the meta (no joke)


A bit about me...

I am a long time hearthstone player (been here since the second month outta beta), and have hit legend twice so far. I plan on becoming more involved in the game, though I am a bit short on time due to my studies and sports.

 Plans for the Deck:

  • If we get a big response, then I can put together a good guide for the deck 

^^^^^^^Done :)

  • If tons respond, I can also do some more testing, revise the deck, and create a mulligan guide <= coming after 40 upvotes <3


How do you play? (General Game Plan):

Biggest Key: When playing the deck in most matchups, the hardest but most important this to do is balance your tempo with value. If you use too much tempo against an aggro deck, you may get burnt out early and just lose. At the same time, if you focus too much on value and conserving your resources, you will just get out tempoed and lose. This problem no matter the matchup will continue to persist in almost everygame until you or your opponent gets lethal. With that said, the amount of value you generate from your plays can easily offset all these issues and make the reason that this deck is so good.

Unless up against aggro, the general plan is to tap until turn 4 and then play a Mountain Giant, Twilight Drake, or board clear. From here the deck turns somewhat into a midrange/control deck. The matchup a lot of times decides what the game plan will be. Generally, its to control the board as best you can and kind of just win through value. Against aggro you wil need to play more aggresively though without your molten giants can end up being a really hard game to win. Turn two or three darkbomb at a knife juggler is almost always a must no matter what class you are against. I would reccomend to play the deck 2 or 3 times in casual to get accustomed to how its played and over the course of 10-50 games you will really be able to understand how to play and what to do. The deck is not as complicated as the old patron warrior but isn't combo druid either. Over time though, you can easily master how to play. 


Mage- So the two main decks you will be facing from this class is freeze mage and tempo mage. Because tempo is the faster deck, it is more important to mulligan for. As a reult, it is important to try to keep darkbomb, possibly hellfire, and obviously your classic mountain giant/twilight drake for turn 4. In this matchup, it is important to do damage control, otherwise their tempo plays will spin out of control. Flamewaker, Apprentice, and Mana Wyrm are their scariest threats, so remove them as quickly and efficiently as you can. From there, you follow the same plan as you do with any other match up. The only other points to note is to try to play around their secret as best you can, which could include Duplicate, Mirror Entity, and/or Counter Spell. You also want to play around whatever combination of fireballs and frostbolts that could give the opponent lethal by healing. A last thing to know in the match up is to try to treat yourself as if you are already at 10 HP, because if you manage to good damage control in the early game, their win condition becomes much harder to get to. In terms of the freeze mage match up, you want to push as much damage as you can while also playing around their AOEs. You want to also save you heals to possibly combo with brann or wait until after Alexstazsa comes down. If they get an empereor turn off though with a lot of cards, it may be smart also to try to heal up to 25+ hp incase of some kind of of frostbolt combo lethal. The only other thing besides that is that Kezan is a keep in the mulligan (as it almost always wins the game), but overall a harder matchup to win.

Druid-  This is a very rough matchup. You want to mulligan hard for mountain giant and drake. Control the board in the mid game as best you can. Once you get to the point that they are at 9 mana, you may have to heal up out of combo range, but if there is no way to find a win if you do, you might just have to say your prayers and hope they don't have lethal. If you test for combo and they end up not having it, you can do your best to go all in and try to win, but because its such a rough match up, you can't expect to win too many games. The biggest thing is if you can't afford to play around something, don't. You will win more games that way than avoiding all their possible lethals. 

Paladin-  Basically just play as best you can, following the regular plan, no matter the deck type. Try to play around their secrets/uldamans as best you can. If its an aggro you probably lose though that deck is rare, and if its murloc just don't over extend too much and you've got a change. 

Warrior- If its patron, you win. Just conserve your clears and stay healthy, EZ. If it's control, try to get Jaraxxus out quickly, and play without overextendeing. you can win this match up just stick to the "plan."  

Priest-  This one gets a little funky if it's control. You won't them to play their auchenai's because the goal is to get Jaraxxus out as fast as you can. You can't really avoid getting lethaled if they have an Auchenai combo, but otherwise that is your ez pz win condition. Dragon matchup is pretty easy, just be a warlock and control board, control board and win. In both matchups, hold darkbomb for their northshire, otherwise, any gameplan is fair game. 

Warlock- Mirror be the mirror, against reno play around their leeroy combo, and against zoo just answer the early game. Besides that, just follow the heart of your cards and do your best. I believe in you <3!

Rogue- Wether the deck is Malygos or oil, you basically play around what you can and control the board as best you can. Heal out of range as best you can especially against Maly, otherwise not too hard of matchups to win.

Shaman- It's almost always face, so you probably just lose. Try to control the board in the early game as best you can and heal/taunt as much as possible. Otherwise, just hope for the best. 

Hunter- Against face you have a poor chance, just again heal, taunt and damage control as best you can. Midrange is a little easier to manage, just control board and follow the plan. Darkbomb hits knife juggler in both matchups, so focus that and boardclears in you mulligan along with the usual drake/mountain giant.


As with all decks in all matchups, don't overextend against control, and play around cards when you can. Easy, simple, done. Doing those two things will win games. Any matchup can (usually) be good or bad, depending on draws of you and your opponent. Just take control of the game turn 4 or 5, and basically win. Almost all decks can be trampled on by you! Show the meta who's BOSS!


Card Choice/Replacements:

Almost the whole deck is fairly standard, give or take a few cards. One of the biggest helps/new cards that is in the deck is Brann Bronzebeard, as your Antique Healbots now hit your face for 16 and Twilight Drakes get up to 4/19's. In terms of replacements, Alexstraza can be subbed for Lord Jaraxxus if you need, and plenty of tech choices can be changed, you really just need taunt, giants, heal, and finishers (oh and don't forget to tap ;) ).



Not any new deck changes to make certain yyet, but I have finished what I had planned for the deck explanation/guide. Read through it all again as I've tweaked, changed, and elaborated on a lot (new, quiality guide is in gameplan/matchups spoilers). Great job on the upvotes and constructed comments! I really am enjoying it! Thanks and keep it up! If we hit 40 upvotes I'll make a mulligan guide and no matter what I'll keep working with the guide to make it even better with more info. Enjoy! <3


Hoped it helped! Good luck laddering. If you hit rank 5 or above with the deck comment or message me and I'll put you up here! Definantly a deck that can hit legend!

Questions? Post in the comments! THANKS! <3

Proof Rank 5 (Click here)

Proof for Rank 4 Now (Click Here)

^^^from end of s24 btw



  • Edited some small things, change shadowflame for hellfire, and gave update.
  • Made guide much better, tweaked all the info