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[Paizuri] Warrior control:100% win rate against...

  • Last updated Apr 7, 2014 (Live Patch 4973)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 11920
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/7/2014 (Live Patch 4973)
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This is an anti meta deck I made. It actually have no bad match ups. I might find a slight problem with shaman but other than that, even druid don't stand much of a chance. 

Game Play for each card. 

Armorsmith:Try to muligen your armor smith asap. It is your best early card in the game. Against the current rush meta; whenever you get your armor smith early out, the hunters/zoo/rushlock will have a deep sigh.

Acolyte of Pain: Nuff said on this card, you can whrildwind it and drawcard. It can also trade efficiently with the current rush meta since most of them have 1 health. However, if you are against warlock, I suggest you to muligen them out. There's a chance they are rushlock and acolyte of pain is "too slow" and you will let them build up their momentum. 

Frothing Berserker: Best three drop in the game, try to get your opponent to waste their hard removal on this one so your late game legendary parade will stomp them hard.

Cruel Taskmaster: One of the most versatile 2 drop in the game, good against rush meta because that 1 damage can kill those monsters. which result in an efficient trade + 1. Buff your berserker to bait for removals, buff your acolyte of pain to draw card, last but not least buff your armor smith. 

Shield Block: Be mana efficient when using this card, I see a lot of players use this card at 4 mana. This card is extremely good but sometimes it's too good that players forgot to be "efficient". 

Execute: This card is basically a dead card against hunter which you will facing around 40~60% of the time depending on your rank. If you do get this card, try to use it whenever you have a chance, even if it's just a 1 drop minion. If you don't use it it will be dead. 

Slam: kill 2 drops, combo with whirldwind/execute. Sometimes at 10 mana you can slam your hellscream. rarely happen though. Save it for knife jug/flame imp against rushlock. 

Mogu'shan Warden: This is the card that you don't see in any other deck. This card basically spell TROUBLE for hunter. Kill command doesn't cut it, some might put in a sen'jin shieldmasta which could be killed by kill command but not this one. Moreover, almost all of the hunter's minion is 1 health, they are forced to do inefficient trade 100% of the time. The best trade they can hope for against this card is to use hunter's mark and sacrifice one of his minions. Other than facing hunters, this card can prolong a turn or two depending on your opponent. That one turn might mean you can play a ysera/alex/hellscream/baron. This card is extremely effective in the current meta. 

Fiery War Axe The worst mistake I find new player do is to use this weapon to attack minion with charge/leper gnome. You haveWhirlwind/Shield Slam/armor smith/Cruel Taskmaster to deal with it; or you can simply armor up. 

Brawl: This card is probably zoolock's worst nightmare. Whenever I play this card against zoolock it seals the game. Other than that is pretty funny when I have 1 minion and they have 5 minion and the RNG god favors me =). 

Gorehowl This card removes everything. Whirldwind + this card = bye bye to Ragnaros the Firelord. Although you will take 8 damage, I assume you armored up beforehand. This card can remove a lot of mid range minion as well. Especially effective against 4~7 drop minions. This card can Also act as an finisher. Play Alexstraza then next turnGorehowl perfect 15 damage. I can't even count how many times I win the game that way. 

Shield Slam: Serves as an early removal against rush, hard removals against control. great card. 

Baron Geddon: Really good against rush meta. After the first turn you want to hope your opponent to waste an hard removal on him. So your later legendarily can stomp them =). 

Grommash Hellscream: A lot of other control warrior might treat this card as a finisher. However, this card is better serve to bait your opponents hard removals. Why? ok look at it this way. You play hellscream, you have charge and 4 damage, you can most likely kill one opponent minion. Then after that you become 10 damage bulldozer which your opponent CANNOT ignore. If they are lucky they will have a hard removal and kill it off; If they aren't, they will be using their own minion and do inefficient trade. This card is at least a 2 to 1 in your favor. If you have hellscreamand Ragnaros the Firelord, always play hellscream first to bait all the removals. 

