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(Easy rank 5 anti meta)Shadow Form Priest

  • Last updated Mar 31, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 5840
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/24/2016 (Explorers)
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My name is Mr. Savage666. I have reached legend twice, and this season I have created a meta killer, Shadow Form priest. 

The meta is full of zoo,warrior,secret paladin, tempo mage, and some face shaman and midrange druid.

This deck destroys paladin tempo mage warrior and zoo. Okay against shaman and druid.

Warning!!!! this deck is hard to use and takes some practice to know when to use board clears and most importantly when to play shadow form.

Full Guide at 20 upvotes. Thanks a bunch guys 


if i get enough subs, i will upload more videos on this and other decks i make in the future!


video 2 this one is worth watching 3-0 against some of the best decks on ladder!!

link= https://youtu.be/F4k7S5xH9UQ. Please subscribe, and will make more videos 

Last video; really long game vs fatigue warrior 

link=  https://youtu.be/YqegAoOswWg

Full guide.

I am going to list all the decks in the current meta and how to deal with each one 

Warrior (very favored)= since going into a match you don't know whether its patron or control this is a mulligan guide for warrior in general. Most of the warriors these days are control though.      With no coin= shadow word pain, shadow form, deathlord, Elise Starseeker, acolyte of pain.  with coin= same as no coin, but if you have a coin and at least one of the cards listed above, keep death, one entomb, belcher.matchup tips= control= just try to control the board, don't bother going face this game is going to fatigue.  

matchup tips= control= just try to control the board, don't bother going face this game is going to fatigue.  try to draw as little as possible however if they are drawing a lot don't be afraid to get one or two cards out of acolyte. Entomb will help you in the fatigue war and is your answer to ysera. Don't entomb Boom if you don't have a entomb for ysera, just try to death him or use lightbomb.  You want to get shadow form out as quickly as possible, but dont use it unless you will get instant value from it, for example on turn five you might both have belchers out, use shadow form then your hero power for a total of five mana. This is a value game and you want to get as much as possible.

Patron= only ran into one or two in my time using this deck, use pain on acolyte, or armorsmith, dread corsair or a frothing berserker if it wasn't buffed yet. the key is to deal with the patrons, since you have four board clears you shouldn't have to much trouble. the only trouble you will run into is loatheb and grommash. try to keep the board clear so loatheb doesnt kill you, and keep your health out of grom range, this will vary depending if they have death's bite out or how many inner rages they used. if you have a taunt out he won't be trouble.

Warlock(favored)=  most of the warlocks these days are zoo and you absolutely destroy zoo and renolock is winnable to depends if there running the combo version or not.

Muligan= without coin=pain, chow, acolyte, deathlord, unstable ghoul,                                         With coin= look for senjin, excavated evil, death. zoo= super easy matchup 

zoo= super easy matchup, the only way zoo can win is if the get ahead on board, so control the board and dont worry about face damage. use pain to deal with knife juggler, dire wolf alfa, and best of all img gang boss, having 2 pains in this matchup is huge. play deathlord to trade into most of their minions in the early game and belcher medic in the mid game. cabal is huge in this matchup, use her to steal imp gang boss or a nerubian egg, if you have no other play stealing a imp or derk peddler is correct. use entomb vuljin, and death to deal with sea giants and doomgaurds.

Reno lock= this matchup is  going to depend on whether they run combo or not. control the board early on and try to stay ahead, shadow from is huge in this matchup and will help you control the board and keep your mionions alive. if they are not running combo, then try to keep board control so they cant play jaraxxus, if you are ahead on board you should just be able to race them. 

Mage( favored)= almost all the mages these days are tempo never ran into freeze mage once while playing this deck, so i will not cover it.

Muligan=with no coin shadow word pain, deathlord, zombie chow,                                                with coin= add excavated evil, cabal, senjin, acolyte. Tempo= use pain to deal with mana worm sorcerers apprentice and flame walker 

Tempo= use pain to deal with mana worm sorcerers apprentice and flamewaker. deathlord is huge because they will have to burn a fireball to kill him. use cabal to steal mad scientist, or flamewaker. try to trigger mirror entinty with acolyte zombie chow unstable ghoul or tournament medic. If you have the coin i would save it to try to trigger the counterspell. dont be afraid to play shadow form into counterspell. its better that than loosing excavated evil. Excavated evil is huge, because it kills all their minions besides flamewaker. use entomb or death on archmage and your good to go. 

paladin(favored)= almost every paladin is secret, i ran into one murloc paladin. Murloc paldin is an auto lost, if you can etomb both of their war leaders you have a chance. 

Mulligan= with no coin, acolyte deathlord pain ghoul chow, if you have at least one of those I would also keep excavated evil.                                                                                                              with coin= senjin, belcher, excavated evil. 

guide= use deathlord, chow, ghoul, and pain to control the early game. them having no board on turn five is huge, because then if they play challenger on turn six the avenge will automatically hit him and you can just entomb death or voljin. try to save an entomb for tirion because if you death him they will have a weapon that can do 15 damage to you. the important thing to know is that they have no direct damage so once there in topdeck mode just try to kill them to avoid divine favor topdeck. dont be afriad to play shadow form as long as it gets instant value like killing a knife juggler.


shaman( 50/50)= the scummiest deck out there. this will depend on what cards you have early on.   

mulligan= pain, chow, deathlord. with coin= add senjin, excavated evil, healbot medic.  

face= the way you win this is controling the early game use pain on totem golem and trogg. then try to control the other minions with chow and deathlord. excavated evil will clear feral spirits and trogg. if they get doomhammer then make sure to have taunts up. medic is huge in this because it will deal with small minions and make your hero power even better. if you are facing a lot of shaman, you could put a ooze in for ghoul.     

Druid( unfavored)= this matchup is winnable, the problem is many of there minions are hard to deal with because they have 4 health.

mulligan= chow, pain, deathlord, ghoul. with coin= add senjin, 

combo= try to stay ahead on board as much as possible, and don't worry about playing a lot of minions because they have no board clears. only play shadow form when you are ahead on board. keep you health out of combo range or have taunts up. don't be afraid to play a tempo cabal, just make sure to be ahead on board!!!!

priest( favored)= mostly control priests these days ran into 2 or three dragon priests.

mulligan= deathlord elise, chow, pain, shadow form. with coin= belcher senjin.

control= try not to draw too much because this game is going to fatigue. they will probably also play entomb so don't draw unless you need. only play monkey once most of there removal is gone. pain is super good in this matchup. kills deathlord northshire cleric even with velens chosen, and auchinais. go into shadow from mode as quickly as possible.

dragon= this matchup can be tricky because their minions have a lot of health. try to get there health down into board clear range. they have very little burst so you can take some damage. pain is super good in this matchup, it kill so many of there minions. dont be afraid to death a blackwing corrupter, they usually run very few threats make sure to have an entomb for ysera though. 

that should cover it all, if i missed a deck put it in the comments.and i could make a video of enough people ask for it.  this deck could for sure to you to legend. I don't have so much time to play so whenever i have a break i reach legend. played this on friday went 6 and 1 on rank five. so i believe this deck is more than capable and super good in the meta. 

thanks for reading.