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S24 [Top 250 Legend] Buffed Dragons

  • Last updated Apr 13, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7380
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/15/2016 (Explorers)
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Hi guys, KiwiiNbacon here. For those who don't know me, I'm a multiple time legendary player on the NA server. I also do deck showcase videos on youtube once in a while.

I wanted to present this deck that I played to legendary which was achieved on 15/03/16. 

Plz check this video. It shows the deck well + PASSAGE TO LEGEND

The point of the deck is to out value your opponent by playing very strong minions and keep board presence as long as possible. To assist with that goal, the deck includes a bunch of removal. This deck is good against aggro and control decks.

Playing for value will require for most part that you keep a dragon in your hand, but do not make the mistake of keeping Ysera or Chillmaw just for having a dragon in the hand. The opportunity cost of keeping them is far greater then the benefits they offer you.

I will update this deck in the future to add a match-up analysis



in your starting hand you will preferably want Northshire Cleric, Twilight Whelp, Wyrmrest Agent and Power Word: Shield

If you start second, you can also keep Velen's Chosen but it is preferable to already have other early game creatures.


Cards that can be removed are: Blackwing Technician, Dark Cultist, Lightbomb, (because of the soon to be standard mode) Chillmaw and Confessor Paletress if you dont have her.

They can be replaced by cards like: Shadow Word: Death, Deathlord, Dr. Boom or any other legendary dragon as you see fit. the exception being Nozdormu because he is really shit. Some people commented about Justicar True heart, and I think she can be a great replacement as well.especially if you don't feel like having 2 cabal shadow priests.


Face Hunter: You are favored, make sure to keep your taunts and early game minions, you will out trade him. Make sure to heal as much as possible.

Midrange Hunter: 50/50. You will need your light bomb as well as trying to entomb the highmane.

Rogue: 50/50. You want to to efficient trades as much as possible. Make sure to keep your cleric until a bit later in the game or it will get killed on turn 2. trade as efficiently as possible.

Zoolock: Favored. Like the face hunter, you will want to keep your taunts and early game minions. Velen's chosen is extremely good if you have a taunt up. Heal as much as possible

Renolock: Unfavored. Make sure to keep lightbomb and use it when he has the advantage on the board. Entomb giants and other large minions. watch out for board clear.

tempo mage: 50/50. Usually winnable if you get the board advantage early, make sure you will be able to trade his flame waker on turn 4 or 5 and heal your minions if you can.

Freeze mage: Very Unfavored. It is almost impossible to win against freeze mage with this deck. There are no real cards that counter this style of play in this deck. try to bait our removal with huge minions but apart from that there is not much more that can be done.

aggro shaman: 50/50. In this match up, you need your taunts. Mulligan for them hard. heal yourself as much as possible and try to go for face unless he has huge threats on the board like the trogg.

Secret paladin: 50/50. mulligan for early minions and keep lightbomb or entomb if you go second. you will want to have either or ready for turn 6 and try to clear his secrets b4 you steal or wipe the board.

Aggrodin: favored. In this match-up, you wanna out keep the board empty on the enemy side at all times. There are so many buffs in this deck that without minions, he is unable to play most of the time. heal when you can. Holy nova will be your best friend.

Patron warrior: Highly favored. It is quite easy to win this. Place your chillmaw on the board after he plays patrons and you are almost sure to win. Keep the light bomb for a potential second wave.

Control warrior: 40/60. It can be hard to win this match-up, but try to keep board presence and know how much removal he still has. he should run 2 executes and 2 shield slam. at least expect this. then try to bait the removal by buffing creatures or placing a big threat. Ysera will be your best bet to win, but if she get removed, the golden monkey will be your last resort. This game will most likely end with fatigue. Try to entomb grommash and justicar.

Priest: 50/50. it really depends on what deck he plays but you should be able to win by keeping board presence. watch out for turn 6 lightbomb by keeping high health on your minions.

Aggro druid: favored. Keep your taunts and try to heal as much as possible. try to buff creatures evenly as he could silence them. heal your minions and trade.

Combo druid: Unfavored. This game is so annoying to play. He will silence your minions, he will out trade you  and expect to lose on turn 9 if you have 14 hp or 22 if he didn't play innervate. To win, you have to place down taunts at the right moment. You also have to clear big minions and heal when you fall under 15 hp. keep your light bomb to clear potential shades.


Power Word: Shield: This card is very important in most priest decks. Not only It can help you win a trade by giving 2HP to a minion, but it also helps cycle.

Northshire Cleric: Main card draw mechanic of the deck, must have.

Twilight Whelp one of the best 1 drop in the game when the battlecry works, excellent early game dragon.

Wyrmrest Agent: 2/4 Taunt for 2. Good value, can sometimes trade 2 for 1.

Velen's Chosen: In my opinion, this card is probably the best buff in the game as it is cheap and helps for trades. I have won many games because this card's value alone.

Blackwing Technician: This card is fun to play with as it can be good value. Even more so when played with Brann Bronzebeard on the board.

Brann Bronzebeard: This is one of the main cards of this deck. It comboes with most dragons and a few other cards like all twilight dragons, the Azure Drake, blackwing Technician, Blackwing Corruptors and more. TL:DR much value, So gud.

Dark Cultist: This card is part of the deck as a strong 3 drop which doubles as an health buff.

Elise Starseeker: This card is a fair 4 drop which can help tremendously for the late game.

Twilight Drake: The has plenty of card draw and can also be buffed by Brann Bronzebeard.

Twilight Guardian: Staple in most dragon decks, and the taunt is quite effective with 6HP.

Holy Nova: Board clear, Excellent against aggro

Azure Drake: He is a dragon and he draws you card. Quite good if you ask me.

Blackwing Corruptor: I like this card as it can be quite versatile. Can use battlecry to remove an annoying minion or add more damage to face. He's even better with Brann Bronzebeard on the board.

Entomb: Excellent removal card, does not trigger deathrattles. Quite efficient.

Lightbomb: best board clear ever. nothing else to say except maybe watch out for spell damage. If you aren't an idiot like me, move along :D

Cabal Shadow Priest: Douche card by excellence. step 1: steal a minion. Step 2: laugh like BenBrode. Step 3: Profit

Chillmaw: Big body with taunt, Excellent card against aggro decks (AND PATRON WARRIOR)

Confessor Paletress: Very good card for late gameBrings Huge value to the board But can definitely be replaced with Dr.Boom.

Ysera: Big dragon, huge value, you will most likely win if stays on the board more than 2 turns.



If you liked this deck, plz check my new Reno Control Hunter deck



Don't forget to sub: https://www.youtube.com/user/CanadianRumPunch for more decks like this one in the future!

I hope you guys enjoy playing this deck as much as I did, and May the top decks be in your favor.