Ragnaros the Firelord This card is your jin, it is also many other deck's jin. However, by the time you play this card you should at least baited 1 ~2 hard removal, and most of the class have only 1 or 2 hard removals. Therefore, if you successfully baited their hard removal with your berserker/baron/hellscream this card will run rampage and your opponents is left with a dire situation. 

Alexstrasza In higher ranks you will be seeing less and less rush decks, you would want to switch this card for Onyxia. However, as we might all know UTH will be very delighted when you playOnyxia, you don't want that.  Also, Alexstraszacan save you from low health against hunters/rush. However, when you are not up against hunters, Onyxia actually gives your opponent more pressure. Keep this in mind, you might want to switch when you are at a higher rank. 

Ysera The longer this card stay the bigger the advantage you have over your opponent. You should be able to bait out almost all of your opponents hard removals by the time you play Ysera; and you all know damn well letting ysera live for more than 2 turns = GG, or at least most of the time. 

Deathwing: Oh my god, this card. I don't know how many times this card have win me games.  This card is the answer to mirror match and druid.  Many might consider druid being one of the bad match up against warrior control. Well, let me tell you what, this card WINS against druid. Since druid don't have strong drawing mechanics. They will be top decking with you (given you both are making efficient trade and play perfectly) and when you play this card, they don't have an answer for it; They basically lose. 

 Side Deck

Cairne Bloodhoof: For the current meta this card is just too slow. You want want to add this card to your deck when the rush meta is slowly dying off, but for now this card is just too slow even though it is a efficient trade card, that is IF your opponent decide to kill off your bloodhoof. 

Onyxia: I run this card in legendary/ 5+ rank where hunter is seen a little less. This card gives your opponent a lot of pressure, and force their AOE spells. I mean it's just 1/1 welp no pain losing them =). Becareful again'st hunter's UTH though, hunter's the only reason why this card is not being run instead ofAlexstrasza.

Faceless Manipulator: Good card against control, worthless against rush meta. Haven't found this card actually useful after the last season. Too much rush decks. 

Wild Pyromancer: Before I found Mogu'shan Warden, I run Wild Pyromancer instead.  Well, Mogu'shan works a lot better in the current meta. 

sen'jin shieldmasta : If you are at lower rank where you see 80%+ huntards. Swap one execute for this card =). 

Lorewalker Cho: When you climb up the rank, you will be seeing less and less huntards/zoolock and more and more control decks. You would want to switch out your wardens for lorewalker cho couple with those cheap drop legendary below to frustrate them.  This card is not used widely so it provides a big element of surprise that win me games.  

The Beast: This couple is good with lorewalker. Deathrattle a 3/3 minion basically spells "PLEASE KILL ME". If they are lucky they will have minion with 7+ attack, else they will be using spells which lorewalker cho will solves your problems =). 

King Mukla: Again simliar concept to the beast, you want to couple this card with lore walker. Even without lore walker this is a good card alone. With lorewalker though, it basically means you have free bananas =) or other hard removals spells that can deal with a 5 health minions.  


Early on in the ladder while you are facing so much rush decks, switch an execute out for senji shield master. Huntards and zoolock can say bye bye to your deck, they stand 0 chance. When you are at a higher rank, where huntards and zoolock is appearing less and less; then get switch your execute back. At an even higher rank where you basically don't see huntards/zoolock, switch out the wardens for king mulka and Lorewalker Cho. Since many didn't expect you run these 2 cards, you will completely caught them off guard; if played correctly. You might also want to switch your alexstrasza to onyxia vs other controls in higher ranks. If you are trying this deck out don't know how to use deathwing then switch it out for faceless manipulator. 

Match up analysis: 

Mage: against mage is easy, it is an under power class. They don't have much burst like before, they only have 2 fireballs and 2 polymorph. They aren't gonna stop your legendary parade. It's been so long I lose to a mage that I don't even remember. At a higher level though you do see some creative mage, so as I state above in the strategy. You can swap your wardens for lorewalker and king mulka/The Beast

Druid: Before I slide in my deathwing, I do consider druid being my bad match up. However, when i slide in my deathwing clearing 3+ minion while they don't have much of a hand. It simply wins me game. This card alone raise my win rate again'st druid at least by 20%. After my Deathwing tech, it's also been very long since I lose to a druid. 

Rogue: Against rogue is very similar against hunters, but they are generally weaker. Except assasinate, they basically have 0 hard removals. Rogue is basically very weak against our deck. I remember I was up against a rogue and did all sorts of miracles till they deck out and they still don't have an answer for my legendary parade; that just simply says it all. 

Paladin: How many equality they have lol, not enough. Their hero power is heaven for your armorsmith, berserker and acolyte of pain. I sometimes lose to paladin but majority of the time I win. 

Hunter: Hunter, hunter, hunter... Huntard you mean. Well even if they are not huntard, they might as well just concede against this deck. I already give enough explanation on how this deck counter hunter. Warrior control is hunter's nightmare, but warrior control WITH Mogu'shan Warden seals it. 

Zoolock: Again the trick is to try to get your armor smith and war axe up asap to stop their momentum. Avoid playing acolyte of pain, it is too slow. 

Handlock: Gaints vs my legendary parade? hmm let's see. I think my legendary parade > their giants. However, they do sometimes win me. The trick is again, with Deathwing After they waste ALL their removals on your other legendary which they will, and after they taunt up their giants. THEN you play Deathwing ouch.....

Normal Priest: pretty easy, save an execute for their mind control. 

Control Priest: Worst match up ever, copy a card from my hand? copy 2 cards from my deck? Shadow word death/pain Oh god, control priest is this deck's nightmare show. I remember early in the season I was up against this pathetic control priest whom ran NOT ONE BUT TWO F**King mind control. Duh I lost, but good luck climbing up the ladder against the current meta. After I climb up the ranks I'd never seen a control priest anymore, they don't stand a chance against hunter/zoolock. 

Rush warrior: I can't stress how effective is this deck against this rush meta. However, rush warrior at least got a chance against this deck compare to zoo/huntards. However, most of the time I win. I don't see much rush warrior in higher ranks, it seems they get destroyed by huntards. So yea... natural selection =). 

Control warrior mirror match: Legendary parade vs legendary parade, I have deathwing mad? If both play perfectly this deck should prevail against a standard warrior control. I can't count how many times deathwing has won me mirror matches. I completely caught my opponents off guard. Here's a situation i seen quite often in a mirror match. They play alexstrasza, I play ragn, my ragn fireball enemy hero. Next turn play rag/faceless my rag, and kill my ragn. A normal warrior control might as well concede. Not this one, myDeathwing save me in those situation, MANY times. 

Shaman: Shaman is kind of a bad match up, your Ragnarok the firelord is basically a useless card, for some reason the RNG god isn't on my favor, the fireball always hit the totem!!! So against shaman if you have a choice between hellscream/rag play rag first to bait his hard removal THEN play hellscream. For a normal warrior control, they almost always lose to shaman, the only chance is a well placed baron to clear the stupid totems and such. However..... do.. you... guys... remember.....????? Deathwing =). Make sure they are top decking with you when you play deathwing though. Bait their hex with your other legendary and they will have a HARD time, a VERY HARD TIME. I remember the last time I lose to a shaman (assume we are in a top decking situation which you will most likely end up). He keeps sucessfully get his tuant totem and prolong and get something to win me. Other than that, good luck dealing with Deathwing without your hex shamans =). If you are seeing too much shaman, which you will; do the lorewalker + beast/king mulka trick =) it works and i have a bucket of shaman tears beside me. 



With so many huntards around, control warrior is currently the best deck. Moreover I've sealed their fate with Mogu'shan Warden. Against other control I have my Deathwingfor an answer. This deck may be expensive but it is the Strongest deck out there currently. New players might not know how to play deathwing, but when played properly it wins you game; at least for my case. Basically this deck is rush proof, all you have to worry about is other controls. You need to know which legendary in hand is the removal baiter and which legendary is the finisher. It is different against different class. The hellscream/rag is a good example. Play hellscream to bait removals against other class then play ragn. However, if you are against shaman/paladin you would want to switch up the order. Alexstrasza and baron is always hard removal baiter. Baron is actually quite useful if they stay around compare to alex; against rush deck baron's is their nightmare